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Home Project

With January & February I have a few more bits of time I can get P to help me with projects so I have a list!  I went over it with him the end of December and he added in a new one.  Yeah!!

He volunteered without me asking to replace the toilet in the laundry room.  I had wanted it replaced many, many years ago and it had started running extra so in lieu of replacing all the guts in the tank, he offered a new one.  I was glad!!

The old one is out on the deck to be hauled to a holding place until someone “breaks it up” in a warmer month.  (outhouse?  NO!!)

We had taken measurements before shopping and where we measured 11 3/4″, the standard and all the new toilets had that at 12″.  Maybe we were just off or close enough to standard. When Phil got to the wall and floor and attaching it all, had some struggles and found out there was poor planning in the building of the house.  They had to notch out the floor joists to get the in-the-wall pieces for the toilet to fit so yes, we did need 11 3/4″ but that isn’t possible.  It is a tight fit.  Sometimes 1/4″ matters.

However, it is in and working and will be easier to clean and just all around better.  No leaks.  No dripping to the room below (my sewing room!). Usable.

Not sure you want photos here…..????

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