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The kitties have gotten big enough that they bother my allergies.  So… Miss K really needs to come home and pet them.  They love to be petted!!   (Thankfully we get a holiday this coming weekend!  🙂  )

The barn door is open this much to let them come & go in safety.

As I approached, I called.

He came.

Mr. Attention Seeker!


Black-nose has only wanted held the last few weeks.

Is it my turn now?????

When I do go out to see them, it is usually after my breakfast but often after Phil & Nina have come in for breakfast.  So it is safe to sit outside and play with them.   During the day, if Phil and someone are talking nearby they come to investigate.

I’m surprised at how loudly they purr!!  Quite the motors on them.

I’m baaaaaacccccckkkk!!

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August LaPetité

I mostly pushed my LaPetité project for this month to the end on purpose.  I’ve been too busy!!  Whereas this past week has been calmer, I used those days for work with my business so planned the weekend to do my August project.

The Schnibbles pattern this month was Honeycomb.

We were warned…. it is made after one cuts a zillion 60′ angles.  *sigh*   But in the end, it really wasn’t as bad as I imagined.   🙂

I opted to do a half-size pattern so as to use some of my single charm packs that I love but just keep sitting here as all our patterns have needed 2 charm packs.  Plus, I have lots of choices for my wallhanging area now.  LOL!!

I stitched my 5 rows at a time with chain piecing instead of just one row at a time as the pattern said but screamed, “laborious!!” to me!  Once I had 2 honeycombs on each row, it went even easier!   After the photo below, it was quick to join all the rows together.

I used Moda’s Plume charm pack and love the hot pinks & turquoise fabrics best.  Of course, you knew that already.

Finished it is 22″ x 36″ —

I worked on this: 2 hrs Saturday morning + 45 mins Sunday morning + 1.25 hrs Sunday evening.   The first 2 hours included putting away & clearing my cutting table of the last 3 weeks of dump & run!!  So it doesn’t take long once you get over the shock & horror of the angles!  🙂

One more month to go!!!  🙂   So far, I’ve won 5 layer cakes and a $15 gift certificate from the LaPetité parades.   🙂

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Whooosh! A Visit!

Last Thursday, Phil & I headed east and stopped to pick up Miss K.  She, however, pretty much had the worst day of work EVER so was late in getting out.  That was OK as we missed the afternoon traffic, Phil got a pick-me-up nap, I wrote out a  quilt job quote, and we strolled the neighborhood mall.

Heading out of town, K operated the camera from the back seat….

Phil drove…..

while I hid my head as we crossed the Skyway….

….which is also known as a near-death experience for me.  (I was seeking empathy from Lori at this point.)  🙂

Thankfully we stopped for 7 hours at a hotel in Ohio but that was quite a short night for me!!  We arrived on Friday just before lunch and in time to eat with the family heading out early the next day.  Our visit with Mom & Dad continued on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, Mom & I went to the Historical Center for a program on signature quilts!  Mom was well behaved while out of her element of themes and I told her to note the vast age difference once again.

Here is a collage of some of my favorites —

Soon after Mom & I got home from the quilt program, Margaret & Don arrived for a few days of visiting following their week at their church’s family camp.  After supper, we all headed to DQ for dessert.

I was so excited that after several questions, I could have the Light Smoothie they offer!!  🙂  I don’t know the last time I was able to get a treat out like this!

Dad chose a strawberry sundae and Mom had a dip cone, “chocolate please”.   🙂

Sunday a.m. in a rush to get every one out the door to various places, I asked for photos….

Of course, I was dressed to travel and they were dressed for church…. *sigh*

While we 3 were there…..

These 2 were here!

I was thankful to not make the trip alone and that Phil & K could have an Ohio visit too.  Thanks JP for keeping everyone fed & cared for here at home!!  ♥

The ride home was great until getting to TOTAL GRIDLOCK as we tried to get on the Dan Ryan in order to bypass the 1.7 million people JUST leaving the Air & Water Show.  However, we found that dodging 1.7 million is easier and faster!   Whew!!   We got Miss K home and then on to our house and were here by our 8:15 p.m.   Twelve hours and 25 minutes later.

So I got to visit in Ohio…. for  one and 3/4 days.  Too short but it worked for K & P’s work schedules.  I hope to make a real trip out in the fall for a bit longer visit.

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Then it must be August 22.

In mid-July, I noted there was something on every day of the calender in August until 8/22.  I’ve arrived to today and I’m still breathing.

So today, I’ve….

  • made breakfast
  • watered plants
  • soaked orchids
  • put away a pink iron
  • put 2 layer cakes in the sewing room that I WON
  • sorted clothes out of the suitcase
  • made lunch
  • did yoga with the Wii
  • cleaned the kitchen sink
  • tended the dishwasher
  • pet Nina
  • sat around reading online
  • cleaned out photos on my FB page


       had a nap!!

