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My Wedding Review

I’m sure there will be a plethora of Royal Wedding posts.  I thought I’d either join the throngs or just have a different take on things!

Seriously, these girls need help!  I’m thinking that since their mom wasn’t invited to the wedding she helped them look their worst!  The turquoise is NOT becoming to this girl’s figure!  Ack!! And the taupe with the ribbon doo-da-hat?  Ack!!  They should be embarrassed!

One thing I have not heard any announcer comment on….

When Prince Charles walked in the Abbey, removed his hat & gloves, he then wiped his English nose with his right hand.  He took 8 steps and proceeded to SHAKE HANDS with those that were participating in the service!! Ack!!  Gross!!

This behavior out of the Prince of England just cracks.me.up!!   Our dear Uncle Phil would pass out green over such action!!  LOL!

I enjoyed the pageantry.  And the fairy tale but down to earth wedding (as much as they can) and watching the bride & groom interact midst millions of people watching them.   I think Catherine is a beautiful bride and will be a wonderful addition to the royal family!

I’m glad I got up to watch it live.  To see it all unfold.  At 3 a.m. when my alarm went off, my eyeballs hurt!  K & I were sending text messages back & forth…. until she fell asleep during the ceremony!  🙂   Fun to have her view on the hats & the dresses!

photos from the people.com site

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Oh my land, after all that blogging – I’ve dropped the ball! Sorry but this week has been over the top.  😦

I came home from the dentist on Monday to find several of my online accounts had been “compromised”.  So I’ve done a LOT of work on all that trying to work out the issues.  Argh!!

But I have had lunch with friends and quilted a quilt so there ARE things to share.

Soon, I hope!

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We have been hunting for a bed for Miss K this summer and the auctions have been seriously lacking!  Something happened since the time I used to go to auctions more often and they would sell bedroom SETS for $25 and now where it seems all the family KEEPS the beds!  So… I was happy that the listing for the Monday auction listed “beds”.

No doubt!  There were at least 6 full-size beds for me to chose from and several twin sets.  Yahoo!!  (The auction was from several people/estates so not the local orphanage.  😉  )

First, we had to sell through at least 10 hay racks of stuff.  Wowsers!!  On one hand, this team goes fast.  On the other hand, they go fast!  The lowest bid they took 95% of the time was $2.50.  I prefer $1.  🙂

I got a few things off the racks… a rug for K … It looks brand-new, doesn’t smell, and nothing drops out of it — $5.  It is 4′ wide so maybe 6′ long.

and a marble cheese tray/plate with glass dome for my SIL

and some cross-stitched pillowcases for a linen quilt ala Cindy Needham

and 2 old quilts

This is just a top; it isn’t quilted.  Dresden Plate pattern in (what I’d guess) are 30’s prints.  Hand stitched together and machine stitched to see-through muslin squares.  The centers don’t have their traditional appliqué circle… neither are they very alike in size and shape.   The blocks are about 14″ and there are 6 blocks x 5 blocks.

I would like to remove the “plates” from the muslin and put them on better fabric and add the centers.  Then quilt it.

This box also had a piece of either very coarse muslin or light canvas squares sewn together.  I washed it today and am considering using it for a canvas mixed media book.  It frayed a TON in the washer!!

The other quilt in the box is this Bow Tie quilt.

The blocks are 5″ and all hand pieced.  The border is added by machine and the quilt is tied with awful orange yarn.   The border wraps around for binding to the back.

I found this tag pinned on.

It seems like info about the amount of fabric for border & backing but not sure.  Bummer the tag wasn’t her name and the year she made this….

What era are these fabrics?

I love the fabric prints and this is in good condition.   I also wonder if the border was a later addition as it isn’t as nice of fabric as the blocks.  I’d like to untie this, give it new batting, and quilt it.

The fun part was that my MIL (Queen of Auctions) was there and we kept tabs on each other.  She alerted me that they had started a second “ring” on the furniture while I was busy waiting for the quilt box to be up for bids.  She offered to watch the pile I had already bought in front of me. I begged her to bid on the quilt box and she did!  They only did a bit of the furniture where I needed to watch and then moved to office furniture so I returned to check.  She was there at an empty hay rack with my box of quilts!  I was so excited to see it with her and gingerly asked how much it cost me.  $50.  I was pleased!! So much had gone really high that day and I know quilts usually bring a good price.  Course, maybe you think that is high.  I don’t and Phil was fine with it too.   🙂   MIL claimed some misc china pieces out of a box as her “pay” for “watching” my stuff.   🙂  I hope she didn’t miss something as she stood guard… ohmygoodness… I’d be in DEEP trouble if she did.   🙂

Finally they came back to furniture but started at the opposite end of the large shed from where I was.  I hustled through the crowd (playground skills return once again, Mom) and got to the bidding area just 3 items before a bed.

