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Thanksgiving 2014

Both our kids were able to come home for Thanksgiving Day.  A new movie was just opening so P met K & JP, just in the nick of time to get off work and make the respective drives and gathered at the theater on Wednesday night.  They had fun!  Once home about 9:30 p.m., I got hugs & a Thanksgiving bouquet of flowers.  Just so thankful to have them here for a bit.

Our bacon-wrapped turkey the next morning for our noon meal.


K & I did sorting and rearranging and JP brought in our unusual brown kitten.  He has puppy paws and loveslovesloves to be all over.  He climbs up human legs when they are out working.  Of course, K was glad to see a cuddly kitty. Soon it jumped to her bed and sprawled out like this was his long-lost heaven.  Not for long, buddy!  (I’m allergic to cats…..)


All 4 kitties were up here as Phil was coming in for chores but I only caught JP playing with Nina.  Sorry to all our younger friends but this is why the dog isn’t so gentle with little people.  She has been taught to run & chase & try to take your glove!

K headed home at 6 and JP was able to have Friday off at the last minute and stay home for the rest of the weekend.  He helped Phil and helped at church for one service.

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On November 15, 2005, I started on the guaifenesin protocol to reverse my fibromyalgia.  Often we are too busy with harvest & the fall work for me to even notice the day go by let alone think or write about it.  But this year, I did note the date and decided to just put up a short blog post about it.

Nine years!  I have my life back in regards to my pain level and fatigue and that is worth the rules of the protocol.  Yes, I have other diagonoses but this post only concerns my fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue diagonosis.

Short reminder… Nine years ago, we were looking to buy a wheelchair for me, in my size, with only my cooties on it.  My kids were both at home yet, one did my driving, and they would argue in Target over who would get to push me.  I couldn’t walk the grocery store and barely made it to a back row seat at church hanging onto K’s arm.  K was working but lived at home.  She planned our meals and if she didn’t work the early morning shift, she would start our lunch prep before she left for work.  I spent the days on the couch vs the bed so that JP would visually see that he had a mom.   I was 42 and going no where.

Now there is no wheelchair and no need for one!  I try to do aqua aerobics 2 times a week and some days at home I do yoga with a DVD or Amazon or such.  And if it makes any sense, I can do a whole session of a Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown.  I challenge you!  Of course, I’m the one running the kitchen, hauling in groceries, and cooking all the meals here.  And all the other stuff you read here on the blog.

I do not give 2 hour replies via email or phone for those that think I’m crazy doing this and want to chit-chat.  I have a lot going on and have learned to not waste my breath.  🙂

But if you’ve gotten this far, here are my suggestions:

*Buy the book and read it all.  (yes, I know you have fibrofog, so did I.)   What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Fibromyalgia by Dr. Paul St. Amand & Claudia Marek — only get the 2012 edition!!
*Read the website.  (fibromyalgiatreatment.com)  The heading has FTC – Spreading Hope.  You are ill- not crazy!
*Subscribe to the archaic listserve and get the emails in one chunk to your box.  It is usually 1 email a day but sometimes a few more.  At the bottom of the page I linked, click on the “subscribe guai group” link.

The guai protocol is not a sprint (done in 2 days) but a marathon.  Like a person takes blood pressure medicine every day, so I take my guai every day.  It is not a normal medical route that you take a pill and all is well.  There are rules.  You can follow the rules and get better or not.   They aren’t guidelines; they are rules.  In a nutshell, one has to watch what is used on your skin (shampoo, lotion, makeup, deodorant, soap, toothpaste, etc).  But you don’t learn that from that previous sentence, you learn it from the website and the book.

It is SO much easier to follow this now than it was when I started 9 years ago.  They continually learn and make it easier.  My PCP is quite pleased with my treatment; she knows about it enough that she supports me and knows that many aren’t diligent enough to accomplish this.

If you still interested and going to give guaifenesin a try for your fibromyalgia, I will help you. Any thing you need.  I’ll help you scan your products.  I’ll email with you.  I’ll even go shopping with you. But you have to be willing to learn about it, follow the rules, and give it time.  🙂

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Quilt Show

Another quilt show… more friends!

Some of my favorite quilts but we didn’t see all the quilts nor did I photograph or post all of them!



This is a quilt… fabric & thread but even in real life looks like a photograph!



My friend was really drawn to this within our first 30 minutes. I know the maker (have met her) and she isn’t far from me.



I love the miniatures category. When I went to view that area, this quilt’s maker was there visiting with any of us. You can see the size perspective with his hand in one photo and his casual attire and personality in the other photo. He had on his veteran hat. Great moment!

Saturday morning, we gathered with me & the TX quilting gang at a local Mexican (real!) restaurant.  I was a little apprehensive in the neighborhood and the outside of the building but I understand their decorating now.  The food was aMAZing!!



Together at the show!  Oh my what fun to spend the day with these loved ones!!


b13-horz B


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My Friend & Me

Never enough time.  Never enough photos.   Many blessings.






A great breakfast spot!










Cyclamen – my favorite!





To share in her reaction — priceless and about 10x more than I ever imagined.



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