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For 3 years I’ve gathered buckeyes off the ground near the fitness center in hopes of growing a tree.

buckeyes 15 01


Finally, last fall was the first that any got planted!  P dug a big trench for me near the house & deck where they would be protected and I could know if any came up.  It was even hard for P to dig as we had a dry fall (good for harvest, not for digging) and this was like a brick of ground.

planting fall 2015


I did have a day when P was in the field and the dog had something she wanted under the deck and she dug up where I planted the buckeyes.  Most of this digging is on the weed-full side so not such a big deal.  When she moved to the side with my herbs and buckeyes, I wasn’t too happy!


I rearranged the dirt and straw for mulch after she was done with the digging/hunting fit and hoped for the best.

This spring I’ve been watching intently and about 2 weeks ago I knew these were buckeyes and not weeds!  They have jumped up out of the ground.  Now about 6″ tall.

buckeyes 02

Two are like this and a third one is struggling and only about 2″ tall.  They haven’t done much in the last week as it has been cold and rainy.

buckeyes 01

I’m excited! The tree at the fitness center is full of blooms right now.  I will nurse them along in this area until they are big enough to be on their own in the big yard.  I assume at least for another winter.

I didn’t do any soaking or turning or starting these inside.  I just put all those in the trench about 4′ long and a good 6″ deep.  Covered them with the clumps of hard dirt and mulch/straw.  I watered them in hopes the ground would settle.

ETA: Here is the mother tree at the fitness center the end of May.
buckeye tree at fitness center

In another generation, someone will be not so happy to have a messy buckeye tree in the yard.  I’ll giggle.


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P was gone for work on Monday and then Tuesday was to check all the equipment for a good day to run on Wednesday.

He went back to a less expensive fertilizer because of the low market prices and applied that all day Weds, Thursday, and Friday.  Just a bit he is putting in other areas to empty the tank and it is already here for today.


He would like to spray his cover crops but the wind is supposed to get to be too much today so we’ll see.  Yesterday was 70′ bright blue skies!  The dog & I sat outside and I brushed her.  Too bad she’d prefer the shade and I want to sit in the sunshine!  She wins…. she is hard to move and has much more fur than me!


When I got a photo of the tractor back home, I found a sleepy dog on the porch.

Earlier while I was out brushing her, I also checked on the lilac bushes.  We trimmed them after blooms last year, as I learned online to produce more blooms this year, and it looks like it is working!  This area of bushes is packed with little buds of blooms growing!!

We tried winter garlic for the first time with planting in November 2015.  So far … all right.  One of 3 varieties is doing well.  Another has fair population, and the 3rd is all but absent!  Thankfully we marked our rows when we planted.

Friday night supper was homemade pizza.  Not totally healthy but better than take-out!

I make 3 small pizzas when I do this so we have one fresh and now I have 2 in the freezer for that night where all I can imagine doing is heating a frozen pizza!

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March Sunset

Many evenings in March have given us stunning colors in the west sky in the evening.  Finally I grabbed the camera and ran out for photos!  As you know… the photos don’t do it justice!

the 11th ~

sunset 1


the 16th ~
Mar 16 (1) b

And I had a few walks outside…..
The Farmer is working on the planter a bit at a time…. and these wimps think they need a cushion and to keep him company!

farm cats
He took this photo on his phone another day ~
cat in the box March b
And while I almost got a photo of the dog & me upclose with P in the background, the dog just doesn’t like selfies!!  So P came to help me…. and we have a family of 3 photo!  This was the best I could get.  Such a goofy dog!

March 2016 b

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White Dog or Not?

Is the farm dog white and clean?


Or does she….


go wading/swimming on a 55’F day (real feel was 43′ though)



in February?  (whoa!!! Such a heat wave!  When does that happen here??)


Or does she mostly go digging and come inside at supper time like this?  (she didn’t stay in the kitchen after photos!)







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Winter Views

She just loves, loves, loves the cold and snow.  I don’t want to even be out.  P just does what needs done and comes in.  The dog thinks ….. ‘ahhhh….. my perfect life….. here on top of the ice-encrusted snow…. just basking’.


Sometimes she aims her big nose right into the cold wind.  Just loving the cold air!

She does like to come in with me on the below zero days for a few hours.  Her big dog prints after our bit of the HUGE store to hit the east coast. (1/20) So glad we didn’t take all the snow before it got to the east!  🙂

Jan 20 B

Be shocked…. those mornings when the sun arises so late, I saw a sunrise!  I know people talk about them.  It just isn’t something I aim to see in my life.  😉

And one day I could see a cardinal from the computer all the way to the bushes.  There are berries that grow in there for them.  Another day I saw 2 females in the birch tree closer the house.  I finally found the bird feed and the bird feeder and have it outside.  I hope they find it.


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We had a very relaxed Christmas Day of just the 4 of us.  We had brunch foods mostly late morning and then everyone is big and was able to find something to eat when they wanted it.  Waffles, yummy coconut flake & raspberry pancakes, Gpa’s fresh maple syrup, yogurt in my bowl, hash browns, bacon.

