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We’ve had quite a few storms of note-worthy status this spring but thankfully none to make the national news!  We are all fine and our home & buildings are fine.

FIL’s maple syrup trees are not so fine.

When we were gone for our anniversary trip, JP called the next morning to tell us the storm that night had knocked some tree branches down taking down the power line to the barn and landing on some of Phil’s equipment.

Phil took these photos for insurance.   I don’t remember what he said after he could access it all better.

Last Wednesday night, I was outside talking with Phil and we discussed the trees.   One next to the one above had been taken down on Sunday by a professional tree trimmer with the right equipment.  Phil commented that if he had been here, he was going to ask the man about trimming some of the branches from this tree.

It needed to come down but was one of the few trees, FIL has left here for tapping for maple syrup.

A few hours later, as we were all camped out in the basement during the next storm, the last maple tree came down.   Also the leaning apple tree near our fire pit is gone now and the pine trees and other trees near the house have been pruned.

And by the time I got out for photos, Phil was already burning branches….

FIL does think that the 2 young maples up near our house are old enough to tap next spring.

I seriously think there is a photo someplace of K drinking sap out of the tap on this second tree.   Oh that we would have had digital cameras then….

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