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Fifth Sunday in March

And you noticed it isn’t March now?  Our March went out like a lion with a family emergency trip to the hospital.   She is recovering but it will be a slow comeback.  So… I left Sunday early morning for our 3rd trip in 3 days to the city… a 3 hour drive there on a good day.  I then stayed the next 2 nights with her so really I wasn’t home or thinking Sunday photo that day!!

So here we are on Wednesday.  We’ve been hitting the 40’s since Sunday so by now… the fence is finally bare!

last of March photos Apr 2

There are still a few piles of snow on the north or east sides of banks; along the highway or our creek.  But most is finally gone!  Maybe the rain due soon will help the lawn and plants reawaken.   I did take a short walk in the city (residential area) on Monday and spotted 3 crocus leaves popping up in her courtyard where it is quite protected and not full of snow.

My month in numbers is due so hopefully I’ll be able to post again soon.


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