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The Kitchen

The chairs are still in the basement!!
I dyed fabric – a c r o s s – the kitchen floor on Friday and Saturday so the table was scooted as close to the dishwasher as possible.  While the table was out of the way I thought I should clean.  So last night, I used my big steamer for the floor.
This morning, with a new breath, I asked P to shove the table to the other side of the room so I could clean the dishwasher side.  My rational was the steamer was already out so I should do it now.  Which led me to think the head of the steamer would fit under the stove drawer so I unloaded the drawer.  Cleaned the drawer so it looks like new.  Figured out HOW to get the drawer out and unscrewed it.  Saw a lump of something I preferred to not identify specifically under there, so I was glad Phil was inside for the proper removal.  I could then see it is not linoleum under the stove but just plywood so I only wiped it out with paper towels.  I reinstalled the drawer and put less things back in there than when I started.  Again my mother will “gasp in horror” as I threw away worn but “fine” pans.
By then the steamer was heated and I mopped half the kitchen floor.  (that part probably took me 8 mins after the preceeding 30 mins of prep)Later, there will be another breath to put away the steamer.
And next week I’ll go buy a new small skillet for the next time I want an egg…. over-not-easy-neither-not-quite-hard.There went the last hour.  Cleaning, setting the table, breakfast.  Now I have work to do…  hopefully this will suffice.  It is true.  I have dirt.  I clean it.  Sometimes.

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I was pleased I had the chairs done awhile before Easter so that we would have enough chairs to use around the table.

I worked a few evenings on covering the seats in my private sewing room.  I covered my good work table and it was so much nicer to work standing up than crouched over the floor as I had done with the gluing process!  P brought his smaller air compressor inside and I was able to learn to use it.  I did it!  KaBAM!! And it was fun.

The chair seat is a very old piece of wood and many times is several sections joined (sort of) together.  I layed 1″ of the cheap green foam you can get in a Joann’s or Hobby Lobby (big box) store, quilt batting, and then the fabric.  I had bought that fabric a good year ago.  It has a bit of undercoating so maybe it is a bit water-repelling for the larger spills.

Over several evenings, I recovered the seats of the 5 matching chairs and a chair that matches our computer desk to be #6 at the table.  Once I had them recovered, another evening I had P screw the seats to the chairs.   I was VERY happy to have them done that evening!!

Mar 25 B

My mother-in-law was pleased I had the table and chairs all together for Easter!



The chairs match the table but I’ve always kept the table covered.  It is a veneer top and with tacked on beaded trim that has become un-tacked over the years.


Originally at P’s grandparent’s home — MIL found me a few photos.


MIL said they’ve “always” had it so we assume Grandpa made this when they married in 1931 or soon after.   P’s sister has the buffet. We got the table set when they cleaned out the home in 1991.  The chairs had needlepoint covers on the seats that Grandmother made.  They were covered in very old and sticky/cracking plastic seat covers and the needlepoint is like brand-new.  #1 reason why I hadn’t used the chairs.  (We also got a bedroom dresser (not family made) in hopes of needing another dresser and that has been in JP’s room.)

The needlepoint pieces have been framed with barn board frames from FIL’s side.  My dad made the frames. One seat cover had been damaged and the other four were framed for MIL, SIL, Miss K, & me.  Saved and lovely!

In this process this winter, P & I were sure we had a captain’s chair for the table.  We couldn’t find it anywhere!  We saw an upholstered chair (more like a sitting room chair to me) and P thought that was it.  No way!  It didn’t match!  Then MIL got out these photos and sure enough… they used the upholstered chair for a captain’s chair.  We are not following that use.  It would be great to have it reupholstered and I’ll probably need to hire someone for that piece.

0003 SM

Phil & I and Miss K have many years of memories seeing P’s Gma at this house.

0005 SM

The woodwork in this home always just took my breath away! The entry room was large and had an open and wooden staircase with landing. P’s Gpa made a lot of wooden toys as well and some are clustered in the lower left corner of this above photo. This is taken of the dining room (the built-in and pass-through cupboard to the left and the main living room with pocket doors nearer the right of the photo.

Phil doesn’t remember his Gpa except for knowing he died in a farm accident and that this Gpa had a Massey-Harris tractor.  Grandpa died in October of 1962 at the age of 61 years, so P was just a few months old.  My in-laws got a call there had been an accident at the farm while Gpa was there alone milking the cows that morning.  P was quickly taken to the neighbor (Shaners) for care, his sister was in school for the day, his mom went to the house in town (above) to stay with the Gma, and P’s dad/FIL went to the farm to the accident scene.  It was because Gpa hadn’t returned home as usual that someone was sent to the farm to check on him and found the accident.

Gpa was still alive after being pinned under his tractor for several hours and the emergency crews worked to free him.  He was first taken to a local hospital and then transported by ambulance to a bigger hospital about 3 hours away.  He died there the next day.  P’s uncle was single and in the military at the time  and the Red Cross had to work to find him and bring him home for the funeral.  He was given a discharge from his continued service as being the only son in the family.