No one has been interested in family photos lately so I tried one with me & the dog.  She is fine with photos from my camera but really doesn’t like selfies with my phone!  How does she know it ends up on here?


So I worked on a selfie with me & the dog.  As good as it gets….
Miss K had mercy on me and sat near me…. ♥


P slightly allowed one….

All while the dog got special attention and play.

Later we played a new card game that JP had bought.  Exploding Cats.   It is fun and we enjoyed several rounds.  I was out first in this round.



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Random photos from harvest time 2015….

Not working very hard but the cement is cool and she will see anyone come and then spring into action.  Sometimes she is the guard and other times if P arrives, she’ll be glad for a hello and head pat.  I think on this day she & I had had our hike and she was waiting for me to head to the house.

02 combine operator Nov 3 B
Too many and too friendly cats… love to hang out with P but often are in his way. This is the first one that has climbed inside machinery!


He works.

We aren’t…. at this time.


I asked P if I the resident lawn mower could make a better path for the dog & me on our afternoon walks.  The waterway grasses were up to my waist.  Not so great for walking.  Favorite lawn mower told me he could bring our yard mower out and I had to quickly say NO, as the boss doesn’t want our yard mower in the waterways.  OH.  So he got the older mower he uses around the buildings.  I think the dog knew he was making us a much better path.  And he told me before he set off that he’d mow higher the first pass and come back with it a bit lower.  😀   Check — favorite daughter-in-law rings in again!!


Moving corn from the big bin to a wagon.  A semi must be due to fill soon and the process goes faster if they fill from 2 augers.

The dog loves to deliver suppers with me.  Here we wait for them to get to us and have a place to stop for rearranging jobs and getting their food.

08The workers are here.  At some point P comes in to tell them their missions for the next few hours.

She totally ignores my camera on my phone.  Has JP somehow taught her to not like selfies?

They are getting the land near our walking paths harvested so the dog and I can walk a bit farther!  The sun is setting earlier.  I need to get out before it is dark and cooler.

Our Farm Credit Service provided great lunches one day.  Our agent, Kim, called P the days before so he’d know the date & pick-up location for our area and then took his order.  With the extra my in-laws have had to deal with this year, P ordered 5 lunches.  Boy, were MIL & FIL happy to get a sack!!  Hot pork chop sandwiches (2 each), chips, I got us all bottled water vs pops, and then a bag of candy included a full-size snickers, snack size candy bars, and a tootsie pop!  It was a busy weekend for me so I was glad to swing by on my way home and have packed and hot lunches for everyone!  (normally I don’t feed MIL & FIL)

Soybeans were combined from Sept – Oct 10. Everyone around here had trouble getting soybeans harvested this year.  Hopefully that helped all the farmers to know it just wasn’t them.  That gets frustrating!  October was very dry (which is good for harvest) and we ran from October  12 – Oct 27 before a few days off for rain from the hurricane that came through Mexico.  Corn was finished on November 4.  He had also been working at getting cover crops in and finished them a few hours later on November 3.

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Not for the House

This spring’s kitties have found it quite fun to hang out at the back door when it is dark and they know P is in the house.  I am allergic to cats so they aren’t allowed inside.  Neither do I want to have a pile at the door every time anyone (me especially, b/c this is my blog and life is all about me, right? I know not!)  needs to go in or out.   My back door is just for us but FIL uses it too.  Please, I prefer guests to use the front door.  🙂

Meanwhile, the other night after P put the dog in the barn for bedtime and checked the buildings, he bought in an armload. This is only 3/8 of the 2015 kitties but they are big!  And friendly.   And would LOVE being in the house.   Now that the cat-whisperer is on her own, we have super-friendly cats.  It makes no sense!

I think these are Mary (first named Larry and then she needed to be Mary), her brother Daryle, and her other brother Daryle.

3 kitties Sept 22
He is smiling because he thinks this is funny.  I don’t!  We have been having “no deck” lessons for a few nights now.  😀  Lessons are between me & the cats.

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Another Trail

Today we walked another way…. and here my photos

april 18

I sat in the waterway while she sniffed.  We had come through a new place and not that she doesn’t come out here but just not with me.  As if I don’t know she wanders here!  ha!  She forgot that I have eyes in the back of my head.  And eyes that see out of the basement to the fields.  (except when The Farmer needs me to watch for something…)




I really wanted her to look at me for a selfie… but she hates having her photo taken with my phone (she doesn’t mind the camera!) and I’m not too good at selfies.

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Easter 2015

A few photos after Easter dinner here at our house —

And remember the rule here is no cats in the house!  :\  *achoo!!!!*  This one stayed on these 2 laps and soon was back outside to the buildings.

brownie 01

“Brownie” loves to be petted, held, and loved.   All remain outside – and not near the house – cats.  (they get special attention when the kids visit)

brownie 02 brownie 03

My MIL brought over her “winter project” to show to me.  I was so surprised!!  This is her first quilt ever!  She didn’t tell me she was doing this and never asked for help.  She said her mom would be proud and I said her DIL is very proud!!  I will quilt and finish it for her.

Gma first quilt

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