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Whooosh! A Visit!

Last Thursday, Phil & I headed east and stopped to pick up Miss K.  She, however, pretty much had the worst day of work EVER so was late in getting out.  That was OK as we missed the afternoon traffic, Phil got a pick-me-up nap, I wrote out a  quilt job quote, and we strolled the neighborhood mall.

Heading out of town, K operated the camera from the back seat….

Phil drove…..

while I hid my head as we crossed the Skyway….

….which is also known as a near-death experience for me.  (I was seeking empathy from Lori at this point.)  🙂

Thankfully we stopped for 7 hours at a hotel in Ohio but that was quite a short night for me!!  We arrived on Friday just before lunch and in time to eat with the family heading out early the next day.  Our visit with Mom & Dad continued on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, Mom & I went to the Historical Center for a program on signature quilts!  Mom was well behaved while out of her element of themes and I told her to note the vast age difference once again.

Here is a collage of some of my favorites —

Soon after Mom & I got home from the quilt program, Margaret & Don arrived for a few days of visiting following their week at their church’s family camp.  After supper, we all headed to DQ for dessert.

I was so excited that after several questions, I could have the Light Smoothie they offer!!  🙂  I don’t know the last time I was able to get a treat out like this!

Dad chose a strawberry sundae and Mom had a dip cone, “chocolate please”.   🙂

Sunday a.m. in a rush to get every one out the door to various places, I asked for photos….

Of course, I was dressed to travel and they were dressed for church…. *sigh*

While we 3 were there…..

These 2 were here!

I was thankful to not make the trip alone and that Phil & K could have an Ohio visit too.  Thanks JP for keeping everyone fed & cared for here at home!!  ♥

The ride home was great until getting to TOTAL GRIDLOCK as we tried to get on the Dan Ryan in order to bypass the 1.7 million people JUST leaving the Air & Water Show.  However, we found that dodging 1.7 million is easier and faster!   Whew!!   We got Miss K home and then on to our house and were here by our 8:15 p.m.   Twelve hours and 25 minutes later.

So I got to visit in Ohio…. for  one and 3/4 days.  Too short but it worked for K & P’s work schedules.  I hope to make a real trip out in the fall for a bit longer visit.

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