(As I asked for this information this spring from my in-laws, they both talked about it, at the same time, from their side of the story.  😉  MIL asked FIL if her dad responded when FIL got to the scene and it seems to be the first she knew that her dad was still semi-alert and conscious when FIL got there.)


June update: Within a few weeks of use, one chair had started to wobble and the legs come apart so I moved to to the computer desk for me to use.  Soon with two too many men sitting here to relax without a relaxing type of chair, one leg section came off.  I scooted it to the side and thought I’d reglue the joints.  Again.  And then I moved it a bit farther out of the way and ended up with 5 sticks of wood and the seat!  😦

Phil’s cousin & her husband had come over for some things and he is a wood-worker.  A very good wood-worker during his young retirement years.  He & I notice in comparing 2 chairs that this broken one had only had 2 metal underseat/chair leg supports instead of 4.  He willingly took home the pieces of chair, handmade 4 wooden and better chair seat brackets and returned it 3 days later in time for a lunch of 6 we were hosting!

I kept the other wobbly chair in the spot where I normally sit and it continued to wobble.  So as of 7/23/15, this chair, too, has gone to the cousin’s to get the extra brackets added.  He does lovely work!

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Mini Design Boards

I’ve had this idea from Pinterest for awhile and just had the push and weekend to do it.  The final push is that the largest one will really help me with assembly of #5, the UFO challenge quilt.


Tutorial part 1
Tutorial part 2

I’ve had the foam board for a bit and the price on the back was $5.99 but from Hobby Lobby.  I know I bought it when it was either 50% off or with a coupon.

The batting is from scraps of my quilts.

The binding edge is some of my first snow dyed fabric.  It is a Kona Cotton fabric and too coarse that I didn’t really want it on a quilt.  And this is all about free and cheap.  So I pulled fabric I already had to use it!

As much as I love my bias tape makers, they just weren’t right for this edging.  I followed the tutorial instructions with pressing and stitching the binding as written and really it was best.


The edges are just anchored with the hot glue gun.  Easy!  My largest design board is 16″ x 32″ and the smallest is 10″ x 10″.

I’m sure you’ll see these in use in future posts.

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This year for one of the quilt guilds, we have a UFO challenge.  Before our first meeting of the year (March b/c Feb we were snowed-in), we filled in a form with 5 UFOs we’d like to complete this year.  (UnFinishedObject… in this case, a quilt)   I wanted to participate but have clearly told myself that it may not be something I can accomplish every 2 months.

The program chair collected the forms as we arrived and then randomly pulled a number during her report.  This month (to start in March and bring to the meeting in May) is number 5.

I checked my form at home that night and my #5 is the only one that I put on the list that isn’t started.  Nadda.  I have pattern.  I have the fabrics.  I have the reason I want it.  Not started.

In 2 weeks, I have colored in the black & white pattern and cut pieces for 3 of the 4 accent colors.  Enough cutting to get my will power going so I’m eager to squeeze in work on this.

Outside the Box — pattern and a few pages of the “pattern from hell” and the most complicated one I have ever seen!!


I got a bum deal on the pattern.  Found the pattern and fabrics at a booth at a quilt show.  Looked over the pattern in my room that night and thought – what a nightmare!  Once home, I looked online for ways other people had made the quilt and found not. much.  Then I found the pattern writer and her website.  It is a download purchase so I assume in color.  And $2 less than I paid for the black & white at the show.  😦    I’ve tossed & turned about giving another $10 for the color pattern but one evening just colored A, B, C, and D fabrics with colored pencils for the cutting and assembly pages.  All will be well.

The cutting is 1 piece at a time.  Slow.  But steady and all has gone great so far.  The cut pieces are sorted per instructions into the 4 bags as I go.  Maybe but still no betting… it will be a top at least by the May meeting.  Hoping it is a good planting week and I can feed the men and get to the meeting.  I’ll take as much as I have finished.


The background is a light aqua from Kaffe and the 4 accent fabrics.  Who knows what color shows on your monitor.  It will be a large wallhanging…whenever finished.

I’m calling this project Number 5 (#5) for now for many reasons.  UFO list item #5, for our child #5’s room are a few things.

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Saturday Road Trip

P took an afternoon off and we went for a drive and dinner out for his birthday.  We decided to visit a large but remote shoe store that carries a large selection of all sorts & styles but we were specifically looking for new work boots for P.

The store was packed as we expected for a nearly spring Saturday afternoon.  But midst personal service, foot measuring, getting sizes from the warehouse, and help with fitting & lacing, we were done in 1/2 hour!

We continued to wander as we aimed for our intended supper spot, as behind the Cheddar Curtain the back roads are paved and not gravel.  We could enjoy a different route & view and keep on good roads.

