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Our Sunday

This weekend had us headed to Miss K’s for a quick visit.  She had a to-do list (saved over a few months) for Dad as well but had accomplished most of that before we arrived.

1. Fix TV antenna – find more stations.  She took care of that with a trip to Best Buy a few weeks ago.   🙂

2. Install AC unit in window.  She & a school friend took care of that last week.  Dad did do some tweaking so that it is level in the window now.

3.  Pick up her new couch at IKEA.  That we did! It was really quite slick.  She sent me the link to the couch and I printed out the “order” with the aisle & bin numbers.

Phil & I just parked at the pick-up and went in to pick-up!  Lo and behold, IN THE AISLE we needed for K were embroidered pillows that will liven up my couch for summer.  Ha!  Two jumped onto the top of our pile.   🙂  By the time we were checked out and loaded… maybe we were there a whole half hour. But seriously, that is an amazing record!  Who goes in & out of IKEA in 30 minutes???  Most of the time we spent in line.  Do they ever have enough check-outs open?

I took a bunch of photos as we neared K’s building to show my parents how “neighborhoody” the area is.  Not city like at all!

K’s friend, C, has spent the last week with her in between her SAIC graduation, her summer plans, and waiting for a job.   It was fun to spend the day all together.

Being a good blogger….

BEFORE:  out of the box so that it was easier to carry up the winding staircase from the alley

The expressions read, “Oh no, not blogger fodder…..”

MIDDLES: C is a furniture/fixture designer so was AT WORK putting it together before we had retrieved Phil from parking duty!  What a dear!!

Finished — almost:

Done but waiting for a cover.  That is first taking a washing machine dye bath.   🙂  Of course!

Time for lunch and K had found a place not too far that had brunch.  Phil loves to go out for breakfast (but rarely can) and K knew I’d do all right with an egg meal.  C had been there earlier in the week and said it was good.   It was SOOO good!

We were given 30 mins to wait but it was only 20 minutes in reality.  It was just beautiful to wait outside.  Thankful we had an extra along for a photo.

Phil had a fried egg sandwich with potatoes.  K had raspberry rhubarb fluffy pancakes.   I had shrimp & lobster eggs Benedict with salad.  C had bacon wrapped egg something with polenta.  I didn’t photo hers.  Didn’t know what she’d think of that!  🙂   But hopefully I didn’t offend that I didn’t.

All of us left happy & FULL!

A Blick store wasn’t far so we drove there for K to get dye for her couch cover.   I found a bottle of a turquoise/sea green glaze.  Hopefully to be used this summer.

While out and about, we continued driving along the lake.  Beautiful jaunt and the homes were beyond lovely!  Wow!  We stopped in Winnetka at a city park along the shore.   To get TO the shore at this area, one needed a keyed pass.  We were at a dog beach.  It was fun to watch them playing!

Plus a zillion steps to get down there!

Sunday was quite pleasant in K’s area but this area right along the Lake was quite cool!  We had goosebumps with the lake breezes.

Back at K’s apt, I took a short nap and Phil & K went out for salt for her dye batches.   C had supper plans already so the 3 of us went to Giordano’s for pizza.  By then we were needing to head home.  Traffic was the best ever (hardly any for a weekend!) and we were home at 9 p.m.

Soon to come… finished photos of the couch!

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