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Anniversary Get-Away

Our first plans didn’t work out so Phil & I headed to Wisconsin for our anniversary trip away the beginning of June.  We had a nice hotel and the weather was just perfect.  We even walked to some restaurants that were near.

After we checked in and settled, we drove around to find supper.  We both were aiming for some place nice for the official anniversary dinner together.  However, before we found a place, we heard an AWFULLY loud screeching noise from the car.  We pulled onto a side street, very residential.  Phil crawled under, looked, listened.  Then I eased it forward while he listened outside.  Major UGH!!  Not sure how we’d even get home at this point.  😦  I even had out our insurance card to call for roadside assistance.

Phil was sure it was the brakes but we couldn’t even go another few feet.  He JAMMED it into reverse, then again, and then again.  All of a sudden the noise was gone but our concern was still thick.  We drove about 6 blocks and there on the right side… past several restaurants… was a tire store.  I suggested’ that he take this option and the signs said they did about everything car related also.

They couldn’t find anything in the brakes, assumed Phil knocked it out with his tricks, but our tires were BALD!!  He had looked at them before we left but they were only wearing on the inside and they were down to wire/whatever is in a tire.  So there instead of a nice supper, we bought 4 tires.  There are only 2 kinds/brands made for our car so no shopping as they only had one kind.


The manager asked if we had had supper and gave us a 10% off coupon for the place about 50′ away.  It was like an Applebee’s and we got out of there for $17.  🙂

The next day we went to the House on the Rock.  We hadn’t been there since JP was small and tickets for 2 are a lot easier to swallow than tickets for 4.  Have you priced that place lately???  Afterwards, we found a cute place for lunch.

It was a wait-on-yourself place… we ordered at the counter, set our own table, cleaned our own table, but they brought us our food.  Our table and order were identified with a foreign country flag.  Good and this town pretty much had nothing but bars otherwise.

I loved the decoration by the door.  Mr. & Miss Welders in this family could make me this.  😉

Of course, I don’t know what the rest looks like and the above is just cropped from the bigger photo.  ha!   Hints: shovel flattened out, rake/pitch fork for hair, cupboard handles for ears & keys for earrings, you add the rest of the creativity.

This house was nearby… love the porches!!

We kept wandering as the back roads are so pretty and Phil likes seeing the little farms.  We ended up at the famous shoe store and Phil got a pair of new work boots and I got a pair of tennies from the clearance room.

The next day (after an AMAZING brunch buffet!!!)  we took a crooked way home, aiming for a town with the Duluth Trading company store.   Lo and behold, they were having Troll Weekend and we landed just in time for the parade.  I love parades; Phil not so much.  We went all the way around the detour and then parked and walked downtown.  We watched the parade a bit and then shopped at Duluth.  Phil shopped – I waited.    🙂

We walked a bit through town after the parade and I bought JP a Grumpy Troll tshirt.  I told him about them at an earlier visit and he was bummed I hadn’t bought it then.  Of course, it isn’t appropriate for work (I don’t think) or church.  He doesn’t go anywhere else!!

We also stopped at a machinery dealer as they had a manure tank for Phil see.  I took notes on where we were but he isn’t so sure he wants to go that far to get one.   I don’t know if he’d want to have someone haul it home or not.   😉

We got home that evening and were thankful for our safety (missing a tire blow-out!!), for not combining the broken car in the middle of a manure tank (!), and for a son who did chores for Dad along with a lonely dog.  But think of this for my Happy Anniversary: new work boots, new tires, and a manure tank.  I found it funny!!  We had a good time and it is always nice for Phil to get away.  These times will be nearly nill once JP heads out.

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