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At 5 p.m. on my 2nd day, the show & vendor hall opened.  It was in 2 ballrooms of the hotel and quilts were in both rooms as well as vendors in both rooms.  As fantastic as the international selection of teachers were, the show was small.  I heard later that the Houston show (grand mother of all quilt shows) moved their required date ahead so quilts heading to Houston could be at this show as well.

As I mentioned earlier, Sue Patton had her own special exhibit.  Claudia Pfeil entered 2 quilts and both took a first place in their category.   Some of the quilts are shown on their website.  But I still haven’t found out who won Best of Show or Viewer’s Choice.

I had stopped at my room before going to the show and then met up with Claudia when I got there.  We walked around a bit together and she showed me her newest quilt that she had entered.

The piecing, the appliqué, and the fine quilting are fantastic!!  It is stunning to see these pieces up close.

On Wednesday evening, the teachers were having a quilt-off and had 1/2 hr on various machines to quilt on a donation quilt for Quilts of Valor.  The quilts (or pillows) were auctioned off on Thursday night (after I had gone home).  That is probably best as I would have wanted to bid.

Here are my favorite teachers (Sue Patten & Claudia Pfeil) working on pillow tops.  The next day I got photos of the pillows but they were just in a pile so photos were hard to get.    I also watched Claudia on another machine quilting across a quilt but didn’t head to the other room to see others working.  I think there were 5 machine dealers there at the show.  (I’m quite happy with mine so wasn’t shopping.)

The next day I had more time to visit the vendors and vote on my favorite quilts.   I’ll collage a few of them for you.

I loved this piece that Sue Patten had entered!  It was hard to get good photos with others trying for photos too.  🙂

I finished all my gazing and shopping so decided it was time to head home.  I was thrilled to hear someone call my name and see Claudia coming down the aisle.  I asked for a photo since it was time for me to go.

She is so fun!!

A super great time was had by me!  I sure was thankful to get such a top-notch class roster so near to me.  I’ll be back next year.  🙂  Yes, I’d love to enter but I need to care for my customers this year, I think.

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