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Not Much

And certainly nothing blog-worthy to share lately.

I made curtains for my neighbor over the weekend.  I took my camera when I delivered them but she was going to have her husband help hang the rods.   She called back a few hours later and LOVES the curtains.

They are for her basement windows so just my skill level.  She has done a KNOCK-OUT job on the basement.   I’m sure their house is 100 yrs old so you can imagine the basement style of that time.  She put bright white cement paint on the walls.  Then an amazing epoxy paint on the floor.  Their son installed $200 worth of fluorescent lights.   She has hung “vintage” laundry signs around her laundry area and put in a new tub-style sink.   She has made a scrapbook corner w/ a peg-board covering a section of rough wall.

It is really stunning!  I hope I get to see the curtains sometime.

It is so good to see the hope for a basement.   I’m inspired and eager to get to painting the walls & floor of my own but only 34 y/o basement.

I made 2 Kindle Kovers and have them listed on my etsy site.   The link is on the right side bar or click HERE.

I’m working on a few more quilting projects as well as getting food planned and purchased for Thanksgiving.  And on one morning, Phil & I got caught up on the bookkeeping and no one died in the effort!  😉   I usually do the week’s worth of checks on Monday morning but for a few months, I’ve let the credit card bills go unrecorded since they are such a hassle.  Phil helped with the sorting and I got it all input to the computer.

Just so you don’t feel bored since I don’t have loads of pictures today —

Our mail today consitested of a Chevrolet magazine (boring!!  We have a Chevy, GMC, Dodge, & Ford here.  Not partial to anyone!), a Harry & David catalog, and this collection….

‘Tis the season to be shopping, I guess.  They all hit the trash.  Along with the 3 we got yesterday.  And the ?? we got last week.

Here was Nina a few weeks ago —

“See what I dug?”

It is THIS deep!


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