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Another Move

We have moved JP back for a semester of classes.  (He has made all his moves to his co-op with just 2 car trips as it is closer to home and beds have been provided.  We just help to get to & from the apartments where he goes to school.)

He and P are both very good at packing into the vehicles so it all fits.  They tried to get his mattress in our car twice but we really had to take P’s work truck.


This is on the way…. I have no idea how I put the little photo-stamp in my camera but once it was there I tried to work with it!  Cold but no snow so the truck with just a few tarps to cover everything was fine.04


He found a sub-lease apt he could just have for his few months there.  Studio-size hardly described it!  About half the size of K’s studio apt back in 2009.  But he is just fine with the size, being without a roommate, and for a good price.  We met a few of the others in the building.  I think the lady near by him is especially happy to see a clean-cut student moving in and she works in food service at the U.

The heat works!!  Very, very well and isn’t adjustable.  Quite hot even midst the cold winter.

He just has room for a twin mattress and his corner desk.  What more does a man need?  🙂  There is a galley kitchen and nice frig, microwave, and small size stove.  The bathroom has the usual amenities with just a stand-up shower.  The “linen closet” is big enough for a washcloth and a few bars of soap if you line them up the correct direction.  An extra towel won’t fit!

It was fun and funny and cold  and the rebuilt Culver’s for lunch was good. We are glad he has his own apartment and isn’t only getting the couch in another student’s living room!


The men assembled his 3-section corner desk with  the use of Dad’s power tools but then JP does all the connections to make everything work.  Sadly, for all these moves, this was the first time one of his computer monitors didn’t make the ride well.

He has all upper level classes and they are going well.

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EE visit

Once we survived harvest and had an open Sunday, we drove to visit with JP.  He is delightful to visit with, we love hearing about his classes, and we got a tour of Engineering Hall.


He is also in the local radio club and showed us this old “some sort of” radio.  I do not understand much of radio-ese.  :\



And because of some seniority in the club, JP is in charge of the storage closet.  He cleaned up the junk and organized it… to the point of having a clear space to do homework in his own private office!  The men enjoyed digging in the radio parts, a former student’s robot project, and all sorts of gizmos!

P1010769 B
The closet when closed and locked up.  JP also cleaned out the showcase above the closet.  In the fall, the area HAM radio club had a scavenger hunt.  He was on a team with 2 seniors… senior citizens… and they just delight in his participation!  Their team WON!  The team suggested JP put the trophy at the school so there it is.  I love it!


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Moving Early

For the fall semester, JP decided to move in the day before the new & transfer students came to avoid the crowds and to be able to get his books, parking passes, etc without the lines.  (I haven’t figured out the reasoning of closing the Textbook Center on Sat & Sunday of move-in weekend but then being open on Monday (Labor Day).  Last year, he was in line 1/2 hr before it opened and still waited another hour in line!  :p )

I didn’t haul around my camera and just used my phone camera so really… I don’t have much to show you.   I did enjoy the keeping of the desk chair in the AC’d room while they brought up the loads.   He moves w/ nearly all rubbermaid boxes and a wheeled cart so not too many trips.

They bunked the beds and I made JP’s… he is on top.  That is fun… probably more like funny but I didn’t fall off.   Rearranged to make room for the futon and brought that up.

photo 1 (1)

Futon donated by dear sister…. has been apart for 1 month at home… but is now back together correctly!  🙂

photo 2 (1) b

Yes, lousy photo but the cover is clean, on, the frame is put back together, and it sits just right!

photo 3

The view down the hallway, he is near the beginning so that is easier all year and especially with moving!   Back in his same room but with new roommates that he knows already.   Lots of friends were already there when he moved in but his roommate and other suite-mate were to arrive yesterday.   We met one suite-mate and he is kind and plays a variety of guitars!  I heard some ukulele and it was wonderful!  (Better than what I heard growing up…. ahem!)

photo 1

While they found a parking place for his truck and soon the motorcycle arrived in one of these little spaces, I viewed band practice.  Ugh — oh, the memories… HOT and HUMID, drippy August band.   😦

photo 1 (2) b

Time to say goodbye.   I’m the only one that cried.  🙂   He is a great student and has a bundle of friends/family there.  He enjoys most classes and is in some campus and local clubs.  You’re a good man, JP! (especially putting up with photos with mom…)  ♥

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The M

Interrupting the Sunday visit theme…..

When we went to move JP home once his summer class finished a few weeks ago, I was finally able to get a better photo of “The M” on the way into town.  The weather or the shooter or the driver or the camera never seem to all work together!

And he got an A in Chemistry 2 for Engineers.  The only A in the class of 14 with a snarky prof.  Yeah!!!

