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January LaPetité Mon Ami

I actually finished my January quilt for our LaPetité group on Friday but haven’t had a chance to post it until now.  Just in the nick of time!! 🙂

The friendship star blocks are 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ and the whole quilt is about 33″ x 33″.

I used the fabric line Kashmir V from Moda that I bought ahead at the Stitcher’s Crossing back in September on the Madison trip.   But by buying without knowing which pattern I’d use it on has some downfalls.  I’m pleased with the quilt tho even as is.  If I had my choice NOW, I’d go with a darker border and a lighter background instead of the yellow/mustard.

The patterns is from Schnibbles called Mon Ami.  The directions were good and I really liked the pressing instructions so that all the blocks & triangles fit together.  🙂

Next month I want to work with brights!!  I need bright!!

The 1/2  parade of LaPetité quilts will post tomorrow HERE.  She’ll have a link to the other quilts in the parade.  I always love seeing the pattern in other fabrics.

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Birthday Bash

Yesterday I took a drive to a suburb for a friend’s birthday bash.  Sarah had a great idea to have a meet-up of her friends at Panera!  I got there about 9:40 and it was fun meeting her friends and hanging out.

We planned to head to her house afterwards but that changed with us staying at Panera, and even longer than I had planned.  It is all good with girlfriends, tho!   We had such fun chatting.  🙂

I got home with 30 minutes to spare before we headed out for church and a stop at Menards.   I was so glad Sarah had a birthday so that we had a great reason to get together and break-up some of the winter doldrums.  Happy Birthday!!  ♥

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In the winter.

With my carpenter working in my studio.

For me.



The new ceiling that will go in next week will have issues with the windows that will affect us being able to open the windows.  So Phil is building this box around the windows. Then there will be a drop-down board  where the ceiling will attach.

Yeah for insulation being tucked in here first.  🙂

This side is done already.  (and we all decided that window was just put in crooked!  :\ )

Windows are only primed… have no fear, they’ll get finished up and cleaned up in due time.

Earlier in the week, Phil rerouted a furnace duct that used to go diagonally across the room.  Now it goes along the south wall and then makes a corner and goes along the steps wall.  He boxed it in as shown above so the ceiling has a place to be fastened.   Pretty much as soon as he was done, I was putting on primer and paint!  I’ll do the same with the window adjustment he is making now.

I was just sitting since I am tired tonight and not sewing or painting.   Nina came and rested her head on my lap.  At least this bit of my leg was warm for the moment she was there.   However, she was none-too-thrilled with the flash….. Oops!

So went to lay down on the floor and show me her mad face.

Do you want to know about the blue tape?










That is yesterday’s doing… mapping out where my long arm machine will go so that I could give Phil a location for the track lights.   🙂   Please excuse the bookcase in disarray and the lovely tarp covering part of it.

I’m anxious to get going on the floor… my job for next week.

And there is your sneak peek at my coming studio.

insert >snoopy dance< here

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Quick Picture

It was time for Nina to head out for bed and JP said, “Quick Mom, take our picture!”

What else was I to do?

Nina loves it when JP holds her like this!!


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A Project from Long Ago

Sorry I’ve been AWOL here… I’m working myself to tiredness every day with the basement redo job.   The before pictures are too embarrassing to post so you’ll just have to wait to see when it is done. 🙂

Meanwhile, I unearthed this early years of quilting project.

This little quilt is 7 3/4″ square.  Each 9-patch block finishes to 1″.  I machine pieced the quilt and then this is from SO long ago, that I hand quilted it.  No mitered binding in those days, I guess.

I know there is another one in cream with a cream print, too.  Not sure where it is hiding.

This was from a Miniature Quilts magazine issue and I remember it had me sew 1/4″ seams and then trim them to 1/8″ to make less bulk.   The quilt used to have a spot in a mini basket on a shelf both of which have gone on to other homes.

Of course this is made in the lovely country blue so popular in the 1980’s!  🙂

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Man on his Mission

With kuddos to Lori for the great title (and some  photos!)… I’d love to tell you about Phil’s mission trip.

If you missed it, the preview was here.  He chose to work 2 blocks of time; Monday – Wednesday for 2 weeks.

He left here each week at 6:40 a.m. after having either done the outside chores or at least checked the buildings.  He was so excited!  He had his twin air bed, sleeping bag, pillow (or not, forgot it the second week so I took it to him), small suitcase or duffle bag, coveralls, and his tools.

