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… and then she skipped a day with postings…..

Besides a warm hug, fantastic homemade lunch, engaging conversation, and time with a friend, last week’s visit also included gifts!!

Christine made Phil some sugar cookie bars that looked EXACTLY like the recipe photo.  (ohmyword, she has a whole basket of sprinkles!  She didn’t even know how much I LOVELOVELOVE sprinkles.  In my previous life, ahem!)

Both JP & Phil were pleased with the offering and they quickly disappeared.  🙂

She made me this totally cute and fun journal!!  We both work at journalling but she works it much better than I do….

Isn’t this just perfect?

And in my car is a CD that I keep enjoying, Conversations by Sara Groves.  🙂

There are some people in the world that are just good at things like this.  She is one.

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