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Happy Thanksgiving!

P & I were thankful for a day with the kiddos!  JP arrived on Weds at noon and K appeared by surprise about 6 p.m. having gotten off work early, not telling us she was on the way, and sending a private message to JP to unplug the driveway alarm.  So thrilled to find her standing in the kitchen as we were at the table starting supper!!

We enjoyed the Thursday with just us.  🙂   I said I wanted a photo of my kids together and was met with multiple excuses.

By the end of the light part of the day, while watching a movie, I got this.  The red eye light came on oh.so.slowly. with an alarming announcement that Mom was trying to sneak a photo.  The kiddos had plenty of time to duck & cover!  One behind a phone and one behind a quilt.

Thanksgiving K & JP

Makes a memory however, right?

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EE visit

Once we survived harvest and had an open Sunday, we drove to visit with JP.  He is delightful to visit with, we love hearing about his classes, and we got a tour of Engineering Hall.


He is also in the local radio club and showed us this old “some sort of” radio.  I do not understand much of radio-ese.  :\



And because of some seniority in the club, JP is in charge of the storage closet.  He cleaned up the junk and organized it… to the point of having a clear space to do homework in his own private office!  The men enjoyed digging in the radio parts, a former student’s robot project, and all sorts of gizmos!

P1010769 B
The closet when closed and locked up.  JP also cleaned out the showcase above the closet.  In the fall, the area HAM radio club had a scavenger hunt.  He was on a team with 2 seniors… senior citizens… and they just delight in his participation!  Their team WON!  The team suggested JP put the trophy at the school so there it is.  I love it!


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Here is No Title

Just because I thought you’d want to see this….



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Christmas Cactus

I really have Thanksgiving and Easter cactus but no matter, I love them when they bloom!!

P1010771 b


A bit more red than is normally brought home but lovely none-the-less!

P1010774 B

P1010775 b

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Feeder Pigs

We had decreased our breeding schedule but this fall needed some pigs to keep the buildings warm over the winter.  This is the day the 220 feeder pigs arrived!

P is sorting and helping get them from the seller’s trailer to our trailer to move to the building.

P1010739Our worker in the brown coat then helped P get them counted and recounted and transferred to the buildings.

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This is where I found ‘she who isn’t supposed to be on the carpet’ when I got home one afternoon!  Argh!!

Nina 11-1 b

And another day…. I had no volunteers so I did work to get these all out.  She loves to run the fields and her hair is great for harvesting cockle-burrs!

Nina 11-22

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