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June Recess

For the June LaPetité project we had our choice of patterns and I chose Schnibbles Recess.   I have fabric & charms that I purchased in May in Wisconsin but that includes border fabric.  Since this pattern doesn’t really have a separate border (it uses the background fabric), I made a quick run to a local quilt shop (the one east of Lori’s house, IYKWIM) and found this charm pack.

Love it!!  Of course, majoring in PINK, it was a hit with me.  I added a cream background and brown for the binding.

Even though I love custom quilting, this didn’t need much so I took it as another pantograph opportunity.   I chose a smaller pattern as the quilt is only 33 1/2″ x 40″.

A slightly off-white Superior So Fine thread for the quilting.

July 1 there will be a lot more of the Schnibbles quilts posted HERE & HERE.    Here’s hoping this is a prize month!  🙂

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Last week, JP was at Worldview Academy.  He really enjoys the classes there and fun activities are great too.  During the week, we have access to the photos they put up on the website so I do a daily stalking looking for my kid!

During free time on Monday….

(He gets his pool finesse from his mom and his grandmother (R)!  Who’d have thought????  Even tho he is left-handed, shooting pool right-handed….)

Receiving instructions before the street ministry time….

(Different day; different blue shirt.  I’m sure of it.  He only packed blue shirts with the hopes of being on the blue team again and being in the team spirit.  Yes, they put him on the blue team.  I couldn’t believe it!! 🙂  However, this year there weren’t as many team contest activities.  *sigh*  And the red team won the final team day tally.)

We picked him up after the closing session on Friday and I could get some photos then.

With Adam, his small group leader —

This boy shares a first name with JP and they were both there last year as well…..

We had lunch at Fridays as JP remembered they have very good slushies with free refills!  Home about 4 and Nina was so glad JP was home again!

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