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I made a sewing machine mat for my BFF.


The candle is holding it on the table but this is how it hangs but with her sewing machine sitting on it!  It is decorative, can cut down on noise and/or vibration, and holds needed tools nearby.   I used magnets to attach the trash bag (so it can be removed to dump it) but it could be that that part doesn’t fly.  One of those perks (ha!) of getting the first one ever and that I didn’t do a test run for myself first.  🙂

This is the top side with it laying flat.  Her initial in the top right area.  Hand-guided, freehand quilting.  The accent stitching is in a yellow King Tut thread and the fills are gray So Fine thread.

The pockets have single-fold bias binding and then traditional double-fold bias binding for the edges.

The back~


Looking inside the pocket from the front, it is just quilting.  However, I quilted it in mirrored handwriting that appears only on the back.


Many happy stitching hours, dear friend! ♥

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My in-laws have celebrated their 60th anniversary.  We live near each other so we planned to join them that Sunday for church.  P shared that with our kids (as a point of info) and they both wanted to come as well.  We decided to keep that part a surprise.

MIL & I talked the week before and she asked if we could join them.  I said we were already planning to be there and that dinner that day would be at our house.  She was thrilled!

They were so happy to have us there.   Grandma exclaimed to K that we wouldn’t tell her the kids were coming.  We tried for a surprise but I’m sure she assumed this.

After the service, their church has a fellowship time with snacks but my in-laws provided cake, cider, nuts for their celebration.  Most of the congregation stayed for nearly an hour.

P1020703 B

K got to see her life-long friend that has also moved away.  They haven’t seen each other in YEARS but grew up together at church, 4-H, each other’s houses, etc as they are only 6 weeks apart and we are friends with her parents.  Great bit of visiting!

P1020704 B

P1020707 B

P1020709 B

The grands enjoyed a few more hours to visit with the kids around the dinner table.

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I have some great-nephews that aren’t such babies anymore still waiting on baby quilts from G-Auntie J.  One is done and delivered!


P1020884 B

Accuquilt 12″ die pattern called Windmill.  Speed cutting and easy piecing.


This border fabric begged for mitered corners!

Then I played with the quilting.  A variegated yellow-ish thread was fun!

20141025_132555 B

with his quilt

The little man on his quilt!


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Special Tour

The company where JP is serving his 1st session of his co-op hosted an open house.  All FT-ers including co-ops were invited to bring family & friends.  We were quite excited for this opportunity.  The grands joined us.

This is such a big deal that we shut down harvest on a lovely fall afternoon — this is NOT something to be missed!  JP enjoys his work and has a fantastic team & manager this session.  We are so thankful.

No photography was allowed, our names were pre-screened the week before, we showed our birth certificates for proof of citizenship at the door, and there was a lot of security.  We even wore safety glasses!  It was a limited access tour but we saw more than we’d ever imagine or be able to ever comprehend.  The huge room with the layout for all the electrical systems of a new jet was so impressive.  Part of that list of things I never think about.  The myriad of wires, generators, and electrical work needed so many places.  It was all mind-blowing!  Over the months, he has explained some of it to us but it was great to see where he works, how the plant functions, the massive work done here – not so far away.

Quick photos afterwards as we headed out….



(I begged…. “please, a selfie in front of the fountains”….)







Once home, we were in the house for exactly 4 mins to get P changed and I delivered him back to the tractor.  JP came home as well and helped with hauling loads.   As the Great Creator would have it, we finished soybeans and got all our wheat planted before it was quitting time that night.  The next day, the rains began that took us out for a week.  Quite thankful for those big things done.

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I started to repaint another bedroom late this summer.   The room has oak laminate flooring that is still in good condition so we kept that.

I can do a lot to get ready for these jobs but really P has to have the time to get the big work started.  He scraped the ceiling (we have popcorn ceilings and whereas we have repainted them before, we’ve learned that a better scraping is much better and leaves a touch of texture to hide any ceiling flaws but doesn’t hang down and get dripping!) and then he painted it.  It is not his favorite job (at all!) but after 2 coats he is pleased with his work.