I got that bed… headboard, footboard, and rails… plus a laundry drying rack and an ironing board.    $15  Score!!

Phil set up the beds (only using 3 sides) last night in the garage so I could get pix for K. Not sure about those spots that appeared in the picture. I'll clean these all tomorrow.

Around the corner to the outside wall… I lost some bids but that was OK… finally to the bed I really liked.  Mine!  $20.   I love this one!

These 2 will SING with some cleaning and a good ol’ wipe of Old English furniture polish.   🙂   K will chose one and I think I’ll put the other one in her/the guest room.

I was mostly done at this point but then ended up taking a dresser, 2 large mirrors, 3 UGLY table lamps all for $1 and a set of metal bed rails for $2.50.  Just in case these wood ones don’t go plus we have a queen set w/o rails also in the garage.  I also got two huge bookcases.   Time to clean and organize the sewing room!! Ack!

The dresser is non-too-lovely but functional and well made. I think some dashing white or light cream paint and some new knobs would be lovely!  Do you?

Other dressers at this sale went for $60 – $80 and they weren’t nice or antique either.  ???   I’ll take the $1 one.

As I walked away to call Phil, he appeared behind me.  I had texted him that I’d need his help but wasn’t done about 1/2 hr earlier.   I showed him all the furniture and he got the beds in my truck and put the mirrors in my back seat.  I had already filled the back seat with “stuff”.   The dresser and 2 bookcases fit in his truck.  MIL took the lamps in her car.  She is considering them since they were headed the dumpster otherwise.   At least they had really nice shades that she can use.

As we finished loading, a man asked if I wanted the bed still there that he pointed out.   Phil agreed it could go to the ministry he volunteers at that delivers furniture to needy families so we took it for that.  A third set: headboard, footboard, and rails.  I have more to clean.

All in all… I was pleased with my shopping.   Hope you liked the tour of my loot.   🙂

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Thursday Report

As an intro, you need to know that my computer crashed (BAD!!!) as I was finishing breakfast on Friday. (No, I didn’t spill hot cocoa or anything on it… JP thinks we have hardware problems of the BIG variety.) JP has us on a hop-along computer so that we can get online without having to use HIS computer. But my pictures are either on the camera or the old hard drive.

But I still have words!! 😀

A few weeks ago when other not-so-good news rolled in, I also got a jury summons for Thursday. Bummer. I was OK with the jury part, but this was for a coroner’s jury. Frankly, I don’t want to see the pictures.   I figured there wasn’t another side deciding to settle the day before, KWIM? And I was right. When I called for the recorded message on Wednesday night, they said to report at 9 a.m. as printed in the letter.

I did.

I arrived about 8:58, seeing no reason to be early. (Except that I had NO idea where to go once in the building.)

Point 1: small county = we all know everything, no need for signs. 🙄

No metal detector. No check of my purse. I was only asked to turn off my cell phone.

I was the next to last to check-in with the bailiff. I entered the court room and found a seat on the benches/pews along with about 25 – 30 others. In another minute, the bailiff went through the courtroom to the back. He walked back through. Another man came in the courtroom in a white shirt & tie. He shuffled some papers on a lawyer table and then came to talk to us.

He explained that in some cases a Coroner’s Jury is called in on a homicide or suicide case. In this case, someone had died while in the county jail so they needed public input to settle the case. I assume so that the coroner isn’t in cahoots with the police officers running the jail type of situation.

He asked us to introduce ourselves and give our occupation. I’m a SATW and help my husband who farms. (Stay At Home Wife 🙂 ) I raised my hand to ask who he was and he looked me square in the eyes and didn’t stop or “call on me” to ask my question. I wasn’t going to interrupt him so did nothing.

I just wondered who HE was!! Did he miss Public Presentation 101 where one introduces oneself to the audience??

If I had to introduce myself, why didn’t he?

Was he the judge without his robe?

Was he a lawyer?

