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K brought home her college friend, C, for a visit the other day.  It was K’s usual 22 hour visit. Delightful but always too short.  We’re thankful she has a job so really not complaining here.  🙂

Her friend, C, is from Singapore and was excited to visit a farm.  I wondered if she had seen any more of the US than Chicago.  She said she had been to Milwaukee once and flown to New Hampshire with a friend.  So… we showed her another side of Illinois and took a quick jaunt into Iowa for her.  She is just delightful!

We had a bonfire (seriously in the HEAT of 2011, we did!) and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  The jumbo ones.  🙂   Of course, I was mortified when Phil got out the first hot dog bun and it had a green circle of mold on it.  😦   We checked the others as best we could… IN THE DARK!!  Talk about feeling like a rotten hostess!  :blush:

The next morning after our blessing of RAIN 🙂  🙂  🙂 settled, the girls toured the farm.  I stayed in and loaded a quilt.

C has never had a driver’s license (here or there) but Phil let her drive the tractor.  Around and around and around the loop.

We tried our first ears of sweet corn for the year.  (it was just so-so, better flavor yet to come!)

After lunch, C was quite interested that the Mississippi River was just 25 miles away so we took a quick road trip to our usual look-out.   Along the way we gave her a tour of our town (LOL on the “downtown”) and she was amazed at how big the houses were.   We delighted in pointing out the population signs for each town.   We showed her the ONE stop light in our county and then headed up along the river to the good scenic place.   Along the way C commented that the river was much bigger than on the map.  🙂  She is just so cute like that!

We were treated to a train passing underneath the look-out and a barge going by on the river.  C’s dad does some type of work with tug boats so that was fun for her to see here in America.

After a quick cross to Iowa and a visit to an office store, I treated to Culver’s.   She was perplexed at the turtle sundae idea but loved it.  K & C enjoyed sharing my cheese curds, too.

We had an early supper and they had to head home for K’s job today.    C loved her visit she said and we hope she can manage to come back even with starting a job next week.


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