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The Next Paragraph

The cat lady called at noon.  She had the momma & 3 kitties in the cage and they were ready to come down here!   I gave her the directions and they were here about 45 mins later.

This is the momma cat hiding against the back wall.

After the people left, Gpa came to see.

Phil found 2 of the 3 kitties in bales of straw so then they wandered around the barn keeping together.   Since we left, I think the momma will come out of hiding and they will find food & water.  The lady left their sleeping blankets so those smell like home.


ETA:  Phil checked on them a bit ago and the momma was out near the food & water.  No kitties to be seen!   At least if she is out, she can find the kitties and call for them.

The lady brought some of the food they had left — dry food & a few cans of Friskies.  After hearing the man’s version of what the canned food does to the momma cat, I’m taking the cans to Phil’s friend, Dan.  😉   The man relayed this story in great DEtail when the lady was out trying to catch the momma last night.  G r e a t  detail.  :\


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A Short Story

I called a friend of a friend  the other day as she had kittens to give away.  We talked on Friday at noon and I said we’d have a family conference.  Our first thought was to take 2 females if available.  She realllllly wanted us to take the momma cat and the remaining 3 kitties.  Phil wasn’t too keen on the momma cat idea (thinking she won’t stay here) but agreed to “help her out” when the lady said the momma is a good hunter.

That afternoon Phil & JP made a place in the barn where the kitties could go for their food & water that would be safe from any large 4-legged white furry thing that also goes in the barn.  KWIM?   🙂

I made plans with the lady to come at 7:30 Friday night for the cat & her kittens.  I ASSUMED she’d have them corraled and things ready to go.  We stopped to buy kitten food on the way.

She took us in the front door, back to the eating area, and showed us the view —

I left the photo large if you need to click on it to see them.

I sent this photo to K.  She replied, “Good luck.”  (she was SO right….)

I figured we’d go around the outside, get the kitties first, then see about getting the momma.  The lady however had other ideas so we followed her plan.

Thirty drip.ping. hot. minutes later, we let one lone kitty OUT of the cage and came home with NO cats.  Seems the lady is having a hard time giving them up, hence her ways of catching and no preparation on her part.  Her thoughts of cats in a cage is not what reality presents.  (Do you think they’d walk right in?  Cuz they didn’t.)

Her poor husband was nearly beside himself but I think he kept his cool while we were there.  LOL!!

The story will continue somehow today.  I have about 1 more minute of patience left so we’ll see.   🙂    The positive side is that if they make it home today, K will be super glad to play with them this weekend.

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