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Road Trip with the Girlfriends

My friend, Lori, planned a road trip to an orchard about 1 1/2 hrs away for yesterday.  We have a mutual friend (we all met her thru Lori and her blogging) that lives on the other side of the orchard another 45 mins so it was a great place to meet & spend time together.

The orchard had a large shop with gifts, food, and apples, apples, apples!  I am enjoying the dehydrated green beans and have squash for many meals as well as a big bag of Golden Delicious apples.  As requested, I brought home 2 apple cider donuts for JP, 2 for Phil, and 2 to share with Miss K today.

We could even grab lunch there and Lori had the great idea to take it back to the shop/snack area where there was heat!!  It was sunny out but only low 50’s and very windy!!  :shiver:  The lunch place had outside eating areas.  :\

L - R: Shelly, Lori, Debbie, me, Sue, Michelle

Our lunch inside gave us extra time to chat in the warmth as well. We don’t get to see Michelle or Debbie much so it was great to chat face-to-face.

(After this, I'm deciding this sweater needs to go to Goodwill 
and I need to work harder on my hairdo. How embarrassing!  
Good thing these are my friends!!)

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My LaPetité Year

Last fall I jumped into the charm group called LaPetité and had a good time.

Here is my collage of all my quilts; 12 from October 2010 – September 2011 with my favorite as the large corner.  All but the last 3 months are quilted and bound.

Starting at the top: October 2010 - September 2011 going left to right. March is repeated in the big square.

To see all my blog posts for each month, click on the LaPetité tag just under this post.

Thanks to Sinta & Sherri for hosting and Rosie & company for the fun patterns!


I’m happy to celebrate this post…. #750!!  🙂

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Wordless Wednesday.  I don’t have any days that are wordless.  Maybe another reason I have a blog.  I like talking!!  🙂     The question is…. is anyone listening?

Today the men are harvesting the corn plot so, for me, that is like having 6 for lunch.  But it is all to-go in the field.  I guess that keeps me from having to clean the house and do dishes.  They don’t even use napkins there!!  *gasp!*

I used the same menu as the bean plot a few weeks ago…. ham & cheese  bunwiches, chips (if they desire to get them out; last time left in the truck), Outrageous Cookies (pb, oatmeal, ch chip), and pumpkin bars.  I packed a cooler with drinks.  You’d want a drink stored on ice today…. choose water, or root beer or pepsi.  How cozy on this 40′ day, high winds, and a thick blanket of clouds.

When I pulled up to them, I saw equipment and no workers!  All were hiding out of the wind.  :shiver:

I’m making my own beef stock and I’m so excited for it to finish.  I have 2 1/2 hours of simmering to go.  I plan to make Beef Vegetable Soup either tonight or tomorrow with it. Plus I’ll freeze more of it for soups throughout the winter.

Other pointless information…. while I’ve been typing, 6, (yes, SIX) birds have hit the window beside me.  ???  Or is it one that keeps trying?  I don’t know but it sure is odd.

I’ve been struggling with how to quilt the raffle quilt for our guild and have mostly made up my mind.  Trying to brush off comments made by non-committee members, too.  But today I feel better about it so I think all will be fine.  🙂   Last night I pressed the backing so today I’ll get it loaded.

I bought a 4 pound roast yesterday so am cubing it to freeze for future pots of soup.  I thought it would be hard to cut so sharpened my knife.  Then started sawing across my thumb.  :\  Not much but enough that I quit cutting for a while since blood from me was getting flung around.   Oh brother!  It was all going so well.   ETA: 6 p.m…. it hurts. 😦

I would also like to make these pumpkin muffins as I opened a BIG can of pumpkin for the bars for the field today.  I’m going to use fresh ground wheat and about 1/4 the amount of sugar in the form of splenda.  It will be a cheat for me but not so much to make me sick.  I think I’ll have a few to share this weekend too.   ETA: 6 p.m…. not sure they are worthy of sharing.  I have nibbled on one.  Bleh.

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If memory serves me correctly, I’m not so good about posting here for my mom’s birthday as I do for my dad.   Maybe she gets a better post for Mother’s Day or better gifts!  🙂  I don’t know but hopefully they aren’t keeping score!

I made my dad a booklet/newsletter with some childhood memories of mine that connect with him.  I don’t know how to put the exact pages here so I’ll share the various articles/sections with you.

My 3rd grade school photo

My favorite memory with you is when you came and got me out of my 3rd grade class with Mrs. Denbow. I had no idea what was going on and while we walked down the steps, I nervously asked if I had to go the dentist.  No, but you still wouldn’t tell me.