I think I’m actually going to get to work and run the vac in my studio and press some fabrics.


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In Other News…

Last Saturday, we got hit with a flurry of short but powerful storms!  JP was gone at motorcycle classes and they had to go in a few times for lightning.  Thankfully they missed the hail.  We didn’t.  😦

These are from the front yard, I’m hiding under the protection of the porch!

The hail came down so hard some of them were shattering when they hit the cement driveway.

They were as big as golf balls if not bigger.

Here at the house fields, the damage is minimal.   Our fields to the south east have moderate to heavy damage.  We are waiting on the insurance adjuster to come.   The tops of the corn are broken off and the soybeans are heavily damaged.  At least we have hail insurance.  We don’t have wind insurance for our previous storm so we are thankful the corn recovered from that.

The little village 3 miles south of us had very heavy damage and a tornado was spotted there.  No wonder Phil thought the clouds at our place were rotating.   :\

JP had his motorcycle classes on Friday night and all day Saturday & Sunday.   Nine were in his class and 6 passed the final tests.  He was one that passed!!  🙂  He had a lot of fun in spite of the very early alarm settings.  He was the youngest by far as he thinks the next youngest student was 35 or so.    He had the most experience before the class with being able to ride the fields and lane for the last few years.  After learning on gravel, waterways, and crossing the creek, he thought dry asphalt was a piece of cake!   🙂   His certificate will arrive in about 2 weeks and then he can go to the DMV for a new license.  All the testing is done.   Congrats!!

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At 5 p.m. on my 2nd day, the show & vendor hall opened.  It was in 2 ballrooms of the hotel and quilts were in both rooms as well as vendors in both rooms.  As fantastic as the international selection of teachers were, the show was small.  I heard later that the Houston show (grand mother of all quilt shows) moved their required date ahead so quilts heading to Houston could be at this show as well.

As I mentioned earlier, Sue Patton had her own special exhibit.  Claudia Pfeil entered 2 quilts and both took a first place in their category.   Some of the quilts are shown on their website.  But I still haven’t found out who won Best of Show or Viewer’s Choice.

I had stopped at my room before going to the show and then met up with Claudia when I got there.  We walked around a bit together and she showed me her newest quilt that she had entered.

The piecing, the appliqué, and the fine quilting are fantastic!!  It is stunning to see these pieces up close.

On Wednesday evening, the teachers were having a quilt-off and had 1/2 hr on various machines to quilt on a donation quilt for Quilts of Valor.  The quilts (or pillows) were auctioned off on Thursday night (after I had gone home).  That is probably best as I would have wanted to bid.

Here are my favorite teachers (Sue Patten & Claudia Pfeil) working on pillow tops.  The next day I got photos of the pillows but they were just in a pile so photos were hard to get.    I also watched Claudia on another machine quilting across a quilt but didn’t head to the other room to see others working.  I think there were 5 machine dealers there at the show.  (I’m quite happy with mine so wasn’t shopping.)

The next day I had more time to visit the vendors and vote on my favorite quilts.   I’ll collage a few of them for you.

I loved this piece that Sue Patten had entered!  It was hard to get good photos with others trying for photos too.  🙂

I finished all my gazing and shopping so decided it was time to head home.  I was thrilled to hear someone call my name and see Claudia coming down the aisle.  I asked for a photo since it was time for me to go.

She is so fun!!

A super great time was had by me!  I sure was thankful to get such a top-notch class roster so near to me.  I’ll be back next year.  🙂  Yes, I’d love to enter but I need to care for my customers this year, I think.

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I was also excited to have a class by Claudia Pfeil from Germany!   The class I took from her was my only hands-on on the long-arm.   It was also on borders & sashing.

Claudia taught us the new ideas at a marker board and then we moved to the machines.  The machines in this room were Noltings and I don’t need to use one again.  :cough:

There were 2 machines per frame and 2 students per machine.  (I think 2 students had their own spot.) I was stationed in the back row seen here but my partner is quilting now.  We had an area of our own marked off and then did a design across our pretend border and took turns.

There were only 3 of us on our frame so when it was time to advance to a new area, we divided into 3 sections so had more space for each of us.   At the end of the class, we unloaded the “quilt” and cut our pieces apart.  Another good example for me to keep.

Claudia would quilt an example on someone’s piece and the first person asked her to sign it with thread!  Well, all of us wanted that so she took turns quilting on our samples and signing them.  Fun!   My partner got a big area done by Claudia that is just gorgeous!

I was thrilled to meet Claudia and feel I have a new friend.    I will take another class with her next year as I learned a lot.  It was hard since the class was 1 – 5 p.m. and about 3:00, I just melted.  After a snack of cottage cheese that I had with me, I felt revived a bit.

After class, I went back to my room to unload my bag and get another snack to last me until a late supper.  The quilt show & vendor hall were now open so I wasn’t sure when I’d get supper.   More on the show later….