Or the other lawyer?

Who is he and why should I answer his questions?

(Point 2: we are a small county so we know everyone. BTW, I only knew one other person in the jury pool, so NO I don’t know everyone!)

He then (as he ignored me) asked if anyone was having trouble hearing him. Three people raised their hands and were excused.

He asked if anyone had a recent death in the family; that talking of death would be difficult. One raised her hand and was dismissed.

He read a list of witnesses to be called that day and if we had any aquaintance with them, we were to state that. One lady worked with one of the persons named so she was excused.

Next he asked for any volunteers that wanted to serve on the jury. He counted raised hands and got his needed 8. Those people moved to the jury box and THE REST OF US WERE DISMISSED!!! Just like that.

We checked out with the bailiff and left!

I was down the steps, out the door, down more steps, and walked to the car on the side of the block. I turned on the car and the radio announcer said it was 9:09 a.m.!!


I got home at 9:30.

I was almost glad I got to clean my bathroom (since I was home!) and start a load of laundry. Lunch was already in the crock pot for the men so I went to sew. Delightful!! 🙂

I did ask the one person I knew that I was sitting beside WHO the guy was that was speaking. Oh! He was the county coroner. I guess we are all supposed to know that. Sorry I’ve never had the “pleasure” of meeting him. Phil thinks he just lost my vote in the fall! LOL!!

In today’s mail was my check for $30 for serving on the jury.    🙂    (I think $15 for jury and the rest is milage.)  Phil said maybe my 9 minutes weren’t so bad after all!!     🙂

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What a Joke!

I’ve accomplished so much this morning, I need to sit down and catch up on blogging. What a laugh! (#1)

I like that Word Press sorts out the spam comments for me.  Very occasionally, I look in the spam folder.  Sadly, I did find 2 comments from dear daughter that I rescued.  😉

The funny part is reading the real spam! They are so general and are so complimentary of my blogging & writing!  LOL!!

Here is the best find:

To be honest, it looks that you have got the representative nitty-gritty of the position at hand. While many another look to have omitted the central detail of most of it, when you expressed previously is clear-thinking and consice. I am avoiding saying that I concur along every one of the details; yet, I must say you managed to have given me grounds to ponder numerous of the main ideas that I believed that I owned as firm beliefs in that attentivenesses. Convincingly stated, and it is now for my brain to consider a little more along a few of the main ideas. In summary, it is clear that you have written many good points.

Personally, I find this so dumb it is hilarious!!  (#2)

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I think our dear ol’ Abe Lincoln rolled over today.  

A friend commented:

…and the nation elected one of the “boys from Crook County” into the White House…

 Cook County being the county where Chicago is located.

What messed up politics…

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Progress & Bonus Triangles

I made significant progress on my Pineapple Blossoms quilt today!  All the squares are done, I pressed the bonus triangles, layed out the top and have all the vertical rows joined and 1/3 of the horizontal rows joined.  Yeah!!  

This is the top layed out on the floor before I used Bonnie’s method for joining the blocks into rows.  It is a terrific way to do it, especially for me who lays out upstairs and sews downstairs!  I even got confident enough to take 2 rows down to sew at a time.  Saved me about 6 trips to the basement.  😉

center arranged

Elinor asked about the bonus triangles Bonnie talked about last Monday.   I hope these photo steps help explain it better.  

sew on triangles

In constructing the block, squares are laid across the corners and I sewed across the diagonal.


sew again

Then I sewed again, 3/8″ away from the first seam line.


cut between sewn lines

Cut between the seams and the block is ready for the next step, while the extra triangles wait their turn.


bonus trianglesTriangles pressed.  Next I’ll trim them to a uniform size and use them for a half-square triangle border on my quilt.   It only took a few minutes more to sew what would just be more scraps.  By sewing them right away everything was already lined up!  More free quilt!  🙂

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We have company coming!  Can you guess who?   



April 1989

April 1989

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Blog Disaster!

Very sad to see the damage that has happened here as a result of switching templates on blogger.

I’ll probably be moving but please stay tuned… I don’t want to lose you! I’ll let you know my new address when I know it right here.

Oh dear….


As time passed this evening, my side bars reappeared but in a mixed up order. I’ve sorted… starting to look better!!

Have you noticed my new header?

The work of my dd. https://i0.wp.com/img116.exs.cx/img116/6469/g5cgrin.gif

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