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I’m going to a quilt retreat with Elinor this weekend.  We’ll drive back and forth and get to sleep in our own beds.  Plus I’ll need pure breakfast to counteract the other meals that are provided.   (the housing isn’t provided so it is either home or hotel)

We had a choice from 5 (or so ?) classes and I let Elinor do the choosing since it was her idea.  We are in the class for Shoo-Fly —

One day last week, we cut our 22 fat quarters for the colored pieces.  E is doing a mix of colors like the pattern and I am doing all blues from my old stash.   I just bought my background yesterday so spent this morning cutting 5 3/4 yards into the appropriate pieces!!

Here is my box of pieces and the preliminary sewing I’m working on —

I need to finish my pile of 168 of those guys on the right.

Plus there is a garage sale of quilting things there and we can take things to sell.  IF I get a chance to gather, I will.  Otherwise I’ll offer my treasures at quilt guild.

I’ll leave a lasagna (yet to be assembled) for the men for 2 lunches.   I’ll suggest brats or their choice for supper Friday.   Must get to sewing and leave time for packing.


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