Most of the furniture was first moved out of the way & covered to protect it and keep it clean.

Peeking through the dining room doors, I found a lot of furniture stored in there during the work time.  I just LOVE the collection of these lamps. 🙂

In the first 10 mins of work on the first day, he earned a nickname that he is proud of: Sparky.  Yes, he cut a live wire which he says would have been OK except he touched a ground (or something) at the same time so the cut made a big pop and some sparks.  Of course, many were there watching so that just added to the impact!  🙂 They still trusted him as a few days later, he was working with electricity AND gas lines!

While he was there, he was part of the demolition where the new kitchen would go, helped with the new floor supports, mixed and hauled a lot of cement, wiring, installed a gas heater, helped off-site with the process of staining all the new cabinets, go-fer, cutting the tiles for the new kitchen floor, and lots of other!

One evening I was invited to join them for supper and that was fun.  Louise, the lady of the home, is a FANTASTIC cook so every meal was gourmet it sounds like!  Phil heard a lot more about their ministry and that pleased him.

One such story that saddens us…. they cook well for the pastors that come and stay with them.  Some of the pastors just look at the plate as they never eat so well.  Many survive on hot dogs because they don’t have money for real meat and good food.  So sad.

The nearly complete new kitchen!

Another new bedroom to use since the team added a bathroom to the room.

Phil was up at Deer Ridge again today (2-7 p.m.) with a few more lingering pieces that need finished.  He just LOVED being there. The fun with other friends and working on a great ministry project just delights him.  Thank you again to those of you that helped sponsor him & pray for him.  All was well here at the farm as JP did a great job with handling all the chores.   Nina missed Phil TERRIBLY and was so glad when he got home.

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School Stuff

This will be my personal homeschool curriculum garage sale! 🙂   Email me: jmquilts AT gmail.com and let me know what you want & include your address.   I take personal checks from those of you I know and can issue a paypal invoice for others.  I’ll mark them sold as they go.

I posted small photos but you can click on them to see them bigger.

Human Anatomy & Physiology – Science 5 level from Sonlight curriculum – $30 includes shipping

We used this in 7th grade… don’t aim your grade by the Science 5 label.   I have the instructor guide that includes schedules for both 4-day & 5-day, notes, workbook pages (clean), and the answer keys.  The books I have that go along with it: Blood & Guts, The History of Medicine, Usborne Human Body, Lyrical Life Science book & workbook (2 pages filled in on workbook) (no CD).    I would have bought the IG around 2003.  All is in good condition.  Some of the pages in the 5-day schedule have the work checked off and then erased.

shows book list

Human Anatomy Science - All included

Premiere Microscope with 4 magnifications.  $150 includes shipping

This is in nearly new condition and still is packed in the styrofoam box so shipping is safe.  An extra light bulb, plastic cover, and user manual (page) are included.  I’m adding in a set of slides that seem to be plants, possibly from Biology.   I’m also adding in 2 sets of blank slides and slips in a case.  And just added in but not pictured: a set of slides (12) from Home Training Tools labeled Kidney, section.  There are several Biology type slides such as blood smear, frog stuff, etc.  🙂

Alpha Omega ART Lifepac for grades 7 – 12.  NOW listed on ebay so check with me if you are interested.

All new workbooks & instructor guide.  Great condition!  $30 includes shipping.  (I’ll not ship the box.)   Purchased 2003.  The workbooks have 2 different cover styles so I wonder if they were switching designs at the time.    Nonetheless, all is good inside.  Clean and ready to use!

Inside of book one -- all is clean

Major Science supply box!

Starting with a bunsen burner, the hoop stand & the clamp stand, lots of beakers, a flask, 3 large thermometers, test tubes and ETC!!  Check out the pictures for all that is included!  $35 includes shipping

whole stand is 19" from table to top

view from the top

Last picture shows the test tube holder, test tubes & there are more brand new ones, the cleaner, glass rod, tong-thing, and a tripod magnifier.

Saxon Algebra 1 set

includes the book, test book, homeschool packet (answer book), solutions book (shows how to work out the problems), and D.I.V.E.  interactive CD for the computer.   $60 includes shipping.   Test book is a bit frumpled on the cover, but not written it at all.

