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I’m going to try to join in with Julie’s very fun blog and add in another journal – the Month in Numbers.  Here is January from a newbie!  🙂

I just found this last night so didn’t know to pay attention to the Communal Counts.

A) New things I tried: 2

  1. shopping for carpet in a decorating store
  2. wearing a fur hat  — warm, happy, proud

B) How much I paid for a loaf of bread this month: $2.99 for a regular loaf of 12-grain bread at the grocery store

My numbers:

Read 219 pages in a book – Something More by Catherine Marshall.  It was published in 1974!  (I’m NOT a reader so this is stunning that I’ve nearly finished one book in one month.)

I am keeping 8 journals —  in my A5 Fuchsia Filofax: a Five-Year Journal, a daily farm & family life journal, 365/30 Lists (a list per day, per month),  & to-do’s to Ta-Da’s!   Here on my blog will be: my month in numbers that I hope to make into mixed media art journals in various forms.  I also have a personal journal.   On my tablet that syncs with my phone, I have a running journal of appointments, special days, menus (counting as 1 journal), and my exercise log (counting as 1 journal).


I went to the fitness center to do water aerobics only 4 times.  (too much weather!)

We missed mail delivery because of snow 4 times because of too much snow.


Used 2 gallons of paint for 2 coats of paint to the ceiling in JP’s room.  Installed 1 new ceiling fan & light.  (cover of bulbs isn’t on yet as I think I’ll go with one step brighter bulbs)

P1010913 B

We received 1 letter – he is on 2 lists (Dean’s list & Chancellor’s list) – for a 4.0 grade for fall of 2013! Two proud parents.  🙂

P1010890 BCD

I hope you check out the Month in Numbers list that is growing on her blog.  There are several fun blogs already linked in the comments section.

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School Stuff

This will be my personal homeschool curriculum garage sale! 🙂   Email me: jmquilts AT gmail.com and let me know what you want & include your address.   I take personal checks from those of you I know and can issue a paypal invoice for others.  I’ll mark them sold as they go.

I posted small photos but you can click on them to see them bigger.

Human Anatomy & Physiology – Science 5 level from Sonlight curriculum – $30 includes shipping

We used this in 7th grade… don’t aim your grade by the Science 5 label.   I have the instructor guide that includes schedules for both 4-day & 5-day, notes, workbook pages (clean), and the answer keys.  The books I have that go along with it: Blood & Guts, The History of Medicine, Usborne Human Body, Lyrical Life Science book & workbook (2 pages filled in on workbook) (no CD).    I would have bought the IG around 2003.  All is in good condition.  Some of the pages in the 5-day schedule have the work checked off and then erased.

shows book list

Human Anatomy Science - All included

Premiere Microscope with 4 magnifications.  $150 includes shipping

This is in nearly new condition and still is packed in the styrofoam box so shipping is safe.  An extra light bulb, plastic cover, and user manual (page) are included.  I’m adding in a set of slides that seem to be plants, possibly from Biology.   I’m also adding in 2 sets of blank slides and slips in a case.  And just added in but not pictured: a set of slides (12) from Home Training Tools labeled Kidney, section.  There are several Biology type slides such as blood smear, frog stuff, etc.  🙂

Alpha Omega ART Lifepac for grades 7 – 12.  NOW listed on ebay so check with me if you are interested.

All new workbooks & instructor guide.  Great condition!  $30 includes shipping.  (I’ll not ship the box.)   Purchased 2003.  The workbooks have 2 different cover styles so I wonder if they were switching designs at the time.    Nonetheless, all is good inside.  Clean and ready to use!

Inside of book one -- all is clean

Major Science supply box!

Starting with a bunsen burner, the hoop stand & the clamp stand, lots of beakers, a flask, 3 large thermometers, test tubes and ETC!!  Check out the pictures for all that is included!  $35 includes shipping

whole stand is 19" from table to top

view from the top

Last picture shows the test tube holder, test tubes & there are more brand new ones, the cleaner, glass rod, tong-thing, and a tripod magnifier.

Saxon Algebra 1 set

includes the book, test book, homeschool packet (answer book), solutions book (shows how to work out the problems), and D.I.V.E.  interactive CD for the computer.   $60 includes shipping.   Test book is a bit frumpled on the cover, but not written it at all.

I have some Apologia Science that I’ll get here another day. Thanks for shopping with me!!  🙂

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Super Meet-up SL-style

I was up bright & early on Tuesday morning and for good reason!  I was joining with some friends I’d met before and some I’ve only known online for a meet-up!  We all have the connection of homeschooling our kids with Sonlight curriculum.  (Well, except that I’m retired but they still let me come!)  The forums that Sonlight provides are such a great sense of community.   It is a treat to be able to join a meet-up.  🙂

I packed my lunch and headed out at 7 a.m. in the rain & fog.  I stopped for a gas fill-up and continued on.  I hit pouring rain where I slowed to 50 mph and had the wipers on super-fast.  Ugh!!

