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Designer Hats

Miss K asked for 2 days off… just because!  Can you imagine?  🙂   It was so fun doing projects and shopping with her during this little visit as there was no holiday to celebrate while she was here.

P1010909 B

She & I have new handmade faux fur hats!  I love mine!!  It is super warm.  So warm that I have now been known to say I’m getting hot in the car.  In case you forgot, it is cold here!!

P1010903 B

Hot pink lining is oh-so-happy to see!

P1010905bI think we make a lovely silhouette.  🙂


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Take Away This Winter

P took these photos this morning after he cleared the entrance to our lane.

Lonely mailbox and a closed highway.

hwy 1 hwy 2 mailbox

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One winter UFO finished!

P1010879 b

There seems to have been a bit of moaning & groaning over the bias binding on swirled edges but it is finished and I’m pleased with the runner.
P1010896 b

And super pleased it fits perfectly on the oak chest!

P1010897 b P1010895 b

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More Winter

This is the winter that keeps on hitting us.

Yesterday P took me to get groceries & etc in the truck because our highway had snow and was so windy it was drifting.  By the time we were 6 miles north, the roads were clear and dry and there was no blowing snow.  Even he who looks on the pessimistic side of driving and weather said the truck was unnecessary at this point.   Very weird there wasn’t much snow not very far from us!

The next day, I drove myself out.   And found yucky roads.

First the view from our lane.  Our jumbo mailbox, used 75% of the days these last weeks…, is dwarfed by the snow banks.





Blowing snow.  White-outs.  Only tire-track marks on the highway.
It cleared up once again about 6 miles north of us.  That town acts like there is no winter happening.  ???

I sent P a text that I was on my way home and he called me.  It was worse at home than when I had set out 2 hours earlier.  He met me 3 miles from home and I followed him with the truck.  Larger drifts were collecting in the road and the wind was blowing more snow.

And then a few hours later, the wind stopped.

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Winter Moon

Beautiful moonrise!

Jan 15 moon 2B

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After a second start, I finished a jewelry organizer.  I had collected ideas from Pinterest and came up with my version.

This is just a scrap of 1″ x 4″ pine board that my husband dug out from some place at my request.  A few lights coats of gray paint found in the stash of paint cans.  A piece of vintage heirloom lace, old buttons from the button jar, a glitzy knob from Hobby Lobby’s sale on knobs aisle = this!   It hangs in our bedroom by my mirror, quilted wallhanging, and above the nightstand.

jewelry organizer B
It even holds some new Christmas necklaces and there is room for more.

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