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Merry Christmas 2010!

We are blessed so much to spend another Christmas together.

K arrived home Friday morning midst ANOTHER snow storm!  She is used to her early rising so made good  use of it.  She had partially loaded her car the night before but still had to make 4 trips up & down her 2 flights of stairs!! Ack!!  Good thing she has her own washer & dryer and doesn’t bring home all her laundry anymore.  😉

She was here by 9:25 a.m.  I had NOT finished my to-do list yet. 🙂

She worked on another project while I worked on mine.  By lunchtime, we had a family conference that it would be safer to stay home from the Christmas Eve services.  To make the 1:00 service was in the midst of strong snow and the roads were NOT clean.  Roads?  Did we have a road?  (By bedtime, it seems as if there are 5 – 6″ of new snow outside.  I really didn’t need a fresh coat for Christmas… we’ve had so much already!)

After lunch, Phil helped us get ready for our weekend projects.  Oh yes, all the wrapping and Christmas preps were done… what next girls?  🙂

I shoveled out the garage of melted grossness, Phil brought up a heater and large pieces of cardboard for the garage, and K dismantled her frames.  It was painting time!!  Too bad it is so cold and nasty outside!

For the next several hours, K & I cleaned and applied primer to:

the top of a hutch

a buffet cabinet

2 night stands

lots of frames… 6 or 8?

The buffet has 4 drawers, the nightstands have 1 each, and the hutch has 2 doors.


We took a short break at 3 and had a quick snack. Back to work until 5:ish.  We had to stop to make supper.  We were starving!!!

Our Christmas Eve tradition is homemade egg rolls.  YUMMY!!  They are such a hassle, especially when your legs feel like lead and you are starving, but oh.so.good!!  This must have been our best batch yet.   🙂

After supper, which did not give us the miracle reviving that we needed…., I applied a bit more primer to the buffet and K cleared a space in the basement, hauled our supplies and finished (w/ primer) pieces to the basement.  Phil helped with the buffet & hutch.

Meanwhile, JP mixed up a batch of dough for cinnamon rolls!!  🙂   He bakes!!  Once we were done with furniture, K stole a cat nap and then they finished the rolls.

Of course, I’ll show you before & afters… when we have our afters to show!  🙂

Merry Christmas to all of you, dear friends & family!!


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