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Bargello Prep

Some friends and I are going to get together and make our first bargello pattern together.  Together so as to get the kinks worked out together.  🙂     We are using this book, loosely.  It teaches quilt as you go and at least I will quilt later.

The beginner pattern in there (not the cover quilt!!) is for 6 placemats.  It involves making 2 long pieces that are cut into 3 placemats each.  I’m planning on keeping the 2 pieces long and having 2 table runners since I use a tablecloth and don’t need placemats.

First I thought of these fabrics:

Then a quilt in a magazine made of brights caught my eye.  I thought of my bright hand-dyes and played with them yesterday.   I then dyed 2 more pieces, a black and gray, to see if I could use one of them as well.

I ended up with this collection:

The yellow is more golden.

Today I cut strips and sewed them back together.   Before making the tube, I took this photo:

The dark one is more black than navy and the green is more lime than olive but… lots of colors!!  I’m excited to see how this finishes.

When I told Phil we were doing this, he said he likes grape.  (as in jello!!)  A friend said if it involved cooking at our Bargello day, she hoped there would be brownies.  *sigh*  But she wasn’t sure how the jello was mixing in there either!

I’ll keep you posted.  In time.  Don’t hold your breath.  I am  busy this month!!

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