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Crop Prelude

Every year getting into the sweet corn patch is sort of like a prelude of the real crop to come for Phil.

Last night he picked our first ears of sweet corn.

Visually… not too good.  Those missing kernels are from the poor pollination because of the drought.

The taste — even worse.  Dry, no flavor, ugh.  The future harvest seems dim.  We do have something and for that we are thankful.  Just don’t expect me to mail you corn this year.  😉

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Wheat Harvest

The end of June brought the harvest of our wheat.  The yields for the wheat were fantastic… too bad we didn’t have the glass ball to foresee planting more wheat last fall.  The harvest was about 4 weeks early.

Every year it is still so amazing to see the “amber waves of grain” against the corn & soybeans that neighbor the field.

Bob was in the combine and Phil was there to haul the loads.  Not often do I get them both together for a photo.

Phil just had filled another semi load of wheat which is heading out here.

Of course, the spot-price for the remaining bushels was much higher than the price he locked in earlier.

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My Birthday

For my birthday last month, Phil & I went out to eat on the actual day.  Then on Sunday, K met Phil & me halfway between here & there for lunch and the afternoon.

We ate at what Phil refers to as The Clay Pigeon.  It is yummy, nice atmosphere, and NOT expensive!  I found my new favorite there: Buffalo Shrimp Wrap.  Yummy!!

K brought me a gorgeous necklace from Swarovski Crystal; genuine:  in a blue bag, in blue paper, in a blue box, inside another blue box.  🙂

Each time I’ve worn it, someone asks about it.  In the daylight, the crystals show their colors.  Some are pink, some white, and some yellow.

After lunch, they helped me continue shopping for a new camera.  I wanted better than the 3 megapixel one that I have had for 7 years.  I knew anything would be better but I also didn’t want a teeny one that fits in my pocket anymore.   I had looked online until the camera hub of my brain was numb.  I had notes from what I liked and looked at those in the stores.  They were not what I wanted afterall.

Phil & K found a few and I chose from them.  K checked the camera on amazon and in the store was a better deal this time so we got it!

I haven’t learned all there is to learn yet but I can take photos, upload them to the computer, and clear them off the camera.  The basics that I need.  I’m busy and haven’t taken the extra brain power to do more.  Maybe someone at the family reunion can explain some features in my language to help.  😉

I have this one…

Hopefully better photos are soon to come!

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June Workshop & Guild

The June guild day at my local guild included an all-day workshop… taught by yours truly!

I had 10 students after a few dropped out or didn’t show that day.   I was pleased how well everyone did and how far they progressed on their quilt tops.

I just took a few photos while they worked. Then after the program, those that had stayed, showed their pieces as a group.  I love this!

The program was great!  Here are a few photos.  (I was sitting in the back… hard to get good ones.)

A lot of the backs of her quilts were just as stunning as the fronts!  Very fun to see her work.

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