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The afternoon guild workshop on Monday was on embellishments.   It was so much fun to PLAY!

I enjoy art quilts and the techniques but I haven’t bought many of the new & extra fun things as I haven’t been sure how I’d use them.   The workshop was only $20 and included everything we needed for lots of play.

First, Diane taught us how to use everything in our kits as well as some things of hers we could use.   Angelina fibers, paintsticks, BoNash & foil, MistyFuse, & fibers.  I think our kits had 6 colors of Angelina and 3 sheets of foil, as well as a large piece of Misty Fuse.

After her demos, we were free to play.   Our kit also had 2 pieces of batik fabric but she forgot the batting so we couldn’t get to the quilting stage.

Here is my background fabric –

I added paint sticks and quick set them with an iron so I could continue working.   Then I fused a mix of angelina fibers and cut my fish from them.

The starfish is with Misty Fuse & foil.   And I added some fibers that I couched down with my sewing machine.

And I added more fibers.   I used small sprinkles of BoNash and pink foil for fish bubbles.   I was done at this point.  I think it needs a LOT of thread work to bring out some details and make more water plants.  Plus some quilting for depth.   Diane talked about Aleene’s Jewelry glue for adding beaded accents and maybe I’ll use that for fish eyes.

In reality, there are more pressing things on my to-do quilting list so I’m not sure this piece will get finished anytime soon.   I loved the time to play and learn about these new products.

Diane did the program at 7 as well and showed more of her art quilts.   At the end of her program, we showed what we had worked on during the workshop.   There were 9 of us in the class.

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