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Christmas 2013

P & I were so thankful to have both kids home for Christmas Eve service at church.  JP drummed for all 3 services and K had been able to come home that morning and attend with us.

From our family to yours ~~  Merry Christmas!

P1010822 c

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Christmas Snow

JP arrived home for winter break on Friday midst freezing rain & ice.   More ice and then snow arrived on  Saturday night – Sunday morning.



Ice is now weighing down all the trees and bushes.


JP was drumming this weekend but soon it was evident that he wouldn’t make it there even in P’s truck.  Once the “stay home” decision was made, he had one plan.  New powder!  Home from lots of snow where he didn’t have the snowmobile.  Perfect day and thankful for extra heat on the snowmobile!



Look at it all covering his back!

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Cactus Pot

My mini cactus plants were outgrowing their containers so today they got a new pot, more soil, and togetherness of being all in one planter!


I found the planter in Lowe’s, in the garden section, holding gold screened ornaments.  After much discussion with 3 employees, the manager hiding in an office, marked the price at $5!!  🙂    I was pleased with my deal.  I messed up the ornament display but they didn’t seem to mind.  

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Winter Birthday

We made a trip to the city to celebrate the joy that Miss K adds to our lives.  Good golly, the mother never forgets THAT day, now 28 years past, and remembers it like it was yesterday.  She came so quickly, so pretty, so alert, so quiet.  She swooned the nurses from the get-go.  Delightful!

P1010784 b

Dinner at a favorite smokehouse.

P1010787 b

We tried shopping but the first snow of the season for the city was hitting very cold roads and making skating rinks out of every piece of black pavement.  Too many were sliding through intersections and we really didn’t like that sort of activity even after we tried it too!

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