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While redecorating one of the bedrooms this winter, I sorted and cleaned out the dresser drawers.  Then before the dresser returned to the room, I used that wonderful Wagner 915 steam cleaner and took care of any remaining bird seed, stuff, and grunge.  🙂  Love that machine!!

I used Reynolds refinisher with 0000 and 00 steel wool on the dresser and then their furniture polish afterwards.  P fixed a few drawers that were coming apart.  The construction is poor and the materials are poor quality but he put it all back to better usable condition.

Before —



The dresser was P’s grandmother’s and we claimed it when she was moved to a nursing home around 1990.  I hoped there would one day be another wee one in this bedroom and wanted an old dresser for dresser & changing table as I had done for Miss K.  The dresser isn’t fine craftmanship and neither is P or JP attached to it.  I could have gotten rid of it.  But there is still something in me that wants to keep the family piece of furniture.

After —



Not new or perfect but smooth & shiny and clean!  It took me about 2 hours of strong elbow grease but I’m pleased with the improvement!!


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