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My 3rd class at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show was with Judy Woodworth.   I have her book and she too, brought the book to life once I took her class.  I had the book with me for an autograph as well.

A beautiful sample of her quilting in colored threads on black.

I prefer to choose a front row seat and did again at this class. There were at least 14 of us in the class that was a demo on the long-arm.  We had a camera guy that shot from the quilting and put it on the screen at the front of the room. Fantastic!!  We could all see what she was doing as she did it and explained it all.

It was a border specific class and so she’d quilt out a border area and then fill it in.   This is a photo of the screen.  Those photos aren’t great but they show me more of what we were working on.

However, the photos are all unnecessary (not really) now as at the end of class, she asked if anyone wanted her demo pieced and I jumped out of my skin first!  🙂   I unpinned it from the frame and it was mine to have. Yahoooo!!!     It isn’t anything to finish and use but is a fantastic example for me of new designs.

She also passed around samples and quilts she had done showing various border designs.

It was a great class and I’m glad I got to have her live and explain so much that is in the book.  BTW, the books that I already had by these teachers are ones Phil bought for my bday or anniversary.  I told him they were good buys then and again with getting the classes by the authors!

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My 2nd & 5th classes at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show were by Sue Patten, Patten That Quilt.   I loved her work & her energy & her willingness to teach us.  She is too cute and a super teacher!

Loved the thread there and the stash of templates… OH MY!!  I do NOT need a large tub.  Yet.

(and if this isn’t Jean in my photo, well let’s just say you should be sad you don’t know her.  A fantastic friend that I’m honored to have met here on Tuesday night.  🙂  )

The 1st class with Sue was a hands-on demo but really a part 2 to the class that non of the 5 of us had that morning.  :\   So she gave a quick overview of her ZenSuedled class.  I REALLY wanted to take that too but that was in the morning and I just didn’t see that I could be off and driving up there at 6 a.m., you know.

ZenSUEdled.  I loved that!!  🙂    Brilliant, I’d say!!!  There aren’t many of us that can do that with our names and be cool.

She showed us a bit of her stitching fill-ins and then some of her drawings.

AND…  I can’t wait to see her fabric line coming out!!  Yowsers!!!  🙂

I ended the evening with dinner in the hotel restaurant with my new friends, Jean & her husband.  What a fantastic bonus to the show!   Supper was great too!

The 2nd class I had with Sue was Thursday morning and I could hardly stand the wait.  I had already shopped her store in the vendor hall and am itching to try her ideas.   This next class was a lecture since the conference was short a long-arm provider that was terribly hurt by the spring hurricanes.  Sue did her teaching by drawing on the white board.  Still wonderful!!

I had taken one of her books and had that signed.  Later figured that I have her first book too… duh!  Too bad that one didn’t get signed as well.

This is what we were learning for the class.   But on the board, we got a series of drawings.

It was HUGE to me to have her talk all this out and show us.    Her classes really made her books come alive to me.  I will follow her at the next show and hope to get in some more classes with her.

The quilt show also had a special exhibit of Sue’s work.   I loved seeing her quilts in person — some with a lot of thread work and some with her signature quilting.

Here is a sampling — click to see it bigger.  The backgrounds are really jet black… not the effects of my camera.

So another goal I have is to make a ZenSuedled quilt as well as apply some of her quilting to my quilts.   I’ve begged for her book & DVD but she is swamped with her travel schedule, I’m sure.  I did ask a few more questions after the 2nd class I had with her and hope between that & some emails, I can be ZenSuedled.  🙂  I have some practice fabric ready to load and then will work on many of the new techniques I learned.  I’m so excited!!

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I have 2 things planned for cementing my new ideas from the Quilt Show last week.   Because it worked out that I had the supplies and because I have been wanting a new purse for awhile….. I created a piece of art quilt fabric Friday & Saturday.

A few things went wrong …. 1) I didn’t have thread to blend with my background so have black which is more of another accent.  I’m OK with that.  2) I forgot to add some glitz with angelina fibers.   It is all fine … this is practice.   And really, would you have complained had I not told you?  😉   As Phil said, I can make another one.    He’s learning!!

This is my piece of art quilt I created.  I started with a blue-gray hand dyed piece of cotton.  Then layered my silk flowers, organza, yarns & fibers, and tulle.  It is about 45″ wide x 21″ long and I quilted it on my long-arm machine.

The next day I made my purse.  Of course the inside tweaking to make the pockets fit my needs took awhile.

I used a rectangle of the art quilt fabric as an accent on the zippered pocket. Then a pocket for my phone and for my glasses case so those things don’t get lost.  The pockets & wrong side of the tab are pink hand dyed fabric.

So far, so good!  I couched one of the yarns from the main fabric around the tab and like how that turned out.   It is growing on me and I’ll see how long it is until I make another one.

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