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March Birthday ’16

He requested Dutch Apple Pie which is no surprise as I know it is a favorite.  I pulled out the copy of Grandma Lizzie’s recipe but doubled the crumb topping and probably added more apples.  They cook down, right?  And I didn’t want a few left in the bag!

(I’ve used various recipes for Dutch Apple pie over our married life but none of them are ever as good as Grandma Lizzie’s!  I said that was because she put in grandma love which I can’t do!  He has good memories of her and another cousin has confirmed what a good cook she was!  But usually w/o a recipe so who knows how much she used the recipe I have that is labeled as hers!)

Thankfully I had a pan underneath to catch the drips near the end of cooking.



We went to Miss K’s to get a good and new dinner out on Sunday.  She suggested a BBQ place where she had been before.  It was cold & rainy from the time we left home until the time we got back home!  So our idea of walking around wasn’t so grand.  She drove to lunch ~

Dino’s BBQ.   Yummy and fun decor!


I really thought a pre-order for Easter dinner cooked by them, picked up & delivered home by Miss K would have been lovely!!  🙂  I’m sure the in-laws wouldn’t have enjoyed as much as the rest of us.  It was a fun idea for me to dream!

Time together needs a photo!  Love these times!!

After lunch, we thought we’d help get her groceries for the week and have extra hands for carrying but the parking lot was full and the rain was strong so we skipped that and headed to a new ice cream shoppe near her house.  Yummy!  This new ice cream habit I’ve developed isn’t a good idea!!

JP sent a 4′ T-square and a new fangled tape measure and he will put them to good use on our flooring project!

Miss K had new shirts for him for spring & summer.  She is great at getting all of us new clothes!

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Designer Hats

Miss K asked for 2 days off… just because!  Can you imagine?  🙂   It was so fun doing projects and shopping with her during this little visit as there was no holiday to celebrate while she was here.

P1010909 B

She & I have new handmade faux fur hats!  I love mine!!  It is super warm.  So warm that I have now been known to say I’m getting hot in the car.  In case you forgot, it is cold here!!

P1010903 B

Hot pink lining is oh-so-happy to see!

P1010905bI think we make a lovely silhouette.  🙂


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Winter Birthday

We made a trip to the city to celebrate the joy that Miss K adds to our lives.  Good golly, the mother never forgets THAT day, now 28 years past, and remembers it like it was yesterday.  She came so quickly, so pretty, so alert, so quiet.  She swooned the nurses from the get-go.  Delightful!

P1010784 b

Dinner at a favorite smokehouse.

P1010787 b

We tried shopping but the first snow of the season for the city was hitting very cold roads and making skating rinks out of every piece of black pavement.  Too many were sliding through intersections and we really didn’t like that sort of activity even after we tried it too!

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He & Me

Along Lake Michigan —


Oh… but we’ve been hacked and you have to see father & daughter first….  😉



P1010498 000
P1010473 000

P1010467 000

P1010461 000

And this little brick church seemed like a great backdrop too….

P1010544 000

P1010532 000

P1010529 000 P1010550 001

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Lake Ladies

I’m usually the one behind the camera but he offered.  I think/thought/there could be a setting on my camera for overly bright sunshine.  However, I’m pretty sure what I chose on Sunday was not it.  However, I think the photos are fun nonetheless.





FAV Photo!

FAV Photo!


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So I sent Miss K a text before we left and before she went to church saying I had on a teal top, what was she wearing as I could change.  She said she was wearing green so that would be fine.  (Sunday is her only day to wear a color besides white, gray, or black and knowing we like the same colors, finally thought I’d check as I knew I’d take photos.)

No….. didn’t match one bit….


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We had plans to visit with Miss K on Sunday and she offered 2 choices for lunch once we arrived.  Phil read the menu for the BBQ Smokehouse and thought this sounded pretty good to try.  It was sort of a hole-in-the-wall and K wasn’t too thrilled w/ going to it the first time alone so it was a good place for us to take her.   (neighborhood-wise… they are dead but trying to revive and from what we noticed… it is coming back)


AMAZING!  STUNNING!  FANTASTIC! YUMMY!!   Words just don’t describe it!  I wish I had smell-o-vision for you.  🙂

Not a hole-in-the-wall but very nice, friendly, and clean inside.


We were at a long table with benches and this was our centerpiece.  Silverware wrapped in bandannas for napkins and a selection of about 5 different sauces to try.

Very pro-farmer theme of decor…..




Plus our drinking glasses were wide-mouth pint Mason jars.

Very yummy real meat for the food!


Phil had 1/2# sausage with a “taster” of ribs and each meal came with SMOKED chips (yum!) and coleslaw.  Served on those old serving trays like PSB used to have.  Cute!  K ordered the 1/2# of pulled pork and a side of the cornbread custard for the 2 of us to share…. drizzled with honey.  Yum!  I had the beef brisket sandwich w/ provolone cheese — YUMYUM!!  The meat was only smoked, tender, high-quality.

Our food bill was only $31 and we were so full.

This photo isn’t cropped for my TX friends & cousin.  It is full-frame so my mother can be so proud of me for standing on the bench for a photo op.  😀

P1010438But is this not cute hanging the flags on pallets to the brick wall?

Phil needed metric hex wrenches/hexes/whatever type of tool to take apart K’s futon.   Two doors down was a True Value that seemed safe in a group setting.  It was wonderful.  Nice, helpful, clean, and just like the old True Value in our downtown…. wobbly floors!

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