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My Wedding Review

I’m sure there will be a plethora of Royal Wedding posts.  I thought I’d either join the throngs or just have a different take on things!

Seriously, these girls need help!  I’m thinking that since their mom wasn’t invited to the wedding she helped them look their worst!  The turquoise is NOT becoming to this girl’s figure!  Ack!! And the taupe with the ribbon doo-da-hat?  Ack!!  They should be embarrassed!

One thing I have not heard any announcer comment on….

When Prince Charles walked in the Abbey, removed his hat & gloves, he then wiped his English nose with his right hand.  He took 8 steps and proceeded to SHAKE HANDS with those that were participating in the service!! Ack!!  Gross!!

This behavior out of the Prince of England just cracks.me.up!!   Our dear Uncle Phil would pass out green over such action!!  LOL!

I enjoyed the pageantry.  And the fairy tale but down to earth wedding (as much as they can) and watching the bride & groom interact midst millions of people watching them.   I think Catherine is a beautiful bride and will be a wonderful addition to the royal family!

I’m glad I got up to watch it live.  To see it all unfold.  At 3 a.m. when my alarm went off, my eyeballs hurt!  K & I were sending text messages back & forth…. until she fell asleep during the ceremony!  🙂   Fun to have her view on the hats & the dresses!

photos from the people.com site

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Wildlife Menagerie

Over the last month….

besides the usual pheasant, bunny, or rodent, we’ve also seen —


FIL said he’s never seen a beaver around here.  (79 yrs worth!)

Either we’ve had WAY too much rain (yes!) or this guy was lost.  Our creek (the lowest shown here) doesn’t have enough water for this guy to swim.


Coming home one day, I noticed grass/straw/mess on the porch.  Odd. The next time I pulled into the garage, I looked closer and saw this on the front porch.

I had just put out the “spring” wreath a week earlier.   Looks like Mr. & Mrs. Robin thought they’d have a built  in babysitter.

However, K wasn’t thrilled about the coming “mess” on her door.  I’m not thrilled with the mess left on the wall and porch with just this!  No one was incubating yet so the home has been relocated.  🙂


And Miss K found us PINK spring chickies for our proposed spring wreath idea!  She tried them out on Nina who is NONE too thrilled!  After de-winging (the wings looked like pig hooves!!!) the chicks, we did make wreaths.  More on that later!

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