We drove to the Ashland Airport for an airplane ride!! While you were flown over the Brethren Care land for photos, I got to ride on the other side of the plane tilted UP in the air!  It was fun anyway and I love that you got me out of school for that.

Margaret & I riding Dumbo at Disneyland.


Our trip to California with the camper was quite memorable the year I turned 5.  I remember only bits & pieces but still have my stuffed skunk that I got for my birthday while we were gone.  I was sick at Marsha’s when we were there for supper and somewhere along the way, we saw a baby lamb that was lost.  (Yes, I know this is totally irrelevant, but what I remember!  You make your own book! 🙂 )


Dad's school photo

When you were a teacher at AHS, I was able to get in on the faculty Christmas parties for the kids.  I remember I could go see Santa but I don’t remember the rest of the party.

Because you got vacations with the school calendar, I loved the year we went to Arkansas over spring break.

I felt we were on easy street staying in our own log home at Cherokee Village.  The cafeteria for our meals was a blast even though I wasn’t big enough to carry my own tray.  You & the others played Rook back at the cabin and I suppose I was still playing the “dummy” hand at this time.

Visiting the Maryland cousins.


.It was fun being involved in your building projects. (Dad designed and was general contractor of sorts with his job in the 70’s.  Here I mention an apartment building and small condos he oversaw.)  When Buckeye Apartments were being built, we could use our roller skates & bikes on the newly poured cement before there were walls.  And it was fun to help the new residents move in and find their way with the new apartments.

On the open house day for Martin House, Margaret & I got to be the elevator operators.  That was so much fun until another child got on and wanted to push the buttons for themself.  Up & down all day was great.  I was hoping I could get in on the group crafts sometime while you were there working.  I thought the idea of a craft room was wonderful.

I have fond memories of the stilts you made.  I was so thankful for the scraps of lumber that you had around and the know-how to put them  together!


Once you retired, having you here to help with harvest in October was a delight.  Phil appreciated your help with hauling loads of grain from the fields back to the farm.

A lot happened every October and it was always good you could spend the extra time here with the kids.

Josiah learned to walk when you were here in ’93 and you & Keturah were great cheerleaders for him that evening.

Every fall as the World Series comes on; I remember you wanted to come in to see the games when you were here.  I suppose the only time baseball ever was on our TV.


Most of all, you love Mom!

Happy 88th Birthday, Dad!

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October Guild

Monday night was my usual (closest) guild meeting.  I came home charged & energized so had to take quite a while to settle before sleep came to me.

Pam Buda gave the program on “making do” along the lines of the pioneer women who had a limited supply of fabric.  They often had to “make do” with what they had even if the colors weren’t all the same as originally planned.  Honestly, doing this would make me CRAZY but I’m considering it.

Needing not one new thing, I came home with her Journey One of the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle.  There are patterns for 7 quilts, a pincushion, and prairie stories to go with each pattern.

(photo from her website)

Here are some photos from her program:

We had a great show & tell as usual!  One of my dye class students was there with her daughter and the fabrics they have dyed!  I was so thrilled to meet her daughter.

The mom is piecing these blocks with the daughter’s dyed fabrics.  I think this is a super way to showcase the gorgeous fabrics.

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What’s for Supper?

This fall has given me a change of schedule.   JP is working nearly every day ( yeah!  🙂 ) and packs a sandwich, etc. for lunch.   I figure he needs a good supper. So I’ve switched Phil (& helper, Rich) to sandwiches as well.  They keep working and take their bags to go.

Then I plan a hot supper for them.  Phil eats whenever he gets in or gets a minute to stop and JP gets home about 6:30 most nights.   On Tuesdays, Rich can stay later and work so he gets a hot meal to go in the tractor.   This is week 3 and I’m pretty smooth with it.  Or so I thought.

Coming home from the grocery & swim today, I was expecting to make baked chicken for 3.  However, when I got here, I found Rich was here too.  A surprise only because his wife had a procedure on Friday and he has been home with her since then.  No problem, JP & I can share the large piece of chicken and I’d have a piece for Rich and one for Phil.

I baked the chicken and heated some cheesy cauliflower then made a quick salad.  One meal in the handy-dandy Tupperware container that keeps it warm and one prepped in various leftover containers for the other.   I had it done just as the unloader was shutting down outside so I quickly grabbed a pop & water and headed out before he left.

Imagine my surprise to deliver a hot meal to Joel!  He comes occasionally after his own work to help Phil.  They grew up together and Joel enjoys helping out.  That was A-OK and he needed to eat too but just a surprise.