I arrived at Sheila’s a bit after 8 a.m. and we continued on with Sheila and her dd, newly minted 9 y/o!  🙂

With great map reading by Sheila, we arrived at Naper Settlement about 9:30.  Yeah!  Sure not much traffic at that hour.  🙂

DSCF4766(I couldn’t resist this picture!  Moms enjoying getting to know each other.  Children not so thrilled!)

After a few minutes the rest of our crew arrived.  Sarah + 5 from Naperville, Leslie + 4 from CA, Judy + son from the burbs, Becca + 3 daughters from IN, Sheila + daughter, and me.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

DSCF4773The Moms

L-R: Sarah, Me, Judy, Leslie, Sheila, Becca

kids bestThe 14 kids – aren’t they so cute!

The Naper Settlement was really quite nice midst the drizzle that we had occasionally.  The workers were great at explaining their area and answered wonderful questions from any of us.


We went in the blacksmith’s shop where he made an iron hook, the print shop, the lawyer’s home, the post office, and a log cabin.  Then the kids loved playing on the covered wagon and at the fort.



We thought we’d aim for the schoolhouse 😉 but instead went in the meeting house.  Great!  There were lots of activities and toys for the kids while the moms all pulled up a child-sized chair or the step and sat to visit!!  🙂


It was fun watching the children role play and enjoy the dress-up clothes.


Sarah had taken her 2 youngest home earlier so after telling Judy & Becca good-bye, Leslie, Sheila, & I went to Sarah’s for lunch and more time to visit.

best kids 2

Sheila & I headed back home about 4.  The traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected until we came upon the back-up on the toll road because of an accident.  We traveled 3 miles in about 30 minutes.  All the while, Miss E in the backseat was wonderful!

I got them home at 6 and arrived at my house just after 7 p.m.

A 12 hour day!  🙂  It was fun but I was sure tired!!

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JP’s Graduation

Life really needed to slow down to get me back to blogging.  Now to catch you up on the rest of May….

JP had finished his classes at the community college the week of May 10 and his classes at home were done that week as well.  🙂  

family for JP

His party was on May 24 and we were so thrilled with all that could attend.  He actually had a good time!

ronk grands & 4

party table

The K cousins arranged my table in the kitchen for food.  

table 2


We had ham & roast beef sandwiches, Mrs. Mike’s chips, marinated veggie salad, and dutch apple & peach berry pies.   The counter had water pitchers and orange sherbet punch.  

pie cutting

One counter was full of the 13 pies I had made.  My mom & I baked them on Saturday.  I was embarrassed/disappointed the peach berry pies were runny but no one seemed to mind.   


I love this picture!  It emcompasses our wonderful afternoon sharing with so many near & dear to our hearts.  It was so fun to see special friends.  

JP was honored to have several of our family come from Indiana & Ohio for his party.  

K cousinsThe K Cousins

David and AaronDavid & A sample the apple pie. 

N, Gma, OMy sister with her granddaughter and my mom.

Jake's napThis little J snuck in a nap midst the party… right on the living room floor!  🙂

GGma Ronk & AGreat-grandma & A playing with the truck.  

diploma table


J & JP

My grad with me.  🙂



Congratulations JP!  


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JP Graduates!

This weekend we are celebrating JP’s graduation from our high school!!  


We are so proud of him!

family picture Aug 92

He will be full-time at the local community college in the fall majoring in Computer Science.  After earning his Associate degree, he will transfer for his Bachelor degree.  

Josiah Dec 92

He delights in building and formating computers.   🙂

with airsoft


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Our JP:


He is graduating with Highest Honors for his 3.9 GPA and was awarded the local community college’s Foundation Home School Scholarship.

in barn door 1 



In the fall, he will be full-time at the community college to work on his Associate’s degree before transfering to a 4 year school for his Bachelor’s.

b w drums


jacket at fence

 Photos here by: Sarah Ronk Photography.   (She is amazing!!)  🙂

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I mentioned in December that when K & I were stuck in a hotel with a winter storm blast we found the movie on Beatrix Potter and were “in love”.  🙂  We found it on Netflix and could watch it in its entirety.

