Quilt Show

I’m off to the Madison, WI Quilt Show with my friend, Shirley. A good time will be had by all and we are trying not to spend too much money.

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Capt. Green

Here are a few more pix of Green & JP. Green gets out a lot b/c he is fun for JP to pet, snuggle, and giggle with.

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Squash & Peppers

We are forecast to have a frost on Friday night so this afternoon I picked a bit more from the garden. I plan on covering my four 6′ tall tomato plants that are still going strong. Other tomato plants are done so they can be frosted.

I grew butternut squash for the 1st time this year. I have lots!!

I asked for advice on the SL forums of when to pick them. The plant is dying back, probably b/c of bugs, but the vine right at the squash wasn’t dying. These and 3 more have great color so I picked them. They are in the cool, dry basement. I thought the lawn chair was good & airy.

I have many more squash out there. Are they OK w/ a light frost? Do I need to pick all that are a good color now? What do you think?

And I had 3 green pepper plants but I wait until the peppers turn red before I pick them. I already have 1 1/2 bags of frozen chunks (I put them in gallon ziploc bags) and now have to wash and chunk these.

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Intro to Fiber embroidery

K’s 1st assignment in Intro to Fiber involves using the newly learned embroidery stitches (by hand 😉 ) to make something like a sampler. It needs to focus on women and use 3 fonts. Those are the guidelines I know. K asked for help with her saying. She wanted a sing-songy type of saying in regards to me making her dresses when she was little.

So on Monday night, I relayed this as best I could to Phil as lately he has been quick with rhymes mimicking the popular ‘Roses are Red’ format.

K & I were communicating via Skype. Phil started spewing out LOTS of colorful rhymes that had me, K, and her dear roommate in tears!

I’ll spare you the rough drafts (unless you beg…) but so far after today’s conversation, K has chosen one of Dad’s starts, rearranged and added and made it her own.

In a dress made by Mom, I twirl.
With my hair all in curls,
Dad says I’m the prettiest of girls!

K also had noticed that her picture hadn’t made it to the blog yet so I went diving. I found those curls atop some dresses made by mom. These are from the spring of 1990. K is 4 years old.

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I started this project on Saturday (9/8/07) at Phat 1/4’s Quilt Shop in Galena, IL. We meet the second Saturday of the month for Bernina Embroidery Club. Jane Michels, the shop owner, is featured in the current issue of “Through The Needle” and is helping us make the Baltimore Album wallhanging she designed. On Saturday we learned her tips & techniques for inserting the wool appliques.

I have 6 blocks done so far. I won’t cut them until I’m ready to sew as they are cut on point w/ bias edges. The blocks finish 6 1/2″. I’m working on cream 100% quilt shop cotton and using Poly Sheen embroidery thread in pastel pinks & greens.

These are the last 3 I did yesterday (a close up) and I’m loving them!

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JP adopted Capt. Green in June this year. He needed extra attention to quit plucking his feathers. He has really bonded w/ JP and now they do school together.

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