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A Visit to Ohio

The week after Thanksgiving (on 11/29), I took the jaunt/journey to Ohio to visit my parents at my brother & SIL’s.   We had 2 full days planned; finish making jammies for my mom and soapmaking class for my SIL.  Of course, there had been a surprise so I did some driving for a doctor visit and xrays but was happy to tuck my parents in each afternoon for naps and be there to help out a tiny bit.

But midst it all, I did get my mom’s custom made pajamas done.  How could I not?  She had been counting down the days from the week before.  She was so excited to have them that next night!   (Imagine a 6 y/o on Christmas morning that just opened her MOST longed-for gift.)   I have a photo but will only show you a snippet of the fabric; she’d be mortified if I posted a photo of her in her jammies. I would be mortified, too,  if you did that of me!  🙂

oh 1

She requested flannel, a button-up top, and pants.  I delivered.  I used quilt shop flannel to be thicker & warmer.  She said they are cozy!!   🙂

On Saturday, B & SIL had to cram all their weekend jobs into one day.  It was a lovely day for the beginning of December so a good day to cut the Christmas tree.  Here Bruce is estimating how tall to cut the tree but that is hard to decipher with the background of trees.  At  last count, I thought our dad had planted 120 trees on his city cul-de-sac yard.  There are plenty of good trees to choose from each year.  They keep the tree on the deck which I think is a brilliant idea.  No mess inside, minimal decorations, and every one loves watching the birds enjoy it.

oh 2

The soap was made, delicious meals by SIL enjoyed, and we had a wonderful time together!  Mom is being THE most patient and loving wife as she cares so much for dad right now.  What else would one do after 63 years of marriage?   I’m sorry I can’t make little quick trip visits out there more often.  I have the longest drive and we realized that Phil & I are the only ones without paid vacation days.

oh 3

I quickly set my camera on a stack of books and used the timer for our photo together.  I know now that I needed more books in my pile!  🙂  Yes, they are holding hands.  ♥

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