I guess there were no other moving home photos… they were so fast and not all was packed yet b/c he finished his final within 5 mins of our arrival.  But…. P & JP are getting this down to a science…. parked, packed, loaded, room inspection, book returned (across campus), in the vehicles in exactly 60 minutes!  We drove to McD’s, 1/2 hr down the road, checked JP’s tires (normal routine….), and headed on home.  There was wheat straw to be baled.  :eyeroll:

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Winter Move-In

JP chose Friday, the 18th, to move back to college.  Very, very smart in hindsight!  To start with the weather was quite mild for January and the men even got warm hauling loads with temps just hitting 40′ F that day.

On the way to town….


Our hopeful plans all panned out like Moses parting the Red Sea!  Perfect parking outside the door for JP, great parking for us near the textbook center, NO ONE in line at the textbook center so we parents continued through to help JP find the right books (only students allowed past this point 🙂 ), perfect parking for our car right by JP’s.  Smooth as glass!

This textbook center had a million aisles and went on F O R E V E R!!  So extra thankful it was near EMPTY!  It took JP  1 1/2 hours for the fall semester books!   We do like that this university has a book rental fee, max of $71 per semester, so we don’t have the run-around of buying used online and trying to resell them later.  Even getting a fine for water damage is better than playing “Let’s Make a Deal” twice a year!


After getting all his books and lab books, sold at the bookstore we think because of one time use and usually compiled by the prof, we also found our perfect parking spot.  For the first trip in, I found the women’s bathroom in the lobby and waited for them to come back for load 2 from the warmth of inside.  Made note to self to never choose those lobby chairs for more than a 2 minute sit.  Stupidly hard but padded chairs.  The circles show my men.  Sorta.



This trip I went to the room with them.  I hung some clothes while they got another load and I made his bed… top bunk of course!   And kept cozy in the room.  They were down to tshirts when all was said & done.   🙂


Gotta love those perfect parking places, sunshine and no snow!

We had early supper together and headed home leaving JP his computer et al to set-up.  His suite mates didn’t return until Sunday but other friends were on the floor so he was fine.

His spring semester classes include Calc 2 and Chemistry.  Words I know but shh… I barely passed high school Chemistry. Other classes are Circuit Modeling 1 and Engineering Mechanics-Statics.  I have no idea what those mean!  🙂

The first day of  “Spring” semester gave him an actual temperature of -2′ F with a wind chill of -18′ F at 9 a.m. and an expected high of 9′ F that day!   To head to class he goes up the steep hill on the street, you are only seeing 1/2 of it, and then down to the class buildings.  Either way had to have been terribly cold wind.

But I love how happy he is there, he enjoys concerts, campus activities, has lots of friends, enjoys his Engineering Department profs, AND HE HAD A 4.0 GPA  last semester!!!!  

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Family Weekend

This past weekend was Family Weekend at JP’s college so we discussed our options with going to visit him.  He really has enjoyed going to the home football games but the other activities were nothing he really wanted to do.  At the same time, K got several days off (a first in 3 yrs!!) so was spending some of her time home with us.  She wanted to see JP’s new digs and he was glad for a visit from her.  So our first plan was to go on Sunday to spend the day ALL together.

Phil & I considered also going for the football game on Saturday but both were fighting to not get colds and sitting outside for a game in 40′ temps wasn’t going to help our fight any.  Plus the extra time driving… we are getting to be tired ol’ parents!!  🙂   Thankfully,  JP was understanding of it all and enjoyed the game and their huge win!

K got home late Saturday night and we headed out mid-morning on Sunday to visit JP.  It really is a pretty drive with lots of hills and new places to see.  We arrived just before noon bearing gifts of homemade cookies and some Easy Mac & Cheese.  🙂  K got to see his room and we met his roommate again.  Many had gone home including their 2 suite-mates for the weekend.  His dorm is lovely and brand-new with lots of space for hanging out, laundry, workouts, a great view, a food place on his meal plan, etc.

Lunch was at a good recommendation from one of JP’s friends… stuffed burgers for the other 3…. HUGELY stuffed.  I think JP’s was a deep-friend brat burger stuffed with cheese curds.  I’m sure a good half-pound burger.  Thankfully, no one has had a heart attack since then!   (Reminded me of Tookie’s w/o the super onion rings….)

We actually shopped at Farm & Fleet, tools for Phil and finished outfitting JP for early winter… and he had his first snow today!  K snagged some hot pink mittens but thankfully we left behind the furry boots.   😉

I wanted to see “The M” and it was a good day for touring since this was our first visit since move-in and of course, that day left not one minute for anything extra!!

I really wasn’t sure about the walk up the steps but at the same time didn’t want to not try it either.   We all made it!  🙂

Me… on the top step, #266, and JP getting even higher behind me!

JP’s panoramic shot from the top of the picnic table:

Ok… maybe these other shots will be more interesting….

