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We Are 4

K was home for a few hours to see JP before he heads back to college for another year.  I asked for new photos but had to work with my tripod & timer and a bright sunny morning so I just took a few.  That’s OK… I’m not a photographer.   Just a mom who loves having photos of the kids.  🙂

P1010577 b

P1010576 b


Miss K & the very tall corn ~


JP with a bit of hobby …


And Nina.  Why does she delight in rolling in the dry, dry, gravel?????  :\


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Magnum Overload

From the beginning of August….


Yeah!!  A new tank arrived… he’s been looking and discussing this for years.  Seriously, years!  *sigh*

He warned the trucker our lane is a bit hidden by the tall corn.  Yep, drove right past but then “turned around at the corner”!  ACK!!!  Some of those black marks are from a large truck locking it down so it wouldn’t hit ME!!  How did he “turn around” at the corner with an over-sized load?




Around here….  Back when the grass was green…..




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He & Me

Along Lake Michigan —


Oh… but we’ve been hacked and you have to see father & daughter first….  😉



P1010498 000
P1010473 000

P1010467 000

P1010461 000

And this little brick church seemed like a great backdrop too….

P1010544 000

P1010532 000

P1010529 000 P1010550 001

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Mini Succulents

One weekend that Phil cleaned the garage…. needed done but in an effort to find something for me before I bought more of the same (not that THAT every happens, right???)…. he uncovered this tin.  I think that a few years ago, I bought it with some houseplants in it from Lowe’s when February needed something blooming.

Well, now the turquoise is perfect in my kitchen as I’ve moved it over to turquoise and a lime green sort of scheme so I put this in the keep/new project file.


One thought was planting herbs but I went more unusual and decided to look for little succulent plants.  I have cousins that post the nicest succulent garden photos on Pinterest!  First I got a sealer in a spray can to seal it from water leaks and prevent rust.  It got a LOT of coats on the inside, in a matte finish that no one can see.

The closest place for me to even begin looking for such desired plants was an hour away and I had no near future plans of making that drive.  So … I went to Amazon.  I bought an assortment of 5 succulents in 3″ clay pots (the EXACT size I needed!!) and they arrived earlier this week.  Wrapped very well and dirt & clay bits in odd places but great for ordering live plants via USPS!!  I soaked them in water in the sink for a good hour and they’ve been resting from their trip on the counter since then.  They’ve spruced up, seem  happier, and have un-crumpled some of their bent leaves.

Hard to Kill Plants   JP said they were perfect for me!

Today is a quiet morning (so proclaimed by me) so I finished the project.  I had enough assortment to have a good variety of 3 and the other 2 will appear in some spot in the future.  The one with the long shoot has fuzzy leaves so I brushed them off with an old toothbrush.  The shortest one had bits of potting mixture rearranged so I picked it out of the ‘leaves’.

photo 11

I had to put a bit of floral foam in the bottom to bring them up to the top, then filled in the surrounding areas with sphagnum moss also ordered via Amazon.   🙂

photo 2

They don’t have a home in the kitchen yet so hoping my personal decorator will help with that the next time she is home.  😀

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Lake Ladies

I’m usually the one behind the camera but he offered.  I think/thought/there could be a setting on my camera for overly bright sunshine.  However, I’m pretty sure what I chose on Sunday was not it.  However, I think the photos are fun nonetheless.





FAV Photo!

FAV Photo!


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The M

Interrupting the Sunday visit theme…..

When we went to move JP home once his summer class finished a few weeks ago, I was finally able to get a better photo of “The M” on the way into town.  The weather or the shooter or the driver or the camera never seem to all work together!

And he got an A in Chemistry 2 for Engineers.  The only A in the class of 14 with a snarky prof.  Yeah!!!

I guess there were no other moving home photos… they were so fast and not all was packed yet b/c he finished his final within 5 mins of our arrival.  But…. P & JP are getting this down to a science…. parked, packed, loaded, room inspection, book returned (across campus), in the vehicles in exactly 60 minutes!  We drove to McD’s, 1/2 hr down the road, checked JP’s tires (normal routine….), and headed on home.  There was wheat straw to be baled.  :eyeroll:

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So I sent Miss K a text before we left and before she went to church saying I had on a teal top, what was she wearing as I could change.  She said she was wearing green so that would be fine.  (Sunday is her only day to wear a color besides white, gray, or black and knowing we like the same colors, finally thought I’d check as I knew I’d take photos.)

No….. didn’t match one bit….


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We had plans to visit with Miss K on Sunday and she offered 2 choices for lunch once we arrived.  Phil read the menu for the BBQ Smokehouse and thought this sounded pretty good to try.  It was sort of a hole-in-the-wall and K wasn’t too thrilled w/ going to it the first time alone so it was a good place for us to take her.   (neighborhood-wise… they are dead but trying to revive and from what we noticed… it is coming back)


AMAZING!  STUNNING!  FANTASTIC! YUMMY!!   Words just don’t describe it!  I wish I had smell-o-vision for you.  🙂

Not a hole-in-the-wall but very nice, friendly, and clean inside.


We were at a long table with benches and this was our centerpiece.  Silverware wrapped in bandannas for napkins and a selection of about 5 different sauces to try.

Very pro-farmer theme of decor…..




Plus our drinking glasses were wide-mouth pint Mason jars.

Very yummy real meat for the food!


Phil had 1/2# sausage with a “taster” of ribs and each meal came with SMOKED chips (yum!) and coleslaw.  Served on those old serving trays like PSB used to have.  Cute!  K ordered the 1/2# of pulled pork and a side of the cornbread custard for the 2 of us to share…. drizzled with honey.  Yum!  I had the beef brisket sandwich w/ provolone cheese — YUMYUM!!  The meat was only smoked, tender, high-quality.

Our food bill was only $31 and we were so full.

This photo isn’t cropped for my TX friends & cousin.  It is full-frame so my mother can be so proud of me for standing on the bench for a photo op.  😀

P1010438But is this not cute hanging the flags on pallets to the brick wall?

Phil needed metric hex wrenches/hexes/whatever type of tool to take apart K’s futon.   Two doors down was a True Value that seemed safe in a group setting.  It was wonderful.  Nice, helpful, clean, and just like the old True Value in our downtown…. wobbly floors!

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