So my delight in finding this quote in the Sonlight Beam:

“Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality.” –Beatrix Potter 


K is buried this weekend making linings ad infinitum for her handbags and I’m wrapping soaps in their organdy bows like there is no tomorrow!  Meanwhile, not much is planned for Valentine’s Day.  >blush<

So if you were holding your breath in hopes of getting a Valentine from me… consider yourself hugged!  🙂   And take a deep breath!

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Chapter 1 ~

No news on the Pet Contest.   I keep hoping they will call me or even just post to the page.  Hmpf!  Thanks for your votes…. hopefully they helped!  🙂


Chapter 2 ~

K made this warm hat over her winter break/ class time in her “spare” time.  🙂  I think it is sooo cute!


Chapter 3 ~

We have a new instructor at my water aerobics class.  Ugh!  She teaches the morning classes with the older ladies that don’t move much.   Not at all like the previous 7 years.  I love the water but….  


Chapter 4 ~

One of K’s classes this semester is Watercolor Painting.  Not her normal area to work but she did have a long weekend of watercolor before she went to SAIC.   This fulfills her off-campus credits.  The class meets at the Field Museum but also other places.   This week was a conservatory somewhere… warm :), humid :), and tropical plants!  😀

Last week assignment (not with watercolors yet):




And to think drawing isn’t her high point…. *sigh*

Chapter 5 ~

I got my quilt backing pieced and the quilt layered.  Yeah!  Meanwhile I’m squeezing in some Dear Jane blocks here in the middle.  One goal that crossed my mind was to make one block every night.  Yeah right!  I’ll have another one ready for some hand applique in a few minutes.  So maybe in a week I’ll update the Dear Jane page!  🙂  I think I have more done that need scanned anyway!  

Chapter 6 ~

JP’s Adv Bio module is on nerves and a lot on the nerves of the eyes.  Yesterday’s tidbit he taught me… You may remember learning that our eyes see images upside down but our mind corrects it for us.  Do you remember learning that?  I do.  

Well, a baby doesn’t know that so we gradually learn what is right side up as we grow up.  The baby sees things upside down.  That led to a lot of discussion!  I haven’t read his book (lovely part of Apologia Science 🙂 – it reads as if Dr. Wile is speaking right to you!) so I don’t have direct quotes for you.  

Just thought that was amazing!

Chapter 7 ~

I must run – Phil is heading out for chores and brings Nina up for me first.  🙂

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We now have 2 college students!  

Today JP & I went to a community college and signed him up for a class this semester.  The advisor is also checking with an instructor for JP to enroll in another class as well.   Both classes are in Computer Science so right up his alley.  🙂  He is happy about the classes!  

We were in the building with the library, found the building with admissions (paid the bill) and the bookstore, and found where his (hopefully) second class will be and the closest parking lot.  

The one he is in for sure is all online so he is eager to work at his own pace.  The other is just one night a week.   

He still has Bible, American Gov’t & Civics (SL 400), Literature, Creative Writing, Economics, Adv Biology, Pre-Calc, & chores at home.

>insert happy Snoopy dance here!<


ETA (Wednesday): He is IN!!!  The advisor called the prof and he agreed to let JP take the class.  Yippee!!  I ordered the book.  🙂

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Oh! Wind & Ice

I’m not sleeping because the wind is making the house bang!  I’ve been concerned a few times but haven’t found anything that would give me reason to awaken Phil.  😉  Tell him how fortunate he is!

We still have power, that is good!

I think the decorative door on the front porch is banging… and that is against my bedroom wall!  Yikes!

I checked the screen door at the deck but that is staying closed.  Good thing — I wasn’t going to open the big door to rescue the screen door!  More Yikes!

A lot of our snow melted over the weekend.  The yard is still white but there are a few bits of green showing through. 

But I see lights to the east.  They move.  I really think the farmer to the north of us is working up his field.  Really?  At 3 a.m. and in these conditions? The middle of December?  Daylight will tell….

The snowplow sat with lights flashing on the south side of the curve a bit ago.  I wonder if there was a problem.  A problem besides the ice & wind!  However, he only stayed a few minutes.  

Not much happening on my block….

No, school will not be canceled at this school because of ice.  The best he can hope for is that the power is off during math.   He finished last week with Test #12, an A – 100%, so today is a new lesson from the DVD.   Math-U-See – Pre-Calculus.   *sigh*

K only has class today to finish.  Her crits all went great last week!  Unfortunately, the Monday classes are liberal arts, not studio work.  Her writing and papers are done tho.  🙂  







My jacket is done after much blood, sweat, &  tears.  Not really but did they really mean to label it as Easy?  I thought I was a good sewer.  

The pants & top are all cut out ready to go.   They should go together easily.  I may actually be ahead of the schedule.  Hmpf!

Yes Mom, I’m heading back to bed…

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