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More on the Ohio Visit

Just because I somehow didn’t include these the last time!   :blush:

On Friday morning, Mom left about 9:30 to play the organ for a funeral at church.   B&S left about 10:30.   At 10:30, Dad was out at the kitchen table for his morning snack so I asked if it was a good time to sharpen my scissors.


He already had the paper spread on the table, so I thought it was a good time!  😉

Mostly I wanted/needed my Ginghers sharpened as there was just enough nick about an inch from the tip to be aggravating!!   Sue’s project fabrics were not so easy to work with, so I practice the cutting with some scraps out of the trash.  After his work on my Gingher’s … it was like cutting melted butter!!   🙂

I had a few other pairs I had taken as well.  A few auctions ago, I bought two box lids of scissors for $2.50 each and netted about 60 pairs of scissors.   🙂  They are cute in a large pickle jar in my sewing room.  So I chose a few for sharpening.  At least some can be used now.  heehee

As I was getting ready to leave on Monday morning, I realized I didn’t have a picture of Mom from this trip.  Dad was a willing photographer — see, I told you he started to feel a bit better!

(I got up too early…)

And while Dad was up, a picture of the two of them.  


And Dad is now winning the hair on the head contest!  Well, he’d win if he & Bruce were having a contest!  Margaret was right at Thanksgiving when she said he is growing more hair on top.  Sure enough, more spaces are filling in!  I suggested he might need to tip the barber extra next time.    😉  I think the barber is one in the same with the landlord!


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I headed out Thursday morning after Leslie headed to work & Justin took the littles to the sitter’s.  The first half hour is through Amish country.  I had just looked at the thermometer in the car and it read 26′.  I rounded another curve and there was a huge load of laundry hanging on the line.  Not flapping in the breeze, for sure, but out and being freeze-dried.  (Does it dry like that?  I’d never know by experience…)

I only met one buggy on the road.

I arrived at 1325 at 12:45…. 4 1/2 hrs after leaving Indiana.  The roads were quiet and I once again found the only McD’s in America that has Diet caffeine-free coke.  🙂

Dad answered my “helloooo….” when I got there but I had to go find him.  Flat down on the couch and he didn’t get up to see me.  He did not match the description of “tired” that we had been told.  Tired was an understatement.

(After watching this for a while, Sue & I decided that on top of it all, he was dehydrated.  Once we got more water & more frequent snacks in him, he perked up to the “tired after radiation treatment” level.  I was thankful home-treatment worked.)

I always ask dear sister-in-law if she has projects for me while I’m there and this time it was sewing AND embroidery!  I asked mom if she had projects and she had one as well.  And really, as I pulled out of the lane on Weds, I knew I was set as I had a duffle bag for overnight, my pillow, and my complete sewing machine in the back seat.  🙂

Sue & I got started after lunch and a bit of time for my machine to warm up.  If you want to see more, you can email me for a private showing, subject to your identity verification! 😉

Mom’s project was to repair “some” holes which multiplied like bunnies in a very old quilt Dad was using to cover up with while on the couch.  I reminded them that I had asked them to throw this out YEARS ago…. big box store fabrics, a preprint, a quillow (if that tells you the age!)!  Once again… I thought the trash the best option.  However, I zigged and zagged over the biggest holes.

I suggested the lovely eagle (stack & whack) quilt that was only warming the cedar chest in their bedroom. 🙂  Warmer and more pleasing to my eyes!!  (sneak over there now and I’m thinking you won’t see the eagle quilt, but let me know, OK?) 😉

Sue & I continued her project on Friday.  Well actually, I worked on that while she went to the paying job.  Then more after supper.  A bit on Saturday.

Once we hit mid-morning, they were ready and we took an outing to the Cheese Barn… where everyone knew their names….


and then a stop at The Food Dock… where everyone knew their names….


and that place had sugar-free vanilla!!! Yippee!!!

On the way home, our dear driver took us to the quilt shop.  (thankfully a great trait he got from Dad!  Drives and doesn’t comment on the time or money spent. )  I hadn’t been to this one in probably 15 yrs!  It has grown since and is quite nice.   I really can’t understand the lack of quilt shops for that area.

Sue got fabrics to make a block for my President’s quilt from guild and it is now time to count!  I think I’ll have enough!!  🙂   You won’t believe it but I walked out empty-handed!  I do have some patterns in mind, for my next visit… if I get enough done here at home.  ha!

I had asked Bruce on Friday if he wanted help getting a Christmas tree cut & on the deck.  Yes, but that job waited for Saturday.  After the shopping.  We didn’t even know he was working on it until someone noticed it in the yard.  We checked the previous location of the tree….

and now it was waiting at the bottom of the deck steps.

Before I knew it, Sue handed me a pair of work gloves and the three of us worked to get it up the steps to the deck.   Dad felt bad he wasn’t helping and donned his jacket, stocking hat, and gloves, too.

We really needed Jeff, Don, & Phil for this job ….. it was heavy, the steps have a glare of ice, and it was wider than the steps!! Argh!


we made it!!

(I don’t think I helped much.)

Until we sat it up and it wouldn’t stay on its own.  I held on while Bruce tied it to the deck rails!


Bruce was complimented on his fine tree choosing skills… it even has pinecones!



Sue & I continued the sewing project….

On Sunday, Dad was up and took a shower AND shaved before breakfast!  Of course, that was a ton of energy spent and he was glad for the couch after his oatmeal.    After church, I got in another hour of sewing while Mom & Sue finished dinner.  Sue’s parents come over for Sunday dinner and it is always nice to see them.


I think the table topper & napkins work quite well with her dishes!  🙂

Sunday afternoon & evening I got as far as I could on the project and that left some handwork and assembly for Sue to do yet.  She is able!  😉

I headed home early Monday morning.  Dad seemed much better than when I had arrived a few days before.  He waited in the kitchen while I packed my stuff and then was up to give me a hug.  🙂

My trip home was tolerable… the snow belt across northern Indiana was active but the roads were just wet but clear.  Visibiltiy was poor at times with overcast sky & snow.   I was thankful to get to Chicago, midst the closed ramp to 80/94 and some construction.  At least it was SUNNY!

I got home at 2:45, making the trip in 8 hrs 15 mins.  🙂

The Christmas tree stand had arrived while I was gone so that was on the to-do list for Tuesday.


P.S.  While Bruce was outside cutting down the tree, he also dug up the carrots from their square foot garden!!  Much laughter ensued…

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