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July Wind Storm

I awoke early Monday morning to hearing rain & wind.  A lot of wind!  First off, it was amazing I had slept until 6:20.   I got up and took the 2 steps to peek out the blinds.  VERY windy!

I crawled back in bed, mumbled to Phil it was very windy (thinking he get up and check the radar and TV for any warnings — nope!), and I promptly went BACK TO SLEEP!!  Unheard of!!  But boy was it nice.  🙂

When I got up to make breakfast, I could see out the kitchen window that some of the corn was leaning.   I told you it was windy!   Phil reported a bit later to JP that the neighbor to the NW had FLAT corn.  😦  Ugh!

After chores and getting a generator set up for his parents,  Phil drove around and we had plenty of damage but other fields were worse.   On my trip to swim that afternoon, the ride was dismal.  For a 5 mile stretch, there was barely a field NOT touched by the wind.  BTW, we never lost power.  Just 5 houses down Phil’s parents road did.  For over 48 hours!!  More ugh!!

We are nearing pollination time and if the corn doesn’t stand back up, it won’t pollinate and that is bad news for production.  Phil noticed some corn (not ours) is laying flat and the tops are broken off.  Very sad.

I was gone Monday night but got these few photos on the way past some of our fields.

Last night I had Phil drive me to the corn plot as that doesn’t have end rows and was easier to see the lean.   The camera battery was dead.  😦    It had just rained another bit and I got this photo with my phone.

Tonight we went out again to see the corn.  Thankfully and amazingly, a lot of it is straightening up!!   Stunning!!

One variety in the corn plot is much worse than the others —

I was so thankful that I didn’t have a lot of photos to take tonight.  The fields look so much better!! We also drove back behind Phil’s parents house to get a view from a hill across at some damage.  Not as visible tonight.   🙂

We really needed rain but this strong storm only gave us about .4″ to go with the .1″ we had the night before.   Another .1″ came yesterday afternoon but so gently that was more calming.

Other fields in the area have been described as “steamrolled”.   Ugh!  Any chance of harvest will be beyond difficult.    Phil reads an online forum for farmers and there were posts from MN, WI, IA, and IL about having the wind damage to their corn.   Today our crop scout was out and said we have “light lean”.   Whew!


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