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At guild this month, our program was by Laurie Hird, author of The Farmer’s Wife, a quilt pattern book.

I think occasionally that I should make a quilt from this book.  With the whole farmer’s wife theme going on.  I haven’t jumped yet since my Dear Jane quilt remains unfinished.  *sigh*  I was just talking today to one of Phil’s cousins about DJ and it makes me miss working on that.

Laurie Hird was a great speaker and we are blessed that she doesn’t live too far from us.  She showed her original FW quilt and also her Pony Club quilt. That book is due this fall.  I have NO desire to do that as I have not one inkling towards ponies.  At least that is off the hook!

Laurie's Farmer's Wife quilt

Laurie's Pony Club quilt

She explained about the FW book and how she based the block designs around letters written to the Farmer’s Wife magazine that was published from the late 1890’s through the 1930’s.

She showed many of the original magazines and then some cover posters she’s had printed.  She thinks she has the largest personal collection of the magazines.

During the break, many who are making the Farmer’s Wife quilt brought either a label for her to sign or had her sign the signature block on their quilt!

She was quite kind in doing this as well as posing for photographs with those who had brought their quilts.  Here are a few of them.  It was hard to get them all in the camera AND they never stood still!!

I had borrowed MIL’s blue cross-stitch quilt for show & tell, so returned that to them on my way home.  I told them about the meeting and asked if they remembered their parents getting the Farmer’s Wife magazine.   They didn’t remember that one but MIL sort of had a thought process going on and she said she’d check her stash.

Two days later, she called and brought over this —

This is the August 1934 edition in mint condition!!  It is addressed to Phil’s great-grandmother.  He has always spoken highly of this one.  While I flipped through the magazine, I read some excerpts to JP.  Very funny!   He laughed at some of the ads as well.

I’m so thrilled to have this magazine and would like to frame it somehow but also be able to see the magazine as well.

Have you made this quilt or do you have one in process?  Do you have any of the magazines that need a new home?


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