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Here is our new tree — a Japanese Weeping Cherry.


This is at the nursery when I picked out the tree.  I know the blooms will be gone by the time it is home so this is what we’ll have in future springs.



A few flowers were still hanging on when they planted it the next week for me.

Just planted – April 27.

Great crew – just 2 men and I’m not sure they were even here for 10 minutes.  Dug a hole, planted, mulched, and watered.  Very polite and kind men!

This one is only about an 8′ tree at full height and I can trim the weeping branches when needed.  We also put this one a bit farther away from the corner of the house.  We haven’t redone the grass or the rocks yet.

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(I have so many many catch-up posts to do it feels overwhelming so I’ll try that at other times when quilting and farming aren’t so busy.)

Today we knocked one more thing off my list of house jobs that I need P’s help.  I’ve wanted this tree replaced for years!  Last week I talked to the landscape place and they don’t need much lead time so I said that today we’d take out the old one.

I guess P was on board with me as we got it done before rain came an hour later.   After not coming in all week until 8 or 9 p.m. I was sure he’d be too tired to do this job.

before B

Chain around the tree and a big tractor to pull…..
and the tree broke off at the ground.  Rotten.  I said it needed to be gone years ago!!

But huge roots and sucker trees coming up took a lot more work.  I moved rocks and bricks, pulled branches and roots, and hooked the chain off & on.

middle B

After this corner was put back to some semblance of life, we finished planting the onion starts.  We have 4 kinds and P counted 40 plants of one kind.  That is the only bundle with a few starts left so we probably have 150 onions.

We’ve had light rain for the last 5 hours so that is good for the fields and the garden.

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Planting Set-Up

This is our set-up (as of now) for spring planting this year.

planting set up
The tractor came a week ago to replace the horrid one that we tried to buy last spring.  The seller continued to help P (albeit on the slow side of life…) and finally made the deal for this one and it was delivered.

A few issues P has had to work out but that is normal.   We only get used machinery so that is normal and why he wants things ahead of the season.  The planter is also new-to-us and he has redone some things on there to make it more for his liking and style of farming.  Tons of hoses and monitors and connectors to be installed, switched over, reprogrammed for both pieces.  Coulters, seed monitors, row wheels, I don’t even know half of it!

The current aim to to start planting the end of this week or next week.  We’ll see if our plans work out with the weather and all the equipment running well.

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Another Trail

Today we walked another way…. and here my photos

april 18

I sat in the waterway while she sniffed.  We had come through a new place and not that she doesn’t come out here but just not with me.  As if I don’t know she wanders here!  ha!  She forgot that I have eyes in the back of my head.  And eyes that see out of the basement to the fields.  (except when The Farmer needs me to watch for something…)




I really wanted her to look at me for a selfie… but she hates having her photo taken with my phone (she doesn’t mind the camera!) and I’m not too good at selfies.

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Easter 2015

A few photos after Easter dinner here at our house —

And remember the rule here is no cats in the house!  :\  *achoo!!!!*  This one stayed on these 2 laps and soon was back outside to the buildings.

brownie 01

“Brownie” loves to be petted, held, and loved.   All remain outside – and not near the house – cats.  (they get special attention when the kids visit)

brownie 02 brownie 03

My MIL brought over her “winter project” to show to me.  I was so surprised!!  This is her first quilt ever!  She didn’t tell me she was doing this and never asked for help.  She said her mom would be proud and I said her DIL is very proud!!  I will quilt and finish it for her.

Gma first quilt

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