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Farm Fest

I had a great time at the quilt retreat and finished 3 of 7 rows and 1 border out of 4.  We were in the hardest, most challenging, class. Here are progress photos of my quilt — After we had made some of the regular Shoo-Fly blocks, she taught us about making the mini Shoo-Fly blocks that go between them.   This is the OH MY!! part of the pattern.   >insert big grin here< Remember that in my PREP, we were asked to have the cutting done and it was a good idea to do step 1?  Well, I was the only one of 12 in our class that finished Step 1. Many hadn’t started any of step 1 but everyone had done the cutting.  I was glad I had done it. By the end of Friday — we left there about 7:30 to come home as I was tired and wanted good food and rest — I had 6 blocks together with their sashing, shown above. This morning I added the rest of the blocks to complete rows 1 & 2 and made the top border which completes the little Shoo-Fly blocks.   I love the outer border touch!! After lunch, I added a third row.  There are 7 rows all together. I probably need to make about 10 more blocks and then will go back to assembling them in rows.  (The color of background is more of the buttery cream/tan in the first 3 photos.) Here are some other quilts from our class group — It is always fun at classes to learn from others fabric choices.  I thought I had photos from some others as well but I guess not.  When we had show & tell of what we did in class, I was holding my progress, not my camera! E & I sure enjoyed the days together and the ride back & forth was fun with her along.   We plan to go back next year and hope some other friends can join us.    I have other photos that I’ll try to share later.


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