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I started to repaint another bedroom late this summer.   The room has oak laminate flooring that is still in good condition so we kept that.

I can do a lot to get ready for these jobs but really P has to have the time to get the big work started.  He scraped the ceiling (we have popcorn ceilings and whereas we have repainted them before, we’ve learned that a better scraping is much better and leaves a touch of texture to hide any ceiling flaws but doesn’t hang down and get dripping!) and then he painted it.  It is not his favorite job (at all!) but after 2 coats he is pleased with his work.

K & I had talked about ideas and she gave me a good starting point with some “inspiration” and here is a nugget of that.

inspiration B
From that we occupied ourselves in the paint dept at a big-box hardware store once while P was shopping and we chose paint chips.  Over time, I got paint cards from S-W because I only use their paint.  🙂  It really is good paint and if I’m not buying during a 40% off weekend (often) then I’m getting 25% off with our Farm Bureau discount.



This has been several years in discussion!  Finally choosing the wall color was a bit of a challenge!  I ended up buying 7, yes SEVEN, paint sample containers from Sherwin-Williams.  (So if you are local and want a quart of one of these colors, I will give it to you!  🙂  S-W uses real paint in their samples now so you can use it for a small project.)  Here are some of the choices ~ (and this is the only “before” photo you get… no need to show you how old the decor really was…)



And there were others!

A good suggestion from the paint store was to keep the baseboards consistent throughout the house to avoid buying lots of extra paint, especially for touch-ups.  I’ve now done 2 bedrooms and not finished one gallon of trim paint so that was a wise choice.  (trim paint: Sherwin-Williams Eider White)  (As I’m repainting this time, all the trim is changing and getting the same color.  Love me some painted trim!!)

Finally, I mostly was OK with 2 of the samples, told myself I wasn’t to buy anymore samples, bought another just to be sure, and just picked a paint.  If it turned out awful, well, I’d paint again, I suppose.  I was debating between one with a buttery base or one with a green base.  (either side of the window for the samples) I liked the greenish base better but felt it was too close to what I just did in JP’s room and K & I had talked of more a yellow undertone, so that is what I chose.  (Sherwin-Williams Ionic Ivory)


Up on the wall, with the room finished… it is a greenish undertone.  Seriously, I can’t win for losing!  (not a very accurate photo but this was an in-process one)

It is as finished as finished will be for now.

The rugs are new and add lots of the color punch we want.

The nightstand is from a curb or Goodwill and I painted it.  That was also a challenge… I had the paint chip I wanted, started painting, and it was too light.  Took it back to S-W and they added to make it darker… 3 times… and I just gave up.  There is a better color in my head but this is it for now.  (My outside painting days were decreasing fast!)  And my strong-arms all but disappeared to the fields by this point.  So much that the closet doors are painted and in the room but not hung.

The next big adds will be a dark fuchsia quilt (fabric & dye are purchased but shown is the couch quilt in the winter), some bedskirt, and then dark purple shams or ?  Some thoughts for the window (Phil needs to put the mini blinds back to start with) include a bronze or our accent colors in a valance, drape, or ?   Time will tell on that.  I flunk at window treatments!!  And I’d love to change the ceiling light too.

I really like having the room repainted.  It is cool & calm and just fresh & new!  K liked it when she was home last!!  Yeah!!  I’m eager to get more repainting done but have to wait for my ceiling worker to be able to help me.

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