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Dessert Overload

Friday night we attended a fundraiser for the ministry where Phil served this winter.

The first item on the schedule was a Dessert Auction!  I’ve never been to one of these and this was amazing!  Several had worked and donated desserts.   THIS is what we saw as we entered the auditorium!

Twenty-four desserts spectacular!!

The tuxedo strawberries in the front of the above photo sold for $175.

In the center of this photo are Black Molten Cakes made by friends of mine that sold for $150.   To the left is Scarlet Strawberry Cream Pie which sold for $350.

Nuts About Music! (above) looked sooo yummy and sold for $300.

Most of the sales were for the whole table that pooled their money for bid money.  It was quite fun to watch!   Our table pooled together $460 and ended up buying 2 desserts.

We bought this Brownie Berry Pizza which was very rich & gooey for $260!   Then we added this bowl of homemade chocolate covered cherries and a bag of coffee for a mere $75.  I don’t know who ended up with the coffee treat!

We still had a bit of our money leftover so had pitched it to our neighboring table (mostly pastors) in an effort to ensure they could win a bid.  However, it still wasn’t enough.  Thankfully another table bought the pastors’ table a Black Forest Cheesecake!   That final bid was $575 as the last dessert sold.

Triple Berry Pie — ohsoyummy! — sold for $550.

Aren’t these parfaits cute!!  They could have been yours if you had upped the $675 bid.   🙂   The Eiffel Tower in the back left corner (and in the photo below) was a masterpiece!  The bottom held a French Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake but the white chocolate tower surrounding it was SPECTACULAR!   It sold for $360.

The first bid was for YOUR CHOICE off the whole table.   The winning table paid $850 for that honor.   The next to last dessert sold was Cream Puff Cake which was also made by my friends.   It sold for $875, the highest bid of the night!   🙂

All of this was in great fun.  After the auction, we enjoyed a FANTASTIC dinner of Prime Rib!   Yum!!!   The youth group served us and it was just wonderful!   When it was time for dessert, we claimed our winning bids.

Once the table was served, the extras were shared around the room.  Phil got a piece of white cake (his fav) with strawberry filling and I got a tuxedo strawberry.   Plus we had our brownie pizza and Phil was THRILLED with the homemade cherries!

JP was part of the worship team and they got to enjoy dinner too.  Assuming not much bidding would come from their table, the hostess had a yummy dessert for their table.  I saved a piece of brownie pizza for JP which he declined but the music pastor, Ken, accepted!  🙂   He said I was cool!  heehee

The theme was Black & White and Red all over…. you’ll notice the theme in the decorations.   Not having a thread of red to my name or in Phil’s tie closet, we added green to our black & whites.

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