So I headed back inside and called Phil that I just gave Joel, Rich’s dinner.  🙂  Phil called an hour later that Rich was on his way in with a load.  I got his food reheated and packed in leftover boxes, got his pop & water and headed out.  I told him the early bird got the good dish!

Both are very grateful whenever I bring them food.  Very polite men!!  🙂  I could serve a pb & j and they’d be happy about it!

Now I had 1 piece of chicken left, I hadn’t eaten, Phil said he’d eat when they quit tonight, and JP wasn’t home.  Hmmmm…. I checked 3 freezers and found 2 pot pies so put them in the oven to bake.

JP got home near 8 p.m. and was delighted with the idea of a pot pie.   I had the small one …. was surprised that one was 10 oz and the other was 16 oz.

I sat down to eat and tell you my tale… to discover that I have no idea how long ago they changed the sizes of pot pies.  Mine was old.  It tasted like soap.  And being more like my father than mother on this call, I quit eating it.  Blech!   I’m finishing up with some cheesy cauliflower.

In my spare time tonight, I’m baking cookies for the men’s lunches tomorrow and making snacks for small group tomorrow night.

Not one stitch of sewing or quilting today.

Here is another beautiful sunset.  Not tonight’s as we haven’t seen the sun in hours but lovely nonetheless.

From what I’ve picked up from Phil, they finished the farthest field, the next one beside it, and have moved to one near Joel’s old house.   Good progress but rain is due Wednesday & Thursday.

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It’s Fall!

I’m not a fan of this season or the next but here are some photos I’ve snapped lately of life around here.

The dirt in the air from the farmers working the fields makes for stunning sunsets!  I’m loving the fountain grass – thanks to K & JP for ‘getting’ me some a few years ago.  🙂

I actually got Nina to sit here and stay while I came behind for this photo.  I wish I had the knowledge to take better sunset photos.  It was really pretty!  She cracked me up on this one. Stayed looking away from me until I called her.  🙂

Phil is knee-deep in harvest.  Soybeans are done, wheat is drilled and coming up, corn is in process.  The new drying system is going fine and he only runs it during the day. 🙂   I’ve gotten used to the drying system starting up… JP & I think it sounds like an ambulance is HERE!

We got rained out on Wednesday morning but they were able to get going again on Friday.   Sometimes these little breaks are good so that Phil can get some pig work done and catch his breath a bit.

Nina LOVES truck rides!  And this time of year, I don’t mind the company.  She is a good listener.

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My MIL delights in auctions.  DEEElights!  She knows to be on the look-out for sewing machines & quilt stuff.

I knew there was a nearby auction on Friday but I couldn’t go w/ the quilt show on my calender.  In the haste of harvest & getting my own stuff around, I forgot to call her.   However, she called me from the auction.

She said there were several treadle machines. However, I was gone until 5, Phil & FIL were swamped with harvest, and JP was at work.  So those would have to go home with someone else as she would need help in loading.

She said there was a Bicor machine. I’ve never heard of this brand.  Now I know it was made in Poland.   I haven’t had a chance to clean it or look for a manual yet.

MIL said on the phone that there was a Singer, some type of lightweight.  It was white.  I said to buy it.  HOWEVER, she brought home this HUGE suitcase like overnight bag.  Inside is a serger! LOL!!  I laughed but paid her for it as well.  I’ll get it going and look for a new home for it.

And then 3 flats of quilt tops and embroidered linens.  Jackpot here!!

A dark navy & black top made from suiting scraps.  Not sure this will ever be finished.  It is a good quilt for the trunk of your car on cold wintery drives.  🙂   I’ll be happy to finish it for anyone that wants to buy it.  The photo is of 1/4 of the top.

This next one is an older top, maybe even done for the US Bicentennial and the quilt revival then.  Red, white & blue.  It is hand-pieced and about 65″ square.   The blocks are about 19″ but even with just 4 blocks, they each vary greatly.

One of the red borders is sun damaged.  I thought maybe I could just flip to the back side of the fabric but there are also some holes in the outer border.  I think I’ll take it to a quilt shop sometime and see if they would have some red that is close to the original.


This is a printed table cloth but I think it would be cute quilted.


The real beauty of the whole pile is this cross-stitched quilt.  Yummy!!

I left this photo larger if you want to click on it to see it about twice this size.  All the cross-stitch is complete in blues, greens, and a bit of lavender.  I love this!!!  MIL knows I was quite thrilled with this one!!! 🙂  It is 82″ x 98″ and I can’t wait to see this quilted and finished.

I have a remaining pile of various embroidered linens.  Some pillow tops that need finishing as well as dresser scarves and chair covers.