I have some Apologia Science that I’ll get here another day. Thanks for shopping with me!!  🙂

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What I’m Working On…

midst the cleaning & sorting that is happening in the basement and the end of year wrap-up on the bookkeeping…..

Here is my sewing room table mess —

I nearly panicked myself when this week appeared and I hadn’t started on my Round Robin due at guild next Monday.  (yikes!)   This round is appliqué and I’ve had an idea floating in my head but just hadn’t started.  On Monday, I dug out fabrics — I had good choices in my stash this time so that is good!   I worked on it in bits & pieces, tracing the applique shapes in front of the TV at night, cutting them out another night.  I hardly ever sit to watch TV but I’ve been super tired this week.  With the sitting jobs, it was a good reason to sit.

I laid out the appliqué yesterday and started sewing, thinking it would take forever!  It didn’t – I’m done!! 🙂   As usual, I can’t post it here so if you want to see, you’ll have to email me for before & after pictures.  🙂

Soon I’ll have curriculum listed here ala garage sale and I’ll also tell you about Phil’s mission trip!

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Painting Project C

Finally, we are going to wrap this up!  🙂

Another day this fall, Phil said I needed to see what had been taken to the burn pile.  K was home so we all met there and said he had to rescue these 2 buffets.  One has all the doors but is “newer” and the older one w/ great wood & cool feet is missing the bottom doors.

I went with the latter…


This piece is well made and the bottom shelf is half the depth which I like.

Originally, I thought I’d use this in the living room to hold our new TV.  We ended up revamping the wardrobe to hold the new TV.  I already had the paint and the plans.  This will be used in my new quilting studio.  It isn’t in its home yet so pardon the fluff/stuff around the edges.  It also made it hard to get good pictures.  Maybe I can show this again later once the room is done.


Sorry about the overhead light in there but this gave the most accurate representation of the color.  Sherwin-Williams Artichoke!  🙂

I might get some baskets for the shelf and/or bottom but really the long space could hold some quilts as well.

I reused the original drawer pulls and sprayed them gloss chocolate brown.

They were a total pain to paint… after 2 primer coats and 2 brown coats, I thought I had them done.  Seems the handles needed to dangle when being sprayed so I held them with an old work glove!  I propped them to dry.  Later when I started to attach them to the drawers, I found more white spots!  Another douse w/ gloved hand & paint and I decided they are good enough.

The center drawer is divided for silverware and lined with what seems to be a sprayed on felt.  Any suggestions on fixing that?  Or can that be resprayed?  Do they sell a product like that?

This manufacturer’s plaque is inside one of the small drawers.

This concludes the current parade of painting projects!  While the paint was drying, I continued to work on sorting, pitching, and boxing things in the basement.  I feel like I’m getting no where.  However, Phil noticed a difference yesterday so that helped.  Lots of trips up & down the steps should help something … more than my need for an afternoon nap!

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Painting Project B

And the painting parade continues….

Next up is the top of a hutch, I “acquired” this summer.  Phil brought it home from a place where it couldn’t be used. He knew it was best to ask me about it before heading to the burn pile.


The bottom part was given to someone needing a dresser but this top portion was not needed.  Mine!


My plan is to hang it in my sewing room for organizing and holding tools.

It then sat in the garage for several months!! 😦  Thankfully K had the umption to get the painting projects going over Christmas and this was first on my list!  I had bought the supplies in October!! Ack!!

This is K’s “payback” photo of me working since I put up one of her working.

After priming, I painted it pink.  More like PINK!!  Pepto Bismo PINK!! Pink like one bedroom here when we moved in.  (painted in 1976… you get the picture.)   Pink all over like waytoomuchevenforme PINK!!

I had planned to add some crackle medium & gloss white and upped my plan to include MORE of the white.  Whew!!


I found the door pulls at Hobby Lobby and JUMPED for JOY when I was there last week with Lori & they were half-off.  🙂   Now she knows who would do what with such pink knobs.  🙂

However, I must say, Phil is right… this may not fit in my sewing room.  He looked & surveyed again today and is thinking about it now.  Hence, it is only standing in the basement midst the sorting of “stuff” that is going on!!

This was the first time I used crackle medium — wow!  I love it but basically held my breath and couldn’t speak while I dabbed on the white.  (Phil wondered what else I could crackle… )

So it isn’t perfect, but I love it nonetheless!

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