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Another Sewing Saturday

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about it before but there are 3 of us that try to get together every month just to sew & chat & have time together.  We keep trying to invite others but they just. don’t. come.   🙂

I guess it has been a week and a half since our last Sewing Saturday.  We were even missing one of our regulars so just Sue came to my house.  We still had a blast.

Sue put the binding on 3 placemats.  She was going to borrow my walking foot and then I remembered I had just gotten a new edge following attachment for the walking foot so she took that on its maiden voyage!

Seriously, she sewed 2″ and was in HEAVEN.

I’m thinking that another Sue that needs binding put on 14 placemats might like this.

I worked on my Sedona Star block of the month from The Quilt Show.   I was ready to applique around lots of circles and got that part done.

After I stitched around all the circles, I pieced the rings together for the center.  Then I left my sewing machine upstairs and pieced the first set of star points on Sunday.

I didn’t trim the star points yet.  I’ll wait until I’m ready to join them with the next step.  So imagine that you only see the outer edge of purple.

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