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For the fun side of our weekend we…

Had Sunday dinner with Phil’s parents —

Grandma & Grandpa M with K & JP

Watched & listened while JP blew stuff up —

And then… after K had headed back, I was on my return trip to see the kitties for the evening.    As I rounded this area, Phil threw something in the air,

JP shot,

and HIT…..




an old can of foam!  

Foam flew everywhere!! It was so very funny!!!  Once I saw them I had just reached to get my camera out but this all went off so fast.  JP & I didn’t know Phil was throwing a foam can.  Hilarious!!!

Played with the kitties —

It was a good thing, K was here to work with the kitties.  She had such patience and just a way to get them out of hiding and into her arms in less than a day!

Ate pie –

watched a movie together –

watched the neighbor’s illegals in the sky –

Had a fire for hot dogs & marshmallows —

Thanks K for the fire photos…. mine was in the house…. these are from her phone!

Later on Monday evening the neighbors came over while the men shot some guns.   The cutecutecute daughter was delighted to hold a pig!!  🙂

I hope you

I hope you had a Happy 4th as well!


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