Here is a funny from the whole thing.  MIL was buying these piles of linens and had a stack in front of her.  A lady came up to her and asked, “What are you doing with all these pieces?”

She replied, “I give them to my daughter-in-law!”   🙂

“Wow!  You must be a really good mother-in-law.”

We laughed over that one.  She & I were both pleased.

I informed her that I’d be feeding FIL on Saturday since it was bean plot day so she was off of lunch packing & delivery duty.  She was glad for all the more time for her to be at an auction she wanted to go to.  However, even visiting 2 auctions on Saturday was nothing compared to her Friday finds.  She also had her own treasures from Friday.

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Quilt Show Visit

Near the beginning of September, I was thrilled to go to the Madison Quilt Show.  It is a nice show, great vendors, and a great place: easy to get to and not too far for a day trip.

I went with friends and found friends there so it was a fun day for me! My favorite part was the shopping.  🙂

Plus some odds & ends: wool roving, bobbins for my long-arm, charm packs & pattern for September’s LaPetité project, and an embroidery CD design pattern shown below.

Well, I’d like it in a not-so-garish other red.  And it could be a nice Christmas gift.

I actually spent most of my time walking the aisles with the vendors.  Then the last 20 minutes there gave me a fast run-through of the quilt show itself.   Here is a collage of some of my favorites…..

If you want to see the quilts larger, you can click on the above collage.   This is just to save posting a myriad of photos.  🙂

I thought the purse one was great for Miss K and I loved the brights with the black & white.

When I met back up with those that had ridden with me, they looked exhausted! We headed home and stopped for a quick supper along the way.  What fun and I’m anxious for next year’s show!

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Weekend Show

This weekend one of my guilds held their bi-annual show.  I’m new to the guild so this is my first show with them.   It is about 1/2 hr away so on Thursday morning, I loaded up my quilts and took them in time for set-up.  As soon as I walked in the door, it dawned on me (think brick to head) that ALLLLL my paperwork was AT HOME!!!  😦

So I said I’d be back in an hour.  Thankful for my cell phone so that I could chat with my mom while I drove.  🙂  So that started that day in a kerplunkel. I returned with my registration forms, photos, and descriptions gathered from the coffee table for all 6 of my entries.

After packing lunches for Phil & our worker, I headed to the show on Friday. My volunteer spot was as a white glove lady that day.  While wearing white gloves, I  walked the show aisles.  If anyone wanted to see the back of a quilt, I could lift it with my gloved hands.   This keeps (hopefully) others from touching the quilts.   It was a slow job as they had the basket at the admission table so some viewers had on their own gloves to do the looking.

I walked the 6 aisles for 3 hours.  I got in some visiting with the guild members as well.  🙂

I had also taken 2 loaves of fresh ground whole wheat bread to donate to the bake sale.  One sold right away to a volunteer in the kitchen and the other one was sold when I arrived on Saturday.

In the above photo, the lady in blue is helping at the guild boutique.  We had donated either newly made items or patterns & books we no longer needed to sell.  I made 3 little clutch/cosmetic bags and they all sold.

After my shifts had ended, I got a few photos of my favorite quilts to show you —

Miriam's Dear Jane won Viewer's Choice 1st place

Sue's Sunburst & Tulips was 2nd place in Viewer's Choice

Beautiful quilting and this quilt reminded me a lot of my 2008 BOM I showed

These are the entries in the guild challenge. (more on that in another post)

On Saturday, I worked the admission table for 3 hours.  There I got to visit with a lot of guild members and 3 of us new members connected.  It will be good to see each other at our next meeting.

After my work shifts, I had a quilt appraised.  This was my first time to do this and I was SO excited!!  However, the appraiser was a bit overwhelmed and said she had to do a lot of figuring for me.  She said she’d mail me my paperwork the beginning of the week.  I’ve done the counting and could end up not knowing until Thursday. (No mail on Monday. If she mails by Tuesday, I could have it on Weds or Thursday.  *sigh* ) And no, I probably won’t post those details.  😉

It was so fun that one of my local quilting friends came to the show on Saturday.  After my work shift, it was fun to look at the quilts together and visit.  Thanks!!!

The show ended at 4 on Saturday and I was near to watch the raffle drawings.  There were 4 large baskets of quilt supplies, fabric, & books and I didn’t win any.  They announced the quilt winner and the lady who had worked the raffle table the WHOLE time got all choked up!  She had sold the winning ticket just the other day.  She immediately called the man and told him he HAD to come get it NOW.  It was quite fun!

Take down & clean-up commenced and all seemed to go smoothly.  A fun weekend!

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