K & I had talked about ideas and she gave me a good starting point with some “inspiration” and here is a nugget of that.

inspiration B
From that we occupied ourselves in the paint dept at a big-box hardware store once while P was shopping and we chose paint chips.  Over time, I got paint cards from S-W because I only use their paint.  🙂  It really is good paint and if I’m not buying during a 40% off weekend (often) then I’m getting 25% off with our Farm Bureau discount.



This has been several years in discussion!  Finally choosing the wall color was a bit of a challenge!  I ended up buying 7, yes SEVEN, paint sample containers from Sherwin-Williams.  (So if you are local and want a quart of one of these colors, I will give it to you!  🙂  S-W uses real paint in their samples now so you can use it for a small project.)  Here are some of the choices ~ (and this is the only “before” photo you get… no need to show you how old the decor really was…)



And there were others!

A good suggestion from the paint store was to keep the baseboards consistent throughout the house to avoid buying lots of extra paint, especially for touch-ups.  I’ve now done 2 bedrooms and not finished one gallon of trim paint so that was a wise choice.  (trim paint: Sherwin-Williams Eider White)  (As I’m repainting this time, all the trim is changing and getting the same color.  Love me some painted trim!!)

Finally, I mostly was OK with 2 of the samples, told myself I wasn’t to buy anymore samples, bought another just to be sure, and just picked a paint.  If it turned out awful, well, I’d paint again, I suppose.  I was debating between one with a buttery base or one with a green base.  (either side of the window for the samples) I liked the greenish base better but felt it was too close to what I just did in JP’s room and K & I had talked of more a yellow undertone, so that is what I chose.  (Sherwin-Williams Ionic Ivory)


Up on the wall, with the room finished… it is a greenish undertone.  Seriously, I can’t win for losing!  (not a very accurate photo but this was an in-process one)

It is as finished as finished will be for now.

The rugs are new and add lots of the color punch we want.

The nightstand is from a curb or Goodwill and I painted it.  That was also a challenge… I had the paint chip I wanted, started painting, and it was too light.  Took it back to S-W and they added to make it darker… 3 times… and I just gave up.  There is a better color in my head but this is it for now.  (My outside painting days were decreasing fast!)  And my strong-arms all but disappeared to the fields by this point.  So much that the closet doors are painted and in the room but not hung.

The next big adds will be a dark fuchsia quilt (fabric & dye are purchased but shown is the couch quilt in the winter), some bedskirt, and then dark purple shams or ?  Some thoughts for the window (Phil needs to put the mini blinds back to start with) include a bronze or our accent colors in a valance, drape, or ?   Time will tell on that.  I flunk at window treatments!!  And I’d love to change the ceiling light too.

I really like having the room repainted.  It is cool & calm and just fresh & new!  K liked it when she was home last!!  Yeah!!  I’m eager to get more repainting done but have to wait for my ceiling worker to be able to help me.

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Quilts from the show that I liked and have close-ups as well.


I really like this pattern, Carpenter's Star and this quilting is great!

I really like this pattern, Carpenter’s Star and this quilting is great!

I love quilting like this that has its own design across the quilt.

I love quilting like this that has its own design across the quilt.


Swoon blocks with great quilting!

Swoon blocks with great quilting!

Dear Jane inspiration - great in batiks!

Dear Jane inspiration – great in batiks!




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More quilts that I liked from the quilt show….



Beautiful quilting in a wide border



From Judy Martin’s book, Scraps. Great use of scraps!



Churn Dash blocks = 4″






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Quilt shows are so great for inspiration!

One local quilting friend & I have had a good annual trip to Des Moines for the AQS show each October.
These are some house quilts (one of my favorites) from this year.




Kaffe houses! Great show of his fabrics!



A barn quilt! Fun and the details (windmill) are great!






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