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So as part of my long-arm “research”, one dealer offered for me to come and quilt a quilt on her machine.  No charge!!  🙂   I’m leaning most heavily with this dealer anyway.    So last Tuesday was the scheduled day.

I was supposed to be SO excited!!  However, that was dampened a bit by the hacking and with stops at 2 banks, I ended up being about 20 minutes late.  I had called her ahead to let her know.  That was OK, her kindergarten daughter had a wardrobe malfunction so she had to deliver clean clothes to school.   😉

Stephanie helped me load the quilt on the machine and that was easier than I expected. She brought several stencils for me to choose from and I was going to do some freehand work too.  She suggested some stencils to get the feel of following a pattern which was a good idea.   I thought my day was only going to be using a pantograph so this custom work was great!  Right up my alley.  🙂

Above you can see the flower/star stencil in chalk near the middle but to the left side.   I did a vine/leaf pattern in the borders.  On the quilt where I didn’t have a flower/star, I did meandering to fill in the area.  I left the gold “roads” unquilted.

I was done with my first area and Stephanie was busy so I started to do a loop design in the small black border until she came back to help me advance the quilt.   This was so much fun!!  (you can click on the pictures to see them larger. )

You see here that my quilt (36″ x 60″) was little for the big machine but gave me some experience.  The poles are 12′ long so the machine takes up quite a bit of room.

Here is my finished quilt —

Yes, the border nearly matches my carpet… :p

The pattern is from one of M’Liss Rae Hawley’s books on FQ Quilts and is called “Road to Ireland”.  I named my quilt, “Road to Quilting”.   Hopefully this is the gateway to a new venture.

Just a peek at the back… I know the backing doesn’t match… :\  But it is flannel & cozy.

I’m pretty proud of my first quilt on a long-arm.  Stephanie was surprised I brought a “nice” top to quilt and she said I did a good job.  Honesty or sales-tactic, I don’t know.   It was a BLAST and went much better than I expected.  I awoke Wednesday morning wishing I could go back to the quilt shop to quilt another top.  However, life continued at home.

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