He said the roller coaster ride would only cost me $5… I get car sick and it was rolling & curving & much more than I wanted that day.

Supper was good enough.  No waiting but we could order off the dinner menu even at 4:50 p.m.

For his birthday, of course I knew he’d want some dessert.  They had lots of options!  He was getting dessert to go, so a great choice of apple-something ala mode was off the list.  First choice = Oh, we are out of that.  Second choice = (yells to someone to ask) No, we are out of that.   The waitress listed 3 options.  He chose the Sawdust Pie — something local (?) but coconut, graham cracker crumbs, walnuts, in a pie like the goo of pecan pie.

He wasn’t impressed when he had it later at home.  I took a bite and as much as I love coconut and a good cheat, I didn’t really like it either.

P’s boots are just great.
The local baby swiss cheese is yummy!

I took my camera and since we weren’t in a hurry, I thought we’d stop at various scenic places for photos.  Much too car sick for any idea like that!  So besides photos of pretty scenes you have also missed the sign for County Road K,  the double signs for “such & such” Cemetery –>  and 30′ farther was a county sign “Dead End”, and the dizzying effect of being underneath the wind turbines.

I love my shoes — $29 + $2 pink shoelaces = fun!!
shoe box

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Water Repair

The deep water fixer and his backhoe came on Friday.  Thankfully The Farmer was home and did the back & forth to the basement with shutting off the well pump and turning it back on multiple times!  I could continue with my work and not to have to juggle the dog, the repair man, and my own work for the day.

Mar 7

The area around the faucet thing is packed in straw for now.  To help it heal?  I’m joking! … but it sure is a terrible muddy mess out there now.   That’s OK.  I like warm sunshine better than clouds and cold.  If this source of water works and the men can rinse off their hands before coming to the house, that is all good.

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Mud Month Arrives

Today it was 40′ F so I took advantage of the warm temps, sunshine, and fresh air.


Mud is here and snow is melting — it is all good!  I didn’t wear my Muck Boots…. I didn’t want them mucky!  :p  These are my painting, fabric dyeing, outside shoes… but usually not mud shoes.  I cleaned them off in the snow on the way in the house.  All is well.  The lane… a sinking, muddy mess.  This too shall pass!


This female kitty has been requested!  Another farm home needs a good hunter.


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Little Pig

This little piggie got her own box.


This little piggie got held by me!  ♥


This little piggie was moved to a pet carrier.  ?????   (city-people)


This little piggie took a ride in the car.03

This little piggie went to (public) school!


This little piggie went right to sleep midst all 150 K-1st graders squealing with joy at her presence!

It would be fun to see photos from the school or if someone had a video of all this.  But it was great to hear the story when the man brought the pig back from her field trip to the city.

(Just ONE little piggie got to visit the kids.  Not all of them!)

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No Pancakes

For many years P & JP went to pancake day.  But JP grew up and moved on and will be discussing Modern Physics (ie Physics 3) this morning.

For several years R has gotten to go along.  Those men would have a wonderful time dreaming of spring days and working together again and catch up on all the winter stories and well….. eat pancakes!  In fact, they had a lot of fun!!
So R’s dear wife asked if any women went.    And I thought that yes, we wives should go. We have cabin-fever too.   I’m sure I could have some good ol’ sausage to at least be called a breakfast.  And then double the amount of coffee for my friend since I don’t drink it.  Win-win for both of us.

But R & his DW had conflicts for pancake day today.  *sigh*   I’ll  have to take her out for a nice ladies lunch.  🙂

And my P came in this morning and went straight to his office, with the phone book, and sat in the chair.  😦

We have a leaking pipe by the shed.  The well-type underground water person has just arrived.

And the dog wanted to go help when the worker arrived.

mar 5 B

P wanted to say on the phone to just bring the backhoe on your first trip.  He didn’t.  And then he left.  Another day he’ll be back to fix the leaking pipe or broken lines or whatever happens underground in between there and the well and probably bring the back-hoe.

P came back in to a warm & friendly greeting.
mar 5 A

He even made it back inside in time for us to go get pancakes AND make it to his other time spot as well.  But he already had quickly eaten breakfast at home while waiting impatiently for the well-type underground water person to come.

Today = no pancakes for any of us.  Did you get pancakes?

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One Chair

Last night P helped with putting the foam, batting, and fabric on one chair seat.    He showed me how to use the air nailer — which is way cool and easier than I expected.  I can do it on my own if I am willing and have the time when he isn’t here.  (what else can I nail???)

P1030045 B

However, I learned the hard way that I should have wiped down the chairs after the Old English scratch repair as it dried gummy.  :\   I can use 0000 steel wool and get off the gummy without damaging the finish.  I’ll do that next for all the chairs and then return to the upholstery.

P1030047 B



P1030044 B


*sing along…. Someday my floor will change…*

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