Back on campus, we took a short tour of the student center and got a good tour of the Engineering building where JP will spend most of his time.  He is doing really well… great grades, good friends and fun activities, a great campus for him.

It is a good thing the kids gave us a bit of gap between learning Art School language and Engineering language!

It was so nice to all be together doing something fun as usually either Phil or JP have to stay home for chores.  It was a super day together!

Two great kids that enjoy spending time together and both succeeding where they are planted…. wow!  Really makes this momma pleased!!  ♥


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A New Chapter

Last weekend we moved JP to his college.  He was all packed the day before so we just had some last minute loading that morning.  A lot of computer pieces and cables and connections – a little bit of clothes!  This cracked me up!  (yes, he took more clothes than this)  Such a change from when we moved our daughter to college over 5 yrs ago.  Our kids are so different from one another, it is amazing they have the same parents.

We left early after chores and got there about 9:30.  There were students there to get us in the queue line for unloading.  Some other students helped unload our car and a few things out of JP’s truck.  It all got to a pile in the grass as they had to move both vehicles immediately.

Phil & JP wandered to the parking lot and then had the 8 or so minute walk back.  It was near 90′ that day!  Then the trips up the hill and turns on the elevator began with just what they could carry each time.  I’m sure it wasn’t needed but I stayed in the shade with the pile.  I think they only made 3 trips and then on the last one, I went up with them.

This is before:

And this is almost after:

They lofted the bed and I put the sheets on it.  Now JP had the task of getting his computer all set-up.  His monitor is a bit big (really???) for the desk.  After we had lunch, they found a great bookshelf unit to put beside his desk to hold the monitor.  He said it works great!  The one is the photo is the not-so-great option and now he can have that shelving unit under his bed and be able to use the drawers.

There are 2 of them in his room; his roommate moved in about a month ago for football training.   Then another room with 2 guys share this kitchen with them.  There are LOTS of cupboards for them to stock w/ guy snacks.

Near the door is a bathroom w/ sink & toilet.  The other side has a bathroom with a shower.  Quite nice for 4 guys!!

JP has had a week of classes and is working to find his grove with the homework.  Only 2/5 of his classes are going to need extra work so we are sure he’ll settle in with that.  He likes the food – there are 3 different places he can eat with his meal plan.  He has his truck to use for getting around town but he is building his legs with all the walking on campus.

We came home to an empty nest and are adapting quite well!  Today the nest just got emptier as one of his birds found a new home.   One to go!  We plan to keep the dog 🙂  and she misses JP terribly!

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The Next Step

This week we went to JP’s future college to get his ID and register for classes!  Yippee!!  We had visited the campus in November during the first 4″ snow storm of the season.  Most of our tour was hustling from one building to the next and then the guide would tell us what we just passed.  Of course, we were huddled under hoods and could barely see so it was sort of pointless.

I was SURE that an April appointment for classes would net us a better view.  However, that morning we awoke to clouds & rain!!  Thankfully by the time we got to campus for the 2:00 appointment, it was dry.  Cold.  But dry.

Of course we TOTALLY missed seeing the “M” on the hill on our first visit so we watched for it this time.  Well, no wonder it was miles past the level of visibility back in November.  We tried to be impressed with finding the “M” this time.  🙂

I was again impressed with how nice everyone on campus is to us.  Every call I’ve made with “dumb” questions has been answered kindly and with respect.  Our first 4 encounters this day were with student workers.  All were polite and helped us find our way with a smile!

JP had his photo taken for a Student ID and then moved on to set up his computer account.  The last stop was to meet with the General Engineering advisor.   Either it is the way it works or because the advisor had another appointment at the same time but it was all very fast and thorough.   He already had gone over JP’s transfer credits and had a semester schedule planned out.  We asked a few questions and were done.  The secretary walked JP through the registration process on the office computer.  Only twice did they question which name was his last name.  I’m sure as a male he’ll have this issue much more than K & I struggle with it.

I really like this campus and town.  Small and normal.  🙂  Just 1 1/2 hours for us and only 5 stoplights (not many) the whole way!  Such a change from the last college where we drove back & forth!

Between getting his ID and computer account we had an extra 15 mins so I shopped in the bookstore for my supportive shirts.  (K’s school didn’t have a mascot or teams or college wear.)   I now will proudly wear my UWP fleece and Platteville sweatshirt!  The first of many, I suppose.

JP’s classes all meet in the mornings so he will have the afternoons & evenings free.   He will have Chemistry for Engineers, Economics for Engineers, C++ Programming, Calculus, and an Electrical Engineering Lab.  Sounds right up his alley!  He isn’t too thrilled with going back to classes but knows it is necessary.  He just loves his current job & boss and will be sad to leave that for school.

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