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Thanksgiving Food

I did a lot of cooking on Wednesday to make Thursday a bit easier.   On Wednesday, I baked butternut squash and made the mashed potatoes.  JP had peeled the potatoes the night before so it helped give me a better start on Weds.   Later in the day I made baked spinach but that was just to go with supper.  I baked a fresh batch of bread.

On Thursday, we first got the turkey in the oven.  Thankfully it was nearly thawed as many years I’ve dealt with a frozen bird!  😦   It was just 13# so not so much to man-handle.

K helped make our version of Panera’s Greek Salad.  That is JP’s usual choice whenever he is there.  K cleaned and tore up a large bowl of 3 kinds of lettuce.  We had sliced red onion, kalamata olives, diced cucumbers, and feta cheese in bowls so everyone could add whichever toppings they liked best.  I made a recipe for “their” dressing and it mixed up so much better than last year’s version!

K had the great idea to make croutons!  She cubed some of the fresh bread from the day before and we toasted it in the oven. The turkey didn’t mind sharing the heat.   The croutons turned out sooo very yummy as after toasting we then browned them up in a skillet with butter & garlic infused olive oil which we did ourselves and some herbs.

I made a pan of brocolli & cauliflower with cheese sauce.

After the turkey came out of the oven, we put in the veggies, the squash, and the potatoes to get them all warmed up. The gravy I had made last week was heating on the stove.

I only got one quick chance at a picture as everyone was hungry when it was finally ready.   Phil voted (alone) to remove the candles as the table was too full.

It was a yummy meal and we’ve been enjoying the leftovers!  Phil wasn’t too full for pie so had his piece of Peach Berry Pie right after lunch.  My sliver was all I needed to just get a taste.  K & JP enjoyed pie for an afternoon snack.

K packed a few boxes of leftovers to take home as we cleaned up the table.  This morning I made turkey tettrazzini for the men from the rest of the turkey.  I have 3 meals in the freezer for them.   Only a bit of squash & the salad remain but will vanish in a few more meals.

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