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Pieced Pineapples

Another section of the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild show section that caught my eye were the many pineapple quilts.  I like the pieced pineapple so here are some of my favorites.  We never figured out if it was the guild theme or the show theme as some of the quilts were made quite awhile ago.

This quilt is TINY! It is probably only 12 – 14″ square so you can imagine these little pieces. It is paper-pieced.

Just nice soft colors, albeit a bit ’80’s, but I liked it.

Wonky & fun! About a lap quilt size.

Large quilt – so scrappy. I’d love to work on one of these some year…

Paper-pieced pineapple star points… love, love, love!!

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Family Weekend

This past weekend was Family Weekend at JP’s college so we discussed our options with going to visit him.  He really has enjoyed going to the home football games but the other activities were nothing he really wanted to do.  At the same time, K got several days off (a first in 3 yrs!!) so was spending some of her time home with us.  She wanted to see JP’s new digs and he was glad for a visit from her.  So our first plan was to go on Sunday to spend the day ALL together.

Phil & I considered also going for the football game on Saturday but both were fighting to not get colds and sitting outside for a game in 40′ temps wasn’t going to help our fight any.  Plus the extra time driving… we are getting to be tired ol’ parents!!  🙂   Thankfully,  JP was understanding of it all and enjoyed the game and their huge win!

K got home late Saturday night and we headed out mid-morning on Sunday to visit JP.  It really is a pretty drive with lots of hills and new places to see.  We arrived just before noon bearing gifts of homemade cookies and some Easy Mac & Cheese.  🙂  K got to see his room and we met his roommate again.  Many had gone home including their 2 suite-mates for the weekend.  His dorm is lovely and brand-new with lots of space for hanging out, laundry, workouts, a great view, a food place on his meal plan, etc.

Lunch was at a good recommendation from one of JP’s friends… stuffed burgers for the other 3…. HUGELY stuffed.  I think JP’s was a deep-friend brat burger stuffed with cheese curds.  I’m sure a good half-pound burger.  Thankfully, no one has had a heart attack since then!   (Reminded me of Tookie’s w/o the super onion rings….)

We actually shopped at Farm & Fleet, tools for Phil and finished outfitting JP for early winter… and he had his first snow today!  K snagged some hot pink mittens but thankfully we left behind the furry boots.   😉

I wanted to see “The M” and it was a good day for touring since this was our first visit since move-in and of course, that day left not one minute for anything extra!!

I really wasn’t sure about the walk up the steps but at the same time didn’t want to not try it either.   We all made it!  🙂

Me… on the top step, #266, and JP getting even higher behind me!

JP’s panoramic shot from the top of the picnic table:

Ok… maybe these other shots will be more interesting….

Back on campus, we took a short tour of the student center and got a good tour of the Engineering building where JP will spend most of his time.  He is doing really well… great grades, good friends and fun activities, a great campus for him.

It is a good thing the kids gave us a bit of gap between learning Art School language and Engineering language!

It was so nice to all be together doing something fun as usually either Phil or JP have to stay home for chores.  It was a super day together!

Two great kids that enjoy spending time together and both succeeding where they are planted…. wow!  Really makes this momma pleased!!  ♥


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