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Friendship Time!

Last week, one of my online friends came to visit and it was such a treat to spend a whole day together.   🙂    Even better, we hit if off like long-lost sisters and had a wonderful day together.

They arrived in time for lunch and afterwards, Phil gave us a tour of all the buildings with pigs.   Some baby pigs had been born that morning as well as a few litters the day before.

I thought maybe Big Sister would be interested in the babies but just Little Brother held one.

After our tour, and they asked very good questions 🙂 ,  Christine & I agreed to the house in lieu of drizzle while Big Sister stayed out to climb trees, brush Nina, and visit the creek.   (She is such a younger version of Miss K!  🙂  )  Little Brother got in some good man-time with Phil and rode in (probably) every tractor and the combine as Phil was rearranging the machine shed so that he could get the combine ready for wheat next month.    C & I  popped outside for photo ops (on her camera) when Little Brother was in another tractor.   He liked riding but Phil said he didn’t want to drive when offered the chance.

C & I are quilting buddies, too, so enjoyed lots of time in the new studio as well as the disastrous sewing room.  She has offered/threatened to organize the sewing room on the next visit.  🙂

All of a sudden it was time for supper and they had to head off to some family in Wisconsin. They got a later than planned start so hopefully arrived all right so late at night.

Before they left, we had to have a photo with the 2 of us.

She got a photo of Little Brother with a favorite toy out in the field.

And then Christine wanted a photo of her quilt in the field!  It looked fantastic.  🙂

Little Brother noted that the corn was past (his) knee-high.   In the last few days, it has really grown even more.  We can’t figure that out… hardly any sun (until today) and cool temps.  Usually, not the best growing conditions.

Today I’m sending extra prayers for Christine as she is making her long (multi-day) trip back home.

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