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Phil’s Father’s Day

On Sunday we took JP to Worldview Academy.  On the way, we picked up K and got to spend a few hours with her.

After JP was checked in and we found his room, we walked around the campus a bit.  K thought it was hot & humid and we thought it was quite pleasant.  She  is used to lake breezes and we are far from that!   Funny!

We headed back to where we left K’s car and did a bit of shopping.  Then for supper we tried California Pizza Kitchen.  K had heard it was good.  YES!!  Quite yummy!!  For dessert, Phil had apple crisp with ice cream and caramel sauce and K had a warm brownie with hot fudge sundae on top.  I had a sample of each.

We parted ways just before 7.   K had to get a few groceries and make Monday’s lunch.  We had a long trip home and had to pick up JP’s truck on the way.  It was wonderful to get a bit of time with K.  🙂   We know JP is having a wonderful week.  